Canada 2016 attacks in Brussels: Salah Abdeslam and nine other charges returned to the

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The "historic" trial of 13-November opens in Paris, under very high surveillance

 The six years later, the "historic" trial of the attacks of 13 November 2015 opens Wednesday noon, in the heart of the capital. Kamikazes in front of the stadium of France, weapons of war in Paris, 130 dead, and a night who traumatized the country. Six years later, the "historic" trial of the June 13, 2015 attacks opens Wednesday noon, in the heart of the capital.

Salah Abdeslam, entouré de policiers belges au palais de justice de Bruxelles pour l'ouverture de son procès, le 5 février 2018. Emmanuel Dunand, AFP Salah Abdeslam, surrounded by Belgian policemen at the Brussels courthouse for the opening of his trial on February 5, 2018.

Salah Abdeslam and nine other men suspected of being involved in the attacks perpetrated in March 2016 in Brussels were referred, Friday, before the Assize Court of the Belgian capital. Six of these ten men are currently judged in Paris for the attacks of 13 November.

New trial for jihadist salah abdeslam . The latter, as well as nine other men suspected of being involved in Jihadist attacks perpetrated on March 22, 2016 in Brussels were referred, Friday, September 17, before the Belgian Capital Assize Court, announced the federal prosecution.

Live - Attacks of 13 November: Follow the first day of the trial

 Live - Attacks of 13 November: Follow the first day of the trial © Alain Jocard At the entrance of the audience room specially furnished for the trial on Wednesday morning. In summary: the horror in trial. Justice goes back this Wednesday in the horror of Jihadist attacks of November 13, 2015. That night, 130 people were killed and nearly 400 wounded by three terrorist commandos at the Stade de France, on Parisian terraces and in the room From the Bataclan show.never 1800 civil parties, 542 files of file, 9 months of hearing.

"Ten charged (were) returned today to the Assize Court by the Chamber of Prosecution of Brussels," Tweeted Éric Van Duyse, spokesman for the federal prosecution.

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Six men currently judged in Paris

on the morning of March 22, two jihadists had exploded at Brussels-Zaventem International Airport, and a third in the Belgian capital metro. Balance sheet: 32 dead and more than 340 wounded.

The investigation quickly revealed, in particular thanks to a computer found in a trash can, that these authors were related to the attacks of 13 November 2015, in Paris.

Six of the ten men concerned, of which Salah Abdeslam, are currently judged in Paris for these attacks (130 dead), also claimed by the Islamic State group.

it is the Belgo-Moroccan Mohamed Abrini, - the "man in hat" filmed on March 22 at the Zaventem airport - Tunisian Sofien Ayari, accomplice of the flight of Abdeslam (arrested with him on the 18th March 2016 in Brussels), from the Swedish of Syrian origin Osama Krayem, who closed the way on March 22 after accompanied by the metro kamikaze.

"There is no divinity apart from Allah," says Salah Abdeslam in his first words to the court

 on the first day of the trial of the attacks of 13 November 2015 on Wednesday, the main accused, Salah Abdeslam, said in His first words at the court that there is no divinity apart from Allah ".

are also concerned, according to the Belgian federal prosecution, two other Belgo-Moroccans: Oussama Atar, presumed brain of attacks (probably dead in Syria and deemed by default in Paris) and Ali El Haddad ASUFI, a close to the brothers El Bakraoui Two of the three "kamikazes" of March 22nd.

The Chamber of Prosecution of Brussels, last court called to decide before the organization of the trial, confirmed the decision rendered in January in the first instance by the Chamber of the Council of Brussels.

it has not complied with the analysis of the federal prosecutor's office that had made a distinction in the case, pleading for eight men to be judged for "assassinations in a terrorist context" and the last two by the Criminal Court for the Correctional Court. "Participation in the activities of a terrorist group".

A thousand civil parts

These are the Smail and Ibrahim Farisi brothers, suspected of having provided logistical support to the attackers, but who according to the accusation were not aware of their terrorist project.

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Ultimately, the two brothers will be judged to the Assizes as wanted to Sebastien Courtoy, a lawyer of Smail Farisi, who acknowledged that he lent his Brussels apartment used as a map on the eve of March 22.

Smail Farisi will be able to better assert its secondary role if it can "ask questions to its co-charged", had explained Mr. Courtoy at the time of the pleadings in the spring, ensuring that his client had been "duped" by the occupants of the 'apartment.

"The trial, according to the forecasts, should begin at the courthouse" Justitia "during the month of September 2022, at a date still to be specified by the Court of Appeal of Brussels," said on Friday the prosecution. federal in a statement.

The "Justitia" is the name given to the former NATO Brussels headquarters converted into ultra-secure justice building to accommodate this mega trial.

at least a thousand people are expected. The federal prosecution says already identified 964 civil parties, families of victims, injured or traumatized, asking for compensation for injury.

In Belgium, unlike France, the attacks are not judged by a specially composed court (with magistrates only) but subject to a popular jury like other crimes, which makes even more complex the organization of Such a hearing.

It will be the second trial in Belgium for Salah Abdeslam , sentenced in 2018 to twenty years in prison for pulling on policemen. The shooting took place in Brussels on March 15, 2016, three days before his arrest. An interpellation that resulted in the transition from the assailants of March 22nd.

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Trial of the attacks of 13-November: More than 2,200 Civil Parties Established .
The Constitutions of Civil Parties are possible until the requisitions © Alain Jocard / AFP The non-standard trial of the attacks of 13-November began in Paris. terrorism - the constitutions of civil parts are possible up to the requisitions to the trial of the attacks of 13 November 2015 , which opened last week in front of the Special Paris Court of , more than 2,200 people Civilized, announced a judicial source, this Thursday.

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