Canada "Archeology and education bind us": The former ambassador in Kabul makes the Afghan culture live in Normandy

21:10  13 september  2021
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Afghanistan: Women demonstrate for their rights, the Taliban resorts to Violence

 Afghanistan: Women demonstrate for their rights, the Taliban resorts to Violence © Facebook @ Women Women manifest in the streets of Kabul, Friday 3 September 2021. After Herat, Kabul. Friday and Saturday, women came down in the streets of the Afghan capital, worried about the respect of their rights to study and work while the Taliban now have control of the country.

A la fin d'une carrière de diplomate entre l'Asie, l'Afrique et le Moyen-Orient, Régis Koetschet, ancien ambassadeur de France en Afghanistan, s'est définitivement installé près de Beaumesnil, dans l'Eure. LP/ Lou Garçon © Lou Boy at the end of a diplomatic career between Asia, Africa And the Middle East, Régis Koetchet, former Ambassador of France in Afghanistan, has definitely installed near Beaumesnil, in the Eure. LP / LOU Boy

in his Norman office, in "Pathan" vest Pakistani, the French ambassador to Kabul from 2005 to 2008 scrolls the papers on Tolo News, a loved Afghan information site of the former diplomat. "Mounted by young independent journalists": "They continue to feed the site or hardly, he realizes, nervous. We see that they are in perdition. Leave a people to himself in rigorous hands, what drama ... "

to the walls, this illustration of the cliff of Bamiyan where were destroyed by the Taliban, two gigantic statues of Buddha twenty years ago, And who says nothing good for the future of the country. If it has, of course, followed anxiously the outlet of the Taliban, the withdrawal of the international forces and the exfiltration of thousands of Afghans, in particular by France , hoping at each stage the least possible sufferings, governed Koetschet is now more remote about news and looking for solutions for the future.

hundreds of people protest in Kabul against Pakistan

 hundreds of people protest in Kabul against Pakistan Kabul. In the Afghan capital, hundreds of people went to the street to demonstrate against the neighboring Pakistan. Many Afghans suspect that Pakistan supports the Taliban. © Wali Sabawoon Afghan women on Monday at an anti-Pakistan demonstration near the Pakistani Embassy. In the Afghan capital Kabul, protests have broken out. Hundreds of men and women moved through the city center and called against the neighboring Pakistan directed speakers, as seen on television images.

It wants us to talk, more than ever, from Afghanistan to France and "the relation of friendship that binds the two countries": "They have been shaped by culture," he explains. In 1922, Afghans appealed to France to develop their education system (the centenary of this agreement should be celebrated in 2022, NDLR). Archeology and education is what binds us ".

spearhead of this friendship, the man sits on the board of AFRANE, Franco-Afghan friendship association paid in the humanitarian but also set aim to inform the country. Régis Koetchet completes the latter mission by collaborating the news of Afghanistan, whose next issue was postponed to October, in order to report the new situation in its pages.

The Afghan restaurants are more and more

How a guy known as 'Canadian Dave' helped get 100 people out of Afghanistan in final days of Taliban takeover

  How a guy known as 'Canadian Dave' helped get 100 people out of Afghanistan in final days of Taliban takeover A private security company in Kabul founded by an ex-member of JTF2, the elite counter-terrorism unit of the Canadian Forces, is credited with rescuing more than 100 Afghans with ties to Canada.That cacophony surrounded him in the days after the Taliban took the Afghan capital, as the former soldier walked the perimeter of the Kabul airport searching for the Canadians and Afghan allies he was tasked with evacuating.

author of a book soon published on the trip of André Malraux in Afghanistan of 1930 (in Kabul dreamed of my father, Editions Nevicata), Régis Koetchet knows so much about the Literature, poetry, Afghan music. He can talk about hours during "Chai Khana", these Afghan tea houses "where one settles as on a platform, sometimes at the edge of the water," and all these cultural specificities whose news in Continuous does not have time to speak, and on which the Taliban may have a veil.

Now, for the former ambassador holding a diplomacy of contact and the knowledge of the country, Afghans arrived in France will learn more quickly and will adapt more easily to their new environment, if they find that there is an interest in their culture.

The alarming humanitarian situation coupled with the risks of high attacks make things currently complicated for NGOs. For now, so it's good outside the country that it is possible, he thinks, to act: "With Afrane, we are still thinking but, probably, it will take the Form of collaborations with libraries, who will be proposed to create tables dedicated to the country over a week. And with Afghan restaurants, which are more and more numerous in France. "Here they find all the green, they need it"

At the scale of its geographical sector, the former ambassador invites to his table the new returnees of Afghanistan in Normandy, and those installed since more long time. "None wants to stay. They talk about returning to Afghanistan one day. They would like to be in big cities but, here, frankly, they live in better conditions. And they find all the green. Nature is mediation between heaven and earth, Afghans need it.

If the conditions permit, Régis Koetchet will return to Afghanistan, but not in the current context. "It's hard to say we'll go soon," he admits by closing the Afghan information site.

with \ #onottouchmycloles, the Afghans resist the Taliban with .
style © Abaca on social networks, a new movement overwhelms the screens of Internet users under keyword #onottouchmycloths ("Do not touch my clothes») . For several days, thousands of Afghan citizens have disagree with the strict dress code imposed by the Taliban by posting photos of them dressed in traditional outfits of their country. The initiative was initially launched by Bahar Jalali , a former history teacher at the American University of Afghanistan and specializing in gender studies.

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