Canada Canada: A man charged for throwing gravel on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

10:45  12 september  2021
10:45  12 september  2021 Source:   20minutes.fr

Recap: Leaders face off in first federal election debate

  Recap: Leaders face off in first federal election debate This was the Montreal Gazette’s live coverage of tonight’s federal leaders’ debate in French – the first time all four federal leaders will share a stage. Questions/comments? ariga@postmedia.com Top updates: Leaders speak to reporters after debate Blanchet says ‘systemic racism’ label is used to bash Quebec Trudeau, Blanchet clash on climate What if it’s another minority government? Trudeau won’t rule out getting involved in a legal battle against Bill 21 O’Toole won’t say whether he’d give Quebec $6 billion for childcare Trudeau helps the ‘ultra-rich,’ Singh says Are all party candidates vaccinated? O’Toole doesn’t answer Leaders target Trudeau for calling electio

While Canadians are called to the polls on September 20 for anticipated legislative laws, protesters blame the Prime Minister's health policy

Justin Trudeau lors d'un débat dans le cadre de la campagne des législatives anticipées au Canada, à Gatineau au Québec le 8 septembre 2021. © Sean Kilpatrick / AP / SIPA Justin Trudeau During a debate as part of the Early Legislative Campaign in Canada, Gatineau, Quebec on September 8, 2021. Tensile campaign - While Canadians are called upon to the polls on September 20 for anticipated legislative laws The protesters blame the Prime Minister his sanitary policy

the tension is large in the Canada while will be held on 20 September of the anticipated legislation. A 25-year-old demonstrator was arrested and charged on Saturday for making gravel on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday on an electoral displacement in London, a city southwest of Toronto .

Here are all the B.C. candidates running in the 2021 federal election

  Here are all the B.C. candidates running in the 2021 federal election So far, some hot button issues in B.C. include the Fairy Creek logging protests, the housing crisis, and calling an election while thousands of people are displaced during one of the province's worst wildfire seasons on record. Meanwhile, a recent poll has revealed growing anger among Canadians about voting during the fourth wave of a pandemic. Although the number of seats in B.C. doesn't rival those in Ontario and Quebec, the province does hold enough influence to make it worth the parties' attention. On Vancouver Island, the Greens hope to maintain their two seats in a region where the NDP dominated last federal election.

Originally from the province of Ontario, the man was charged with "armed violence" and will be judged on October 6, said the regional police. The Prime Minister, who had not been injured by the gravel launched at the time to go back to his bus, had then denounced these "packs" of protesters who do not hesitate to also do to doctors or nurses.

Death Threats

All campaign leaders for these anticipated elections have denounced after this incident the violence of protesters against Justin Trudeau . The latter can no longer go out, for several days, without being followed by a crowd of opponents who protest loudly against sanitary measures. On Friday, another demonstrator was arrested for highlighted by the Prime Minister at another election displacement.

Canadians are called upon to the polls for anticipated legislation less than two years after the last election. The Liberal Justin Trudeau, which brigues a third term, is at the elbow-to-elbow in the surveys with its main rival, the Conservative Erin O'Toole.

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Analysis: Justin Trudeau and the parable of the foolish prince .
Analysis In some elections , the vote converges. In others, it diverges. Canadians came together for Trudeau over Stanfield in 1974, Mulroney over Turner in 1984, Chrétien over Campbell in 1993, Trudeau II over Harper in 2015. But sometimes votes diverge and just spill all over the place like marbles. That is what ended the Liberals ‘ previous run in power with the messy rejection of Martin for Harper in 2006. The most recent election just before the pandemic in 2019 was also like that. The party with the most votes, the Conservatives under failed leader Andrew Scheer , became the opposition in a minority parliament. Justin Trudeau was humbled.

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