Canada UN: Nourish the world's population, protect the environment

10:55  24 september  2021
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UN Secretary-General António Gutres has called again to a rethinking in global food production. Only in this way could the exploitation of nature be completed and the nutrition of humans can be secured.

UN-Generalsekretär António Guterres (Archiv) © Eduardo Munoz-Pool / Getty Images UN Secretary-General António Gutres (Archive)

"We need to build a world where healthy and nutritious food is present at any time for all and affordable," said António Gutres at the first World Summit Future of food in New York. The virtually carried out because of the Corona Pandemic virtually carried out was the first of its kind and took place on the edge of the UN General Assembly.

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Gerade in Krisengebieten - wie hier im Jemen - leiden viele Menschen an Unterernährung © Mohammed Hamoud / AA / Picture Alliance Especially in crisis areas - as here in Yemen - Many people suffering from malnutrition

malnutrition and overweight

of Gutres recalled that three billion people worldwide could not afford healthy food and 462 million people are underweight - While at the same time two billion people are overweight and almost a third of all foods were lost or thrown away.

Überall in der Welt - wie hier in der Ukraine - landen noch gute Lebensmittel auf dem Müll © Mykola Miakshykov / Ukrinform / Imago Images Everywhere in the world - as in Ukraine - still good foods on the garbage

end up being very complex - and even more difficult by the Corona pandemic, Wenterres continued. Climate change leads to harvest failures in many places. At the same time, the food production systems contribute around one-third of all greenhouse gas compartments worldwide and are responsible for around 80 percent of biodiversity loss.

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rethinking required

The world community leads "a war against nature" and get the bitter harvest, said Gentres. He referred to "Ruined Harvesting, Dwinding Income and Freight Food Systems".

Die Vereinten Nationen kämpfen gegen Nahrungsmittelknappheit - hier ein Bild aus der Demokratischen Republik Kongo © Alissa Everett / Reuters The United Nations fight against food shortages - here a picture from the Democratic Republic of Congo

of the UN Secretary-General appealed to the world community, to make a rethink in global food production and distribution. Only in this way could the challenges of the future be sustainably mastered.

World Food and Environmental Protection

It is possible to feed an growing world population and at the same time protecting the environment , said the UN Secretary-General. For this purpose, "a sustainable consumption, sustainable production methods and natural-based solutions" are necessary.

Gutres demanded a "intelligent, sustainable management of natural resources - from agriculture to fishing". Foods should not simply be considered as a tradable raw material, "but as a right that entails every human being," says Hello.

Financial Support

Numerous countries and institutions announced their support for improving these systems at the United Nations Food Systems Summit, including financially. In a common summary, the participants also recorded this in writing.

The US also announced, for example, to spend more than ten billion dollars in the coming years for this purpose. In the coming five years, the Foundation of Bill and Melinda Gates wants to donate $ 922 million, especially the hunger of women and children.


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