Canada standard chartered predicts doubling of the bitcoin course up to 2022

05:40  13 september  2021
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The experts of the British Bank or the Financial Company Standard Chartered say a doubling of the BitCoin course ahead no later than 2022. They also trust the Bitcoin a course of about $ 100,000 at the end of this year. A strong bitcoin would also bring a steep increase of Etherum.

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• Standard Chartered experts see Bitcoin until the beginning of 2022 at $ 100,000

• Long-term price target is 175,000 US dollars

• The industry connoisseurs also see the industry connoisseurs at EtherEm Potential

Industry experts are confident

A new crypto-feed research team at Standard Chartered sees abundant potential in the Bitcoin in the next few months, as the news agency Reuters reports. Still in the course of this year or at the beginning of the next year, you will see the Bitcoin at a course of about $ 100,000 US dollars. In the longer term, the experts even hold a value of $ 175,000 per bitcoin for realistic. Bitcoin could become the leading peer-to-peer payment method for non-bank customers worldwide, so the research team under the direction of Geoffrey Kendrick. After the Bitcoin and other crypto currencies had laid a strong recovery rally for the last few weeks, it came to a strong reset last Tuesday. - bitcoin action with plus 500 - that's how it works. 72% of private investor accounts lose money if you are using this provider CFDS . You should carefully check if you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. - The first country in the world El Salvador had admitted the Bitcoin as official means of payment. However, the start missed and there were some problems, whereupon the courses of Bitcoin and other popular crypto currencies followed, Sandra Schuffelen from the Handelsblatt.

Bitcoin is means of payment in El Salvador

 Bitcoin is means of payment in El Salvador The digital currency Bitcoin has become a legal tender in El Salvador. With the entry into force of a corresponding law, the Central American state was the first country in the world to take this step. © Víctor Peña / DPA «No to the Bitcoin»: According to a survey, around 70 percent of Salvadorians reject the Bitcoin law. The law provides that every dealer must accept bitcoin as a means of payment, which is technically capable of. Also tax can be paid in the crypto currency.

Etherum would benefit from a strong bitcoin

in a medium to long-term Bitcoins target at $ 175,000, the second largest crypto currency, Etherumum , should be able to match a value of $ 26,000 to $ 35,000 in parallel, so the standard Chartered team. This would currently correspond approximately to an increase in the etherum course. Furthermore, the experts highlight the transition to Etherum 2.0, since has the changeover from the proof-of-work procedure to the proof-of-stake method obvious environmental benefits. The excessive energy requirement for the mining decline, which could make crypto currency even more popular with investors in the future. The transition of the procedure is expected to be planned in the first half of 2022, sooffrey Kendrick. But Etherum should not be equated with the bitcoin despite everything, because, for example, the regulatory concerns about the two cyberdeals distinguish itself.

News More Bitcoin Nodes in Germany than in the US

 News More Bitcoin Nodes in Germany than in the US in Germany has been registered for the first time more bitcoin nodes than in the US. This has resulted in a data analysis of bitnodes . Currently there are more than 10,000 bitcoin -Nodes worldwide that allow incoming connections. © Shutterstock Currently More Bitcoin Nodes in Germany than in the US are 1.833 in Germany and 1,821 in the USA. France is spoiled with 549 nodes to third place. In China, only 152 bitcoin nodes can be recorded.

Future prospects for the Krypto Market

opposite Financial News Kendrick supplemented that Standard Chartered as a bank also continues to open for crypto currencies. So there would be many other banks worldwide. He himself hopes that Krypto assets will play a greater role in the future and the banks themselves start trading, because the interest of the customers is already there. The gap between the traditional finance and the digital world will be smaller from day to day. The expert is sure that many countries in the world will be completely cashless in 10-20 years, benefiting from Bitcoin, Etherum and CO.

tensioned investors will also follow the next week's developments in the crypto market. Whether Standard Chartered is right with your price target and whether it will soon be for the most popular Cyber ​​currencies to new highs, but remains to be seen for the time being. Editorial Finanzen.net

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