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11:05  20 september  2021
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after the second Triple: the reactions of political friends and enemies

 after the second Triple: the reactions of political friends and enemies immediately after the second Triple reported on Twitter politicians. Most are satisfied. © Photo: Christophe Gateau / DPA Lars Klingbeil (L) and Saskia Esken were convinced of Olaf Scholz. Union Chancellor's Candidate Armin Laschet (CDU) has clear from the view of CDU Secretary-General Paul Ziemiak at the second major TV Triple clearly before green chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock and SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz convinced. "We have experienced a convincing Armin Lashet today.

Germany-Elections: Germany: Scholz in view against Leschet in the latest Electoral Debate

ALLEMAGNE: SCHOLZ EN VUE FACE À LASCHET LORS DU DERNIER DÉBAT ÉLECTORAL © Reuters / Michele Tangusi Germany: Scholz in view against Leschet during the Last Electoral Debate

by Christoph Steitz and Paul Carrel

Frankfurt / Berlin (Reuters) - The Social Democrat Olaf Scholz pushed back Sunday night, during a televised electoral debate, an ultimate attack on his conservative rival Armin Laschet to reinforce his position Favorite to succeed the Chancellor Angela Merkel at the end of the legislative elections of September 26th.

This third and last debate before the poll was held in an increased pressure on the shoulders of Armin Leschet, the CDU-CSU conservative block candidate, given behind the SPD leader in the voting intentions.

Triple with Olaf Scholz, Armin Laschet and Annalena Baerbock: Blitz surveys See Scholz as the winner

 Triple with Olaf Scholz, Armin Laschet and Annalena Baerbock: Blitz surveys See Scholz as the winner The SPD candidate has struck best - that causes surveys from ARD and ZDF among spectators of Triell. Annalena Baerbock scored with questions about energy and sympathy. The overview. © Michael Kappeler / dpa Olaf Scholz has also decided the second major television debate of Chancellor's candidates and the Kanzerkandatin for themselves, according to several viewer surveys. Among other things, this gave an ARD flash survey for the TV triple on Sunday evening.

OLAF SCHOLZ, the current Minister of Finance, highlighted social issues to launch spades for his rival, reiterating his promise to bring 12 euros the minimum hourly wage, a measure to which the CDU opposes the CDU opposed .

"Mr. Laschet, this could be the difference between you and me. I do not do that because there is currently an election campaign. I have been doing this for years," said Olaf Scholz.

"In my eyes, it's about the dignity of citizens. This is, however, what can distinguish us on this issue," he added.

Video: German Federal Elections: How will the September 7th goal? (Euronews)

A survey organized in the stride of the debate has appointed Olaf Scholz as the winner of the evening, in front of Armin Leschet and the generator of the Greens, Annalya Baerbock, conforming the impression left at the end of the first two debates.

prosecutor's office determined against Olaf Scholz 'Secretary of State Wolfgang Schmidt

 prosecutor's office determined against Olaf Scholz 'Secretary of State Wolfgang Schmidt It is about a tweet because of the raid in the Federal Ministry of Finance: The prosecutor has initiated investigations against Wolfgang Schmidt, the Secretary of State of Finance Minister Olaf Scholz. © Thomas Koehler / Photothek.net The publication of a photo on Twitter may have legal consequences for Wolfgang Schmidt (SPD). The prosecutor Berlin determines against the State Secretary in the Ministry of Finance.

earlier in the day, the latest INSA survey for the Bild AM Sonntag newspaper credited with 26% voting intentions, a stable number compared to the previous week, while the Cu-CSU conservative alliance of Angela Merkel was 21% given (+0.5).

In the polls, the gap is greater when it comes to measuring the popularity of the different candidates for the Chancery, which shows how difficult the task promises to Armin Laschet against Olaf Scholz.

Opinion surveys also suggest a very fragmented political landscape, while a growing number of voters are turning to small parties, supplying different hypotheses on the outlines of the future coalition.

The Liberal-Democratic Party (FDP), which could end up in a king-maker position, refused to reject the scenario of an alliance with SPD and the Greens, as the CDU asked. "We will not receive orders" from the CDU, said the FDP leader, Christian Linder, during an event organized Sunday.

On its side, Olaf Scholz posted its preference for a coalition with the greens, credited with 15% voting intentions.

Berlin hopes that the post-election discussions, which are complicated, will be faster than four years ago - six months had passed between the legislative elections and the entry into office of the government.

"I warn against the loss of time inherent in any slowness in the training of the government," said Reuters the Secretary General of Chancery, Helge Braun. "It is legitimate to ask parties to express quickly after the elections their preferences in terms of coalitions, so as not to waste time indefinitely in the discussions".

(with Andreas Rinke and Alexander Ratz; French version Jean Terzian)

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