Canada Afghanistan. In Kabul, the French hospital goes in survival mode

13:00  26 september  2021
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'I'm here but my mind is always there:' Ontario woman returns home from Afghanistan

  'I'm here but my mind is always there:' Ontario woman returns home from Afghanistan Heartbreak and guilt are all Zakia Zarifi has been feeling since she returned to her home in Ontario from Afghanistan. "I'm happy to see my family here, but it's torture for me because I couldn't bring my parents with me," the real estate agent from Brampton said over the phone. "It was the hardest goodbye ever, but deep down I have hope that I can bring them here." The single mother says she was beaten, shot at and barely dodged a bomb outside Kabul airport during the chaotic journey. All she thinks about now is helping the people left behind. "(A) genocide ... is happening right now in Afghanistan and no one is talking about it.

Le docteur Najeebullah Bina, chirurgien à l’hôpital de la Mère et de l’enfant à Kaboul. © West-France Dr. Najeebullah Bina, surgeon at the mother's and child hospital in Kabul.

There is no more electricity and several hundred patients can not be operated. In Kabul, the mother and child hospital managed by the Chain of Hope faces unprecedented difficulties.

More electricity. And drug reserves are exhausted. He reigns in Kabul a climate of fear and terror, summarizes Éric Cheysson, President of the Chain of Hope. Six weeks after the arrival of the Taliban, Afghanistan looks like an aircraft carrier without compass and without rudder. The dams are kept by illiterate Taliban. The staff is afraid. Some want to leave.

Afghanistan: the women employed by the municipality of Kabul are returned to the house

 Afghanistan: the women employed by the municipality of Kabul are returned to the house © AP of Afghan women parade to claim their rights under the Taliban regime during a demonstration near the old building of the Ministry of Female Affairs Kabul, September 19, 2021. It has been more than a month than the Taliban are in power and the list of restrictive laws with regard to women lies from day to day. This Sunday, the Mayor by Interim Kabul gave details on women's work at a press conference. Molavi Hamdullah Nomani is a member of the Taliban and occupies the Mayor of Kabul.

The banking system collapsed. In September, it was necessary to fend for cash. From Paris, Éric Cheyson tries to keep the mother hospital from the mother and child , created in 2006 with the support of the Foundation of the AGA Khan, the Government of Afghan and the French authorities.

First Open Heart Operation

It is in this hospital that employs nearly a thousand employees that the first open heart operation was made in Afghanistan. Again that the first Afghan pediatric surgeon was formed. An island of transparency in a country that has experienced since 2001 the biggest scandal of fictitious jobs of the last twenty years.

In Afghanistan,

The chain of hope , created in 1994 by Alain Deloche, is the line of life to which one hangs up when everything seems lost. Here, I saw a child arrive in a wheelbarrow after several days of travel. We practice a medicine at the robin of the woods, "explains Dr. Cheysson with a smile. If care is free for the poorest, the rich must pay the cost of hospitalization. And no question of disguising themselves in poor. The way to talk, a phone coming out of the pocket end up betraying even the smartest. An Afghan placed at the reception does not have his same to spot cheats.

'We don't feel safe at all': Afghan documentarians, filmmakers plead for asylum in Canada

  'We don't feel safe at all': Afghan documentarians, filmmakers plead for asylum in Canada Filmmakers in Afghanistan fear for their lives under the new Taliban rule. They're worried that the crackdown they experienced in the '90s will repeat itself. Now organizations here in Canada are asking the government to help them.The Kabul-based filmmaker has, like numerous other documentarians, been living in fear of reprisal from militants for long depicting the experiences and highlighting the voices of Afghans in the country, now under new Taliban rule.

The "miracle" Amina

in January, Dr. Najeebullah Bina had told us how he had saved an infant injured by bullets during

the MSF maternity attack in Kabul in May 2020 . While two hospitals offered amputation, the grandmap of Little Amina had turned to the mother's hospital and the child in a desperate momentum. My wife is dead. And if my daughter loses his legs, she will have no future in this country. I said yes without thinking and ran to the operating room before realizing that I did not know how to do.

then starts the operation of the last chance with Éric Cheysson on the phone in Paris, in connection with Dr. Koskas at pity Salpestriere. Several hours of an unprecedented operation that has been published in the British Medical Journal.

Current conditions too risky

at this age, children are fragile like crystal. But it is also miracles, had summarized the surgeon used to operate from 6 am to midnight, seven days a week. Former number 10 of the

football team Afghan , the one his father called "the little Jesus" Because he was born on December 24th is currently in Europe . Too risky for him to come back under the current conditions, estimates the chain of hope that wants to stay in spite of the ambient chaos.

This is the only hospital in Afghanistan that operates open-heart. It should be necessary to make a real contact with the Talibane authorities. We have a list of several hundred patients waiting, sighs Éric Cheysson.

Afghan women ministers warned Canada of Taliban atrocities in June: senator .
OTTAWA — Afghan women ministers made pleas to Canadian politicians for help — and shared warnings about atrocities and the erosion of women’s rights — two months before the Taliban took control of Kabul. In June, female Afghan ministers begged Canada to “do something for us” as the Taliban advanced, says a Canadian senator who took part in a videoconference between Canadian and Afghan politicians. The desperate request was made during a Zoom meeting of the Canada-Afghanistan Parliamentary Friendship Group, attended by Canadian ministers, MPs and senators.

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