Canada Fuel shortages due to "panic purchases" worsen in the United Kingdom

15:30  27 september  2021
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"mad cow": a case of the disease detected in England

 © (AFP / Mychele Daniau) The United Kingdom has identified five cases confirmed by BSE since 2014, all in dead animals that were not intended at the human food chain (illustration). It is an evil that has shaken farms (and consumers) in the 1990s. A conventional case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), called disease of the "mad cow" , was detected in An exploitation of southwestern England, announced Friday night the health authorities.

File d'attente devant une station-service à Camberley, près de Londres, le 26 septembre 2021 © Adrian Dennis queue in front of a gas station in Camberley, near London, September 26, 2021

Shortages in the United Kingdom have aggravated during the weekend with a large part of the service stations of the country affected by "panic purchases", the government considering from the British press to resort to the army for Temporarily fill the lack of road drivers.

Des pompes désormais inutilisables dans une station-service à Paddock Wood, dans le sud de l'Angleterre, le 27 septembre 2021 © Ben Stansall Pumps now unusable in a Paddock Wood service station in southern England on September 27, 2021

Long tails in the stations multiplied during the weekend, especially in large cities and especially the capital London. Monday, about 30% of the Giant BP stations were thus affected by fuel shortages.

Great Britain: "Do not panic", requests a minister to consumers

 Great Britain: Electricite-GB-WINTER: Great Britain: "Do not cure panic", requests a Minister to consumers © Reuters / Henry Nicholls Great Britain: "Do not panic", requests a Minister to consumers by Guy Faulconbridge, James Davey and Kate Holton London (Reuters) - The British should not engage in panic purchases For fear of shortages this winter, because the United Kingdom will not be confronted with the strikes and cuts of electricity that had paralyzed the country in the late 1970s, assured a minister on

"One of our members received a container at noon and at the end of the afternoon, he had totally disappeared" in the cars of people, "said Brian Madterson, a PRA manager, an association of distributors fuels, on the BBC.

The tabloid The Sun cites a medical assistant in tears that had to go to three service stations and wait for a long time: "Now I'm late to go see patients who rely on me for their meals and medications".

The leap of petrol demand has led PRA to warn that up to two-thirds of its members of nearly 5,500 independent sites, out of a total of 8,000 reloading stations in the country, were short of fuel sunday, "The others almost dry".

In recent days and despite calls from the government not to panic, service stations have been stormed due to breaks of stocks that also affect the rays of agri-food products in supermarkets.

Faced with the fuel and trucker shortages, the United Kingdom relaxes the immigration rules

 Faced with the fuel and trucker shortages, the United Kingdom relaxes the immigration rules © Reuters - Peter Cziborra vehicles queues at a service station on September 24, 2021 in Harpenden. Shortage of road drivers, panic in the service stations ... British Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed on Saturday 25 September to the evening that measures would be taken to relax the rules of immigration. of our corresponding in London, five thousand visas will be delivered to foreign drivers for three months.

A situation that recalls the 70s when the energy crisis had brought to a rationing of the fuel and a week of work of three days. About ten years ago, demonstrations against the high fuel price had also resulted in a blockage of refineries and paralyzed the country's activity for weeks.

Une station-service indique qu'elle ne dispose plus de carburant, le 27 septembre 2021 près de Tonbridge, dans le sud de l'Angleterre © Ben Stansall A gas station indicates that it does not have any more fuel, September 27, 2021 near Tonbridge, in southern England

- Temporary visas -

facing fuel shortages or displays that Dealing in the shops, awarded to a lack of road drivers, London finally resolved Saturday to amend its post-Brexit immigration policy and to grant up to 10,500 temporary work visas.

These three-month licenses, from October to December, must overcome a shifting of road drivers but also staff in key areas of the British economy, such as poultry farms.

the Minister of Enterprises and Energy, Kwasi Kwarteng, has indicated Sunday in a statement that he had temporarily exempted the fuel distributors sector from the competition rules so that they can give priority areas who need it the most.

"Go back at the end of the tail! ": The British vents because of the fuel shortages

 © Copyright 2021, Obs " Go back at the end of the tail, you are here for five minutes! ", Engers Lisa Wood, a motorist who has been waiting for more than an hour in a gas station near the famous London Bridge, in the heart of London. Petrol shortages in the United Kingdom aggravated on Monday, September 27 under the effect of "panic purchases" of worried motorists. "I had to make five different service stations" and "my tank is almost dry," says Lisa Wood at AFP.

on Sky News, Brian Madderson attributed this panic effect to a "leak of a confidential BP report during a government meeting" which has been broadcast Wednesday "and followed" of panic purchases Thursday, Friday, Saturday and yesterday".

Mr. Madderson has nuanced the improvement that the army drivers could bring: "It's not as easy as you think because heavyweight drivers are very specialized" and tank trucks carry a "very flammable liquid across the country "which requires appropriate loading and unloading procedures.

On the fact of bringing back European drivers who returned to their country with the pandemic and Brexit, he argued that there were also shortages of drivers in continental Europe.

He noted the problem of arrears driving heavy trucks that could not have passed during the confines: "There are 40,000 requests pending of heavyweight permit the share of British".

Mr. Madderson, however, said that the problem will be partially resorbed "by the end of the week".

less optimistic, BP welcomes the government's decision to give more temporary visas to road drivers, but believes that "it will take time to the sector to strengthen deliveries and rebuild stocks in the venues".

In the full annual conference of the Labor opposition party, Rachel Reeves, responsible for the financial matters of "Labor", broke the Conservative government of Boris Johnson to be "asleep at the wheel" in the face of the country's supply crisis.

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