Canada EU: The agricultural strategy "from the farmhouse" validated by the European Parliament

03:05  20 october  2021
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 validated (Canal +): What happens to Hatik, Apash Interpreter in Season 1? © Laurent VU / SIPA Validated (Canal +): What happens to Hatik, Apash Interpreter in Season 1? Since its role as Apash in the season 1 validated on Canal +, which revealed it to the general public, what becomes the rapper and comedian hatik? Télé-leisure takes stock for you. Monday 11 October, Canal + will launch the season 2 of validated , carried by a new main character embodied by Laetitia Kerfa .

According to internal documents consulted by “Le Monde”, the European Federation of Trade Unions and Agricultural Cooperatives has initiated an intense campaign against Brussels’ reforms. By. The agro-industry wants to derail the European strategy “ from the farmhouse ” (“Farm to Fork”), the agricultural component of the Green Pact (Green Deal) announced in December 2019 by the President of the Commission European , Ursula von der Leyen.

During the meeting of the European Council on 15th of December 2011, Ministers had an exchange of opinions about the proposed Regulation on the support to rural development from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD). The debate focused on the actions planned to In particular, most delegations noted that the contents of proposals cannot be properly evaluated without knowledge of the distribution of resources between Member States. Italian Minister Catania strongly supported the need for Italy to benefit, through resources of Pillar 2, from a sort of rebalancing that

Ferme biologique près de Rouen, dans le nord-ouest de la France, en octobre 2019 (Image illustration). © AFP - Lou Benoist Organic farm near Rouen, in northwestern France, in October 2019 (picture illustration).

Halve the use of pesticides, 20% of the fertilizers and lower the antibiotics for farm animals by 50%. These are some of the objectives of the European agricultural strategy "from the farmhouse" validated by Parliament Tuesday, October 19th. It aims to increase the share of cultivated land in organic farming and fight against food waste.

with our special envoy in Strasbourg, Carlotta Morteo

It is rare to find topics that almost unanimity.

"This strategy goes in common sense, it's positive. There are aspects on the end of caged breeding, there are aspects of the possibility of promoting local production, explains Manuel Bompart, Europété France unsuitable, member of the Agriculture Commission. But, unfortunately, which organizes the agricultural system in Europe, it is the common agricultural policy (CAP) and there, the objectives of pesticide reduction that are displayed in the strategy "of the farm at the range" are not taken In account by the CAP.

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George Gideon Oliver Osborne CH (born Gideon Oliver Osborne; 23 May 1971) is a British politician and newspaper editor who served as Chancellor of the Exchequer from 2010 to 2016 and as First Secretary of State from 2015 to 2016 in the Cameron government.

Agricultural property relief (APR) provides a hugely valuable relief from inheritance tax for land used for agriculture . As such the securing and preservation of the availability of the relief is central to inheritance tax and estate planning for farms and other rural businesses. The meaning of ‘character appropriate’ has been considered in a number of tax cases and based on those cases HMRC consider the main factors to be applied in determining whether a farmhouse is of a character appropriate to be

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The rapporteur of this strategy in 48 points and a good hundred pages is not of this notice. According to the Italian MEP Herbert Dorfmann, a member of the EPP, nothing will prevent states from directing their share of the CAP, 162 billion euros allocated to agriculture and second post of expenditure of the European Union, towards Durable projects.

"We do not speak of the industry that transforms the products"

it would have even wanted to broaden the spectrum of the text. "We are not talking about the industry that transforms products, commerce, consumer. We only speak of agriculture, and not the serious problem of the redistribution of the value for example, while we know that the producer gains less and less and the more and more intermediaries, "he says.

The European agribusiness lobbies are mounted in the niche, suggesting that agricultural yields would fall between 10 and 20% due to lack of fertilizers and pesticides. This time, their argument has not convinced. It remains to be seen what it will remain of this text when it comes to transposing it at the legislative level, so that it becomes binding.

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