Canada weakened by the withdrawal of Afghanistan, Joe Biden expected at the turn of the economy

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Afghanistan. Italy wants to organize a G20 summit to involve all the actors of the crisis

 Afghanistan. Italy wants to organize a G20 summit to involve all the actors of the crisis © Ettore FERRARI / EPA / MAXPPP Luigi di Maio, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Italian, Rome, August 17, 2021. Luigi di Maio The Italian Foreign Minister, said Tuesday, August 24, wanting to organize a G20 on the crisis in Afghanistan. the Italy , which currently chairs the G20, wants to organize "an ad hoc" on the crisis in Afghanistan as part of this enclosure, announced Tuesday, August 24 the Minister of Foreign Affairs Luigi di Maio .

Future of country’s government and economy is unknown. Turmoil in Kabul has dealt Biden a domestic political blow. The departure of the last U.S. military plane from Afghanistan left the region facing uncertainty, with the Taliban seeking to cement control of a nation shattered by two decades of war and an economy long dependent on foreign aid and opium sales. Now the U.S., its allies, and adversaries including Russia and China must all regroup and assess how they’ll approach the Taliban, which swept to power with stunning speed as American and NATO troops withdrew over the summer.

Republicans are vowing to hold President Joe Biden accountable for his handling of the botched Afghanistan withdrawal that has led to the death of at least 13 US servicemembers and over 100 Afghans . As several GOP members have begun to push for impeachment or resignations, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif) hinted at political repercussions for Biden , but stopped short of saying what Rice, one of the only 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump earlier this year, fumed on Twitter, and called for Biden to “ turn over the job to someone who can handle it.”

Fragilisé par le retrait d’Afghanistan, Joe Biden attendu au tournant sur l’économie © Yuri Gripa / Abaca / Bloomberg / Getty Images weakened by the withdrawal of Afghanistan, Joe Biden expected at the turn on the economy Analysts, major economic and social projects will make the sad scenes in the last days of Afghanistan for the withdrawal of American troops.

Joe Biden no longer has the choice. Very weakened by the humiliating withdrawal of Afghanistan, the American president must now make an economic and health without misconduct to give his presidency on the rails. While the Pentagon announced Monday that the US military had left Afghanistan after twenty years of conflict, the image of the Democratic President, Hand on the heart, in front of the coffins of the 13 soldiers killed in an attack in Kabul, will remain, Just like the memory of a tetanized white house at the time of the fall of the Afghan capital.

The two para-athletes blocked in Afghanistan were able to leave the country, but will not participate in

 The two para-athletes blocked in Afghanistan were able to leave the country, but will not participate in games © Copyright 2021, Obs are healthy and sound. The two para-athletes of the Afghanistan and blocked team in the country were evacuated from the country, on Wednesday, August 25 the International Paralympic Committee (CIP). On the other hand, they do not go participate in the Paralympic Games who started Tuesday in Tokyo. Khadija Amin was featured journalist on Afghan television.

Donald Trump has said that President Joe Biden ’s handling of the removal of American forces from Afghanistan was an unparalleled embarrassment for the nation. I don't think in all of the years our country has ever been so humiliated,” the former president told Sean Hannity on his Fox News show. “I don’t know what you call it – a military defeat or a psychological defeat, there has never been anything like what’s happened here.” Trump accused the White House of leaving many Americans “stranded” during the hasty withdrawal and last-minute evacuations when Taliban militants seized Kabul with

President Joe Biden listens during a virtual meeting with FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell and governors and mayors of areas impacted by Hurricane Ida, in the South Court Auditorium on the White House campus, Monday, Aug. The muted reaction was informed by a tough reality: The war may be over, but Biden ’s Afghanistan problem is not. The president still faces daunting challenges born of the hasty end of the war, including how to help extract as many as 200 Americans and thousands of Afghans left behind, the resettlement of tens of thousands of refugees who were able to flee, and

But, for some experts, in the longer term Americans will remember major projects involved by Joe Biden to renovate their roads and alleviate their medical or university bills. "We are experiencing such volatile times" that drawing hasty conclusions would be Malvenu, Analysis Allan Lichtman, Professor of Political Science at the American University. For him, the major economic and social projects of Joe Biden "will be more important for Americans than Afghanistan in six months".

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a poison to the end of the mandate?

Provided parliamentarians at the end of the adoption procedure, already well committed, gigantic renovation plans for the infrastructure and development of the welfare state of Joe Biden, whose cumulative amount could flirt with the 5,000 billion dollars. David Karol, Professor of Political Science at the University of Maryland, would also be "really surprised that the presidential election of 2024 is played on Afghanistan." "The idea that it is the end of the biden presidency is very exaggerated," he says.

Joe Biden Says Afghanistan Evacuation Mission Will Continue, Says U.S. Will Hunt Down Terrorists Who Plotted Deadly Attack

  Joe Biden Says Afghanistan Evacuation Mission Will Continue, Says U.S. Will Hunt Down Terrorists Who Plotted Deadly Attack President Joe Biden, facing the worst day of his presidency, mourned the loss of U.S. servicemen and civilians killed in a deadly attack outside the Kabul airport, but he vowed that the Afghanistan evacuation mission would continue. “We can and we must complete this mission and we will,” Biden said in remarks, carried on major broadcast and cable networks. “That’s what I’ve ordered them to do. We will not be deterred by terrorists.”More from DeadlineBroadcast, Cable News Pivot To Cover Deaths Of U.S.

President Joe Biden said Tuesday the US is on track to complete its hurried airlift in Afghanistan by August 31, acknowledging he does not plan to keep American troops in the country any longer even as questions remain over who will be able to leave and when.

MPs have slammed Joe Biden 's handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan as they told the US President: 'This is what defeat looks like.' Ministers have admitted approximately 1,000 Afghans who are eligible to be brought to Britain could be left behind amid fears they will be targeted for reprisals by the Taliban. MPs have now warned Britain could face the 'biggest hostage crisis' in its history as they demanded the Government deliver on its promises to protect people who helped the UK forces during the conflict.

It reminds that Ronald Reagan was re-elected triumphantly one year after the death of 241 Americans in 1983 in an attack in Beirut, where they participated, on the initiative of the Republican President, to an international mission of peacekeeping. Peace. Other observers, such as James Jay Carafano, expert on safety issues at the highly conservative Heritage Foundation reflection center, provide on the contrary that Afghanistan "poisoning until the end" the mandate of the 78-year-old Democrat. In all cases the biden presidency, which gave before the Taliban flash victory the impression of a well oiled machine, was durably shaken.

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of the closesting of the fragile chairman?

many great American media, who had greeted Donald Trump's defeat, and who chronicled with some kind the first months of the Biden administration, were ruthless in the face of America's humiliation at the end of the most long wars. Some members of the Chairman, as his National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, could be sustainably weakened, and the very unilateral management of Afghanistan's withdrawal will leave traces with international allies. It is therefore scrutiny much closer than the White House will move towards the mid-term elections of autumn 2022, which must renew the House of Representatives and one third of the Senate.

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US President Joe Biden is facing dropping approval ratings as he deals with a backlash from both sides of the political aisle for his handling of the military withdrawal from Afghanistan . The Biden administration has faced heavy criticism in recent days, as the Taliban reclaimed significant territory, including the capital Kabul as soon as US and allied forces pulled out. Many have also pointed to the apparent lack of a plan for getting out of the country the thousands of Afghan citizens who assisted the US military.

President Joe Biden has said that all American troops will have left the country by Tuesday August 31st. As the last lumbering C-17 cargo plane lifts off from Kabul airport, banks over the peaks of the Hindu Kush and disappears over the horizon, it will leave behind a country under full Taliban control, except for a pocket of resistance in the. Yet with the last planes out, policymakers' thoughts must now turn to the future and how to deal with the new reality of Afghanistan . It may be tempting for the West to lick its wounds, disengage from the country and try to move on.

the Biden administration, which only has an extremely thin parliamentary majority, has "a limited window" to increase its major reforms before this ballot during which, traditionally, "the party of the president loses ground", points out David Karol, from the University of Maryland. If Joe Biden has succeeded in the exploit, in a very divided america, to reap the republican opposition voices for his infrastructure projects, he must also weld the democrat camp around his pharaoral social spending, including the scared amount The most central parliamentarians.

will then remain at the White House to hope that the pandemic, in full resurgence, goes out or at least calm down, and that the economic rebound continues, so that the strategy of former President Bill Clinton will be verified. David Lichtman reminded that the Democrat took it in 1992 on George Bush, "perhaps our greatest president in international relations", mobilizing his campaign team around this motto: what matters. is "the economy, fool" ("The Economy, Stupid").

The granddaughter of Joe Biden is fiancée .
Naomi Biden, the eldest of Joe Biden's grandchildren, engaged his companion Peter Neal. © Andy Wong / AP / SIPA Joe Biden, Naomi Biden Engagement after an Italian holiday. Sunday, Naomi Biden, the eldest of the grandchildren of the American president, announced having engaged his companion Peter Neal. "Forever," she wrote in legend of a selfie on which one can see his engagement ring at the left annular.

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