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What the Taliban's takeover means for Afghanistan cricket and women's athletes

  What the Taliban's takeover means for Afghanistan cricket and women's athletes The global community has complex and serious ethical questions to answer on the future of Afghanistan's favorite sport as female players go into hiding.Cricket is enormously popular in Afghanistan and its growth over the past two decades, from refugee camps in Pakistan to full members of the International Cricket Council has undoubtedly been one of the sport’s great feel-good stories, with each successful step widely celebrated.

The last US military flight has left Kabul airport, marking the end of a 20-year presence in Afghanistan and America's longest war. Officials said the last C17 aircraft took off with the US ambassador onboard after midnight local time on Tuesday. They added that the diplomatic mission to assist those unable to leave Many Afghans look at Taliban rule in rural areas and fear that they have not changed, but that they've somehow got even worse. This is a deeply traditional society. Women and girls gained a small amount of freedom as the Western coalition forces encouraged education. The greatest losers are the

In Afghanistan the US had two options; remain and relaunch an unsuccessful war effort in order to prop up a puppet regime, or leave and use leverage to extract the best access to the country’s resources. Despite the fact that the US government had spent in excess of 0 billion on its nation-building mission in Afghanistan , training and arming over 300,000 Afghan forces, Kabul fell in a single day without even so much as a fight. This in of itself is a standalone testimony to the magnitude of America’s failure.

Afghanistan © Haroon Sabawoon / Anadolu Agency / Anadolu Agency via AFP Afghanistan

D Impaled August 29, American troops were preparing for an imminent and brutal withdrawal of Afghanistan When, at the same time, they announced that they destroyed a vehicle in charge of explosives during an air strike. An attempt at the Islamic State group to explode a car trapped at Kabul Airport was thus foiled, explained the US authorities. Three days earlier, a Kamikaze of the EI had triggered a massive explosion at the entrance of the airport, while huge crowds were trying to penetrate inside the enclosure in the hope of being able to leave the Afghanistan, killing nearly 100 Afghans as well as 13 Americans members.

10 Canadians onboard 2nd flight out of Kabul since Taliban takeover: Garneau

  10 Canadians onboard 2nd flight out of Kabul since Taliban takeover: Garneau "Today, 10 Canadian citizens were on board a flight organized by Qatar, which departed from Kabul, Afghanistan, for Doha," Foreign Affairs Minister Marc Garneau said in a tweet."Today, 10 Canadian citizens were on board a flight organized by Qatar, which departed from Kabul, Afghanistan, for Doha," Garneau tweeted.

media captionThe United States and the Taliban mark the signing of their agreement in Doha. The US invaded Afghanistan weeks after the September 2001 attacks in New York by the Afghanistan -based al-Qaeda group. Meanwhile US Defence Secretary Mark Esper was in the Afghan capital Kabul alongside Afghanistan 's President Ashraf Ghani - whose government did not take part in the US -Taliban talks. Mr Esper said: "This is a hopeful moment, but it is only the beginning.

Afghanistan is often called the “graveyard of empires” because any outside power that tried to hold it eventually failed. That’s not strictly-speaking true – the British Empire survived the Kabul fiasco by a century, for example, and the idea that the USSR fell because of Afghanistan is a cynical narrative Generals and enlisted men alike can argue the US forces never lost a battle in Afghanistan , but there’s no arguing with the fact that they lost the war. Moreover, the ANA folded despite tens of billions of dollars worth of US weapons and equipment and 20 years of training according to US standards.

But this aerial strike, ultimate American missile on Afghan soil after 20 years of war, has it really reached a target related to the Islamic state? The New York Times ensures that no and evokes the possibility of a burr. In a survey reflected by our brothers of international mail , Tuesday, September 14, the New York Times tells in detail this striking , led by a drone and "after hours of surveillance". The car "represented an imminent threat to troops at Kabul airport," according to the army.

10 dead including 7 children

The New York Times quotes the brother of the owner of the Tyota Targeted White , Zemari Ahmadi, 43 years old. The latter died in the attack, just like nine other people, including seven children in the family, according to his brother. For Washington, Ahmadi was "a facilitator of the Islamic state, his car was filled with explosives and represented an imminent threat to American soldiers." But, according to the American daily, it would actually have been a "longtime humanitarian worker".

The Talibans want to address the UN General Assembly on behalf of Afghanistan

 The Talibans want to address the UN General Assembly on behalf of Afghanistan © Copyright 2021, OBS The Government's Minister of Foreign Affairs by the Taliban , Amir Khan Muttaqi, Asked in a letter to express himself before the UN Annual General Meeting on behalf of Afghanistan, according to a spokesman for the World Organization.

The United States has said it is ready to take in thousands more Afghans whose US links put them at risk from the Taliban as western troops leave, but the asylum-seekers will face an arduous journey to safety. The applicants cannot seek directly to come to the United States but need to have referrals by their current or former employers. Once they make it outside Afghanistan , processing will take one year to 14 months, the official said. Another US official said that Washington, while not helping the new applicants escape, has asked other countries including Pakistan to keep their borders open to them.

And the United States , in the last administration, made an agreement that the — with the Taliban to remove all our forces by May 1 of this past — of this year. That’s what I inherited. That agreement was the reason the Taliban had ceased major attacks against U . S . forces. We’ll never forget those who gave the last full measure of devotion for their country in Afghanistan , nor those whose lives have been immeasurably altered by wounds sustained in service to their country. We ’ re ending America’s longest war, but we’ll always, always honor the bravery of the American patriots who served in it.

Video: Afghanistan: United States air strike against a Daesh vehicle in Kabul (Le Figaro)

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By consulting images of video surveillance, but also by chatting with witnesses and with the entourage of the quadmeny, the American daily presents a different version of that of the American authorities. Witnesses and colleagues from Zemari Ahmadi say it to the newspaper: "What the military interpreted as a suite of suspicious trips was only an ordinary day in his life" of the NGO employee Nutrition & Education International ( NEI). It will be went to recover a colleague, a computer, would have had breakfast, and would have "gone to a police station run by the Taliban to ask for permission to distribute food to a refugee camp," We read.

of the "secondary explosions" not found

the American troops, they would have seen its vehicle park in an "unidentified enclosure" (the premises of the NGO according to the New York Times) and be charged by four men of what they considered to be explosives. The military finally struck when the man returned home. If the United States recognizes collateral victims, they attribute them to "secondary" explosions, incriminating the heavily charged car with explosives. American journalists, they would have found no trace of explosions other than that caused by the air strike.

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the next day, August 30, the Islamic state actually shot rockets on the airport, from another white Toyota, precise the daily which thus advances the Possibility that the US military targeted Zemari Ahmadi wrongly. Four days before his death, the man had filed an application for relocation to the United States for him and his family.

Chef Rebel Ahmad Shah Massoud Always in Afghanistan .
Afghanistan-Conflict-Tajikistan-Diplomacy: Chef Rebel Ahmad Shah Massoud Always in Afghanistan © Reuters / Mohammad Ismail Ahmad Massoud, Son of the Slan Hero of the Anti-Soviet Resistance , Ahmad Shah Massoud, Speaks During An Interview at His House in Bazarak, Panjshir Province Afghanistan Douchanbe (Reuters) - Chef Rebel Ahmad Shah Massoud and former Vice President Amrullah Saleh did not fled Afghanistan and forces Continue to fight the Taliban, assured Wednesday the former Afghanistan ambas

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