Canada Consideration Projects: The founder of the UltraDroite Grassland OAS sentenced to nine years in prison

19:20  12 october  2021
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Violence in Rome against the sanitary pass: calls for the dissolution of an ultradroite group

 Violence in Rome against the sanitary pass: calls for the dissolution of an ultradroite group © AFP / Tiziana Fabi A leader of Forza Nuova, Giuliano Castellino, facing the police on Saturday in Rome. Calls multiplied Monday in Italy to ban the groupus of Ultradroite Forza Nuova, implicated after the violent events against the sanitary pass Saturday in Rome. Several hundred people opposed Saturday night at the police in the center of Rome, devastating among others, the headquarters of the CGIL (left), the main trade union confederation of the country.

Photo d'illustration du tribunal de Paris. © Michael Jacobs Photo of illustration of the Paris court.

The parquet had required the maximum penalty, ten years. Tribunal de Paris finally condemned this Tuesday Logan Nisin, the young founder of the UltraDroite Group of Association of Social Armies (OAS), at nine years of imprisonment firm with holding in detention at the first trial for ultradroite terrorism. In France since 2017 . The Tribunal also found guilty five other defendants of "Association of Terrorist Croplers", , pronouncing a sentence of eight years imprisonment with deposit mandate for Thomas Annequin, the number 2 of the group.

"Far from a fantasy political project", The "new OAS" was designed in "Calking the structure of the secret army organization of 1961", politico-military group responsible for a bloody repression in The 60s against the independence of Algeria, said the President of the Chamber by reading his judgment. In this file, "Any evidence of the imminence of the passage to the act", "the OAS has been created as an army of defense to destabilize the institutions", "to fracture the social body", " pursued the magistrate, recalling his "calls to rebellion", his "killing incentives" or his business rackete plans to finance weapons.

Ecuador: Policies attacked by bullets in the Guayaquil Prison

 Ecuador: Policies attacked by bullets in the Guayaquil Prison © AFP D Ecuadorian police officers were attacked by bullets Saturday by prisoners of Guayaquil Prison in the southwest of the Ecuador , where some 118 people are dead - including six decapitated - in clashes since Tuesday, the worst massacre of Latin American prison history. While the police resumed Thursday night the control of the prison, "during the intervention (...) they were greeted by shots from the persons deprived of freedom," Tweeted the national police of Ecuador.

"They all have, and collectively, incarnate the OAS"

Throughout the two weeks of the trial, the members of the group assured that they would never be brought to the act, referring the responsibility to his founder, Logan Nisin. "Their personal responsibility can not be diluted in a global disembodied strategy: they all have, and collectively, incarnate the OAS", judged the court, recognizing them all guilty.

video: Éric Dupond-Moretti: \ (BFMTV)

The decision of the Criminal Court of Paris was very expected: the OAS file is the first to be judged on the seven investigations opened by the anti-terrorist prosecutor Since 2017 concerning projects of ultradroite attacks. Last week, in her indictment, the Prosecutor felt that "the exceptional rise of the threat of the movement of ultradroite [was] a tangible concrete reality that is necessary to us all." and drawn up the portrait of a far-right terrorist organization whose foundations would be, according to her, the same as those of Islamist terrorism, from "of twin ideologies, children of a totalitarian thought" who "s 'self-powered ".

eight Algerian smuggles between Spain and Toulouse Matabiau Condemned to Prison

 eight Algerian smuggles between Spain and Toulouse Matabiau Condemned to Prison © Jerome Fouquet / West-France A police control operation. Photo Stock Illustration. for 200 to 500 euros, these eight Algerian smugglers took Migrants from Spain to the south of France. They were sentenced to prison. eight Algerian fiders of Migrants were arrested in September and sentenced to prison , announced the prefecture of the Haute-Garonne on Wednesday, October 5th. They tried to bring in France from the Spain Thirty migrants, for most Algerians too.

At the head of this organization: Logan Nisin, 25, is an "absolute monarch in his kingdom of hatred", had estimated the prosecutor. "His hatred is total, unlimited, his determination is flawless. He creates, coordinates, pilot, plans, pushes others to action, motivates the troops, " had developed the representative of the Crown. In the warned box, the main concern had listened to the requisitions by keeping his face in his hands, blinking several times, taken from ticks. He had assured during the debates he would never have gone to the act.

"A ball of hypocrisy"

was also the defense line of the other five defendants convicted today, today aged 23 to 33, who appeared in this case. In court, they all assured that their alleged intentions were only words. "Hate remarks, disgusting", had described Thomas Annequin, 23, former "Commander of Local Action" and group number 2, but "nothing concrete". "We were in the world of bisounours, kids," had even dropped during his romain pugin interrogation, 33, ex- "Commander of the discreet action". "A ball of hypocrisy", had estimated the prosecutor.

Me Gabriel Dumenil, who defends Romain Pugin, sentenced Tuesday to five years in prison, described an "Severe Judgment" : "Legal qualification, especially terrorism, does not appear at all clear. This is a judgment that has been rendered to mark a jurisprudential position with respect to coming trials. "

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