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"Hartz and cordial": Great cleanup at Dagmar

 Currently running new episodes of "Hartz and sincerely - day for day Benz barracks" at RTLZWEW, whereby it comes to reunion with known faces. The consignment is still very popular and ensures strong ratings, the protagonists are now very well known. The celebrity also has their shadow sides. © Rtlzwei Dagmar is the heart of the Benz barracks. again with of the game is also Dagmar (66), which has proven to be one of the most popular faces of the Social Reportage.

Berlin. The Hartz IV rules rate is only three euros in the next year - and at last 3.9 percent inflation. Cold and usocial is the Federal Government, it means unison of social associations, trade unions, green, left and also from the SPD. Why this reproach is wrong.

 Die Zahl der Langzeitarbeitslosen, die auf Hartz IV oder Arbeitslosengeld II angewiesen sind, ist in der Corona-Krise gestiegen. © Martin Rugut The number of long-term unemployed relies on Hartz IV or unemployment benefit II has risen in the Corona crisis.

The determination of the rule rate for the next year has been following a statistical procedure legally anchored for years. The sum is determined, which is necessary for securing the subsistence minimum in Germany per month. It is paid by the Solidar community of taxpayers to the people who do not achieve sufficient own income.

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Here is not a political or even ideological determination of the respective federal government. Just as the policy has so far attempted to hold out when finding the minimum wage, she also wanted to deprolitiate the Hartz IV sentence as possible. And it was fine like that. Otherwise, minimum wage and Hartz IV sentences would constantly be political play balls. They would have little to do with the economic reality.

and that looks like this: In the corona crisis, long-term unemployment has risen again - often because companies in the crisis were no longer ready to continue helper and helper to continue to employ. Between the minimum wage and Hartz-IV set, the distance should remain large enough so that the other way to the lower end of the wage scale for affected workers is still worthwhile. In the case of a multi-member family that is often not the case today. It can claim a state transfer performance through the basic security, which would correspond to a regular net income of over 2000 euros a month. You have to earn that yourself.

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minimum wage and Hartz-IV set follow the general pay and inflation development due to this logic - and that should definitely remain. Otherwise, the wage maternity requirement would be too easily injured in political confrontation. If 2022 is again the adjustment of the sentences, affected persons can expect more than 2023 - if the current inflation trend continues.

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