Canada Brexit: The Brussels proposals to appease the tensions around the North Irish protocol

01:25  14 october  2021
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Brexit: Dublin accuses London to reject the solutions proposed by the EU

 Brexit: Dublin accuses London to reject the solutions proposed by the EU © Pool / AFP / Archives L e Irish Foreign Minister, Simon Coveney, has accused Monday the British Government to reject the solutions proposed by The European Union to resolve post- Brexit tensions in the British Province of Northern Ireland.

Irish foreign minister Simon Coveney said it was a "major intervention" by Brussels to deal with concerns raised about the Northern Ireland Protocol . Political and business leaders have been giving their response to the proposals . "The challenges facing Northern Ireland come from Brexit ," he said, adding that the protocol is "the symptom of the problem, not the cause". "It would be an act of supreme folly to squander this chance to move on and indeed to impose even more delusional red-lines," he said.

The Northern Ireland Protocol ensures there's no need for checks along the land border between Northern Ireland (in the UK) and the Republic of Ireland (in the EU). During Brexit negotiations, all sides agreed that protecting the 1998 Northern Ireland peace deal (the Good Friday agreement) was an absolute Checks would instead take place on goods entering Northern Ireland from England, Scotland or Wales. Inspections take place at Northern Ireland ports, and customs documents have to be filled in. This has prompted criticism that a new border has effectively been created in the Irish Sea.

Brussels proposed to London to alleviate the controls on certain goods for Northern Ireland to soothe tensions with its British counterpart.

Le ministre d'Etat britannique aux relations avec l'UE, David Frost, a accru les tensions en présentant ce mardi une version remaniée du protocole nord-irlandais. © AFP The British Minister of State Relations with the EU, David Frost, has increased tensions by presenting this Tuesday a revised version of the North Irish protocol.

Brussels has unveiled on Wednesday its proposals to try to soothe the tensions created by the Brexit in Northern Ireland, opening a new phase of plottes with London whose applications are considered excessive by the Europeans. The European Union proposed to its British counterpart to alleviate the controls on certain goods to Northern Ireland - remained in the customs union and the single European market and submitted to their rules. The objective: to reduce dissension with the British province on supplies following Brexit, according to a statement.

Post-Brexit Fishing: Paris is considering "energy" sanctions against the United Kingdom

 Post-Brexit Fishing: Paris is considering © Europe 1 Faced with the limited number of British licenses granted to French fishermen since Brexit, the French government has decided to take "Retortion measures" against the United Kingdom. Guest of Sonia Mabrouk in Europe morning, the Secretary of State to the Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Clément Beaune, detailed the outlines.

“They [Britain] are going around the world at the moment and negotiating new trade agreements so surely the message must go out to all countries around the the world that this is a British Government that doesn’t necessarily keep its word and doesn’t necessarily honour the agreement it makes and you shouldn’t make any agreement with them until such a. Cummings’ latest intervention came after Brexit minister Lord Frost set out the UK’s demands for fundamental changes to the Northern Ireland Protocol contained in the agreement which Mr Johnson signed in January 2020.

Post- Brexit tensions in Northern Ireland. "Many unionists maintain that the protocol has altered Northern Ireland's constitutional position within the United Kingdom and without their consent," Phinnemore said. This consent is a major facet of the Good Friday Agreement. For others less concerned about Northern Ireland's place in the United Kingdom, the agreement was seen "as a pragmatic solution" that "avoids a physical hardening of the border," Phinnemore said.

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Video: The British Government has reworked the North Irish Protocol Post-Brexit (France 24)

This measure would concern "a wide range of merchandise from Great Britain and" consumed in Northern Ireland ". It would have the effect of reducing the controls of about 80% and the customs formalities of 50%, creating a kind of "fast track" for these products, according to the Communiqué of the European Commission. These proposals are our "sincere response to concerns" in Northern Ireland, highlighted the Vice-President of the Maros Sefcovic Commission, presenting the European offer. The European Commission is ready to be flexible on the implementation of the North Irish protocol , held responsible by the British supply difficulties in that province.

The fish of the English may cost them their electricity

 The fish of the English may cost them their electricity © a fisherman of Plymouth, off England, February 4, 2021. | Ben Stensall / AFP a Plymouth fisherman, off England, February 4, 2021. | Ben Stensall / AFP Tensions caused by Brexit no longer end up climbing. While France demanded in the United Kingdom, as part of an agreement signed after the withdrawal of the EU, 164 fishing licenses so that French boats can go into the British waters, London has accepted to deliver only sixty-four .

The UK's Brexit minister David Frost has said the Northern Ireland Protocol needs to change as he called on the EU to enhance cooperation with their European partner, hoping for quick and intensive talks over the coming weeks. "The EU and we have got into a low equilibrium, somewhat fractious relationship, but that it need not always be like that, but also that it takes two to fix it," Frost stated. The Northern Ireland Protocol , which essentially separates that region from the rest of the UK by putting a customs border down the Irish Sea, is not working, according to politicians in Stormont and London.

Wednesday's proposals seek to "help Northern Ireland with the consequences of Brexit ," European Commission Vice President Maros Sefcovic told reporters. "We have listened to, engaged with, and heard Northern Irish stakeholders," he said. One key item on Britain's wish list is sparking anger in Brussels : The UK wants to cut out the role of the EU's top court in resolving disputes linked to the protocol . "Significant changes which tackle fundamental issues at the heart of the protocol , including governance, must be made if we are to agree a durable settlement," a UK government spokesperson

Read also >> Brexit: Boris Johnson accused, the European Union exasperated in exchange, to protect the integrity of the European internal market and ensure that these products do not enter, London should give guarantees, like A label indicating that they are for sale "only" in the United Kingdom and a mechanism of "rapid reaction" to identify and solve problems, under penalty of unilateral measures by Brussels. The Commission is ready to commit "intensive discussions with the British government in order to achieve" a sustainable and joint solution as soon as possible ", specifies the Communiqué of the European Executive. A delegation from the Commission went to London Wednesday to present the European offer. Maros Sefcovic must meet the British Secretary of State David Frost from Friday in Brussels.

deteriorated relations

part integral part of the Treaty on Brexit, sorting negotiated and ratified by British parliaments and The Protocol governs the exchanges between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom since the divorce with the EU in January 2020. But the text is now responsible for supply difficulties and is charged by the Unionists of Create an Ireland sea border, fearing a return of tensions. London has repeatedly agitated the threat of a unilateral suspension of the protocol, at the risk of a e open crisis with the European Union and a spiral of commercial retaliation.

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As part of Brexit negotiations, the UK and EU agreed to the Northern Ireland protocol , designed to avoid the need for a border. But this has led to disruption to goods crossing the Irish Sea, with new checks imposed. Brussels would also allow medicines licensed for sale in the UK to be prescribed in Northern Ireland without needing further checks by European regulators. However, the proposals do not address the Government's key demand that European judges lose their oversight function.

Maros Sefcovic outlines the EU's offer on the Northern Ireland protocol in Brussels - Copyright Virginia Mayo/AP. The European Commission has officially unveiled its eagerly-awaited proposals designed to ease the impact of post- Brexit trade arrangements in Northern Ireland. The olive branch from the EU includes plans for a large reduction in the number of checks on goods flowing from the British mainland to the UK province, a condition of the Brexit divorce terms.

The presentation Tuesday by

The British Secretary of State David FROS T of a very reworked version of the protocol had further increased the tension. For the Commission, a "red line" was crossed on the right of looks kept by the Luxembourg Court of Justice on the European rules, provided for by Brexit. For its part, Dublin has already accused London to want to "change the rules of the game", to reject the solutions of the EU even before they are made public and to always ask more. If the North Irish protocol poisons relations between London and Europeans, it is not the only subject of litigation. The granting of the fishing licenses by the British is also a source of lively friction with France.

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