Canada Squid Game: "It was the breathing" - SeriesStar talks about panic attacks on the set

16:28  11 october  2021
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Squid Game: Who is Hoyeon Jung, Star of Netflix's new success series?

 Squid Game: Who is Hoyeon Jung, Star of Netflix's new success series? © Fashion PPS / Bestimage Squid Game: Who is Hoyeon Jung, Star of Netflix's new success series? hard not to have heard of "squid game". The new Korean series offered by Netflix since September 17 is about to become very soon the biggest success ever registered. Who is Hoyeon Jung, the star of this most popular Korean drama? The Chronicle of Bridgeton , Casa Panel , Stranger Things ... All are part of the most viewed series on Netflix.

The Netflix series "Squid Game" from South Korea has developed to absolute Hype within a short time. Spectators from all over the world stream the brutal survival series, in which desperate people get involved in highly doped children's games - with a big hook: Who loses, is executed.

© Youngkyu Park / Netflix "Squid Game": "It was the breathing" - SeriesStar speaks about panic attacks on the set

With this shape of the thrill, "Squid Game" Rasch could set to the quota tip and the previous number 1 of non-English speaking series on Netflix, the TV Hit " House of Money " from Spain, from the throne. Should the success last, the surprise success from South Korea may even have the stuff to overrupt the most successful Netflix series of all time - " Bridgeron ".

What to Know About This Beloved Korean Treat from Netflix's Squid Game — and How to Make It!

  What to Know About This Beloved Korean Treat from Netflix's Squid Game — and How to Make It! A host of music superstars banded together to put on some powerful performances for Global Citizen Live over the weekend. The worldwide event was organized in an effort to combat important causes like climate change, poverty and COVID-19.


That the big success of the series is not trackless passed on the stars , is obvious. In an interview with the "Time" magazine, Jung Ho-Yeon (27), which in the game for life and death represents the participant "No. 067" that she had to struggle during the turn with shortness of breath and panic attacks: the Pressure was just too big, said the actress "Time.com".

from the supermodel to the Netflix Star

Jung Ho-Yeon has been known since its participation in the show "Korea's Next Top Model" in 2013 a larger audience and therefore belonged from the beginning to the most famous stars of the series. But with the great vortex, the "Squid Game" now triggered, she did not expect as she revealed in the interview. Especially in the beginning, it was hard for her to take her anxiety and nervousness - after all, her first job as an actress had been at all.

"Squid Game": Netflix wants to be Season 2 - and there is already an indication of the content

 The global streaming hit " Squid Game " is currently on everyone's lips. The series about a brutal competition, where you can lose your life in six children's games or win millions, fascinates the Netflix audience - and is owed to a man: Hwang Dong-Hyuk has come up with the series over ten years ago, The scripts are written and they finally for a long process with many rejections. can stage.

Great pressure for the young actress

The tension was accordingly huge and the young actress had to struggle with shortness of breath: "I just forgot to breathe," she explained. So she tried to focus on breathing to shake out her anxiety. She may not have provided the best performance, as she confessed self-critical, but at least she tried to give her best. In summary, she realized: "It's very hard to say what was the hardest thing, but I think it was breathing."

Number of her followers on Instagram in millions

since "Squid Games" has developed on Netflix to the absolute racer, the number of followers from Jung Ho-Yeon on Instagram rapide is also shot up. If there were still about 400,000 subscribers at the beginning of their fashion career, the 27-year-old is now looking forward to almost 19 million fans, which increases their consequent tendency.

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