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18:10  19 november  2021
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Crisis Migration: Belarus will not be kneeling "in front of Europe according to Loukachenko

 Crisis Migration: Belarus will not be kneeling © provided by Liberation hundreds of migrants massed Côté Belarus, on the country border with Poland and the EU, Monday. "We are not looking for the fight," launched Alexander Loukachenko during an interview with extracts published by the Belta Public Agency. "I'm not crazy, I understand perfectly where all this can lead. [...] We know where our place is but we will not put on your knees either, " added.

  Nouvelles tentatives de passages de la frontière bélarusse malgré la crise qui s'apaise © Belta / AFP

D hundreds of migrants have again tried to cross the border since Belarus, announced Friday the Polish authorities, despite Signs of appeasement of the crisis and the evacuation of a great fortune camp.

According to the Polish border guards, two new attempts to pass from the border, Eastern limit of the EU, took place in the last 24 hours - one involving 500 migrants, some of which have launched stones and bombs LACRYMOGENES.

Forty-five migrants were arrested according to Warsaw.

The Belarusse Belta State Agency said Thursday night that 2,000 migrants had left the fortune camp installed near the border and, facing weather conditions degrading, spent the night in a nearby logistics center.

Migrants at the Polish border: Belarus accuses Warsaw for violent migrants

 Migrants at the Polish border: Belarus accuses Warsaw for violent migrants © Valery Ax The Belarus authorities have shown Wednesday Poland for violent four migrants at the border between the two countries. (Leonid Shcheglov / Belta / AFP) The Belarusian authorities have shown Poland Wednesday for violating four migrants at the border between the two countries, facing an migratory crisis source of lively tensions between Minsk and the Westerners.

Belta has published images of migrants lying on mattresses, indicating that "for many of them, it was a first night.

The West accuses Belarus to have orchestrated the crisis to revenge the European sanctions, bringing migrants and leading them to the border with the promise of an easy passage in the European Union.

Belarus rejected these accusations and called the EU to accept migrants.

The Minsk regime affirmed Thursday that 7,000 migrants were on its territory, claiming to be ready to "repatriate" 5,000 of them, and arguing that the EU would create "a humanitarian corridor" to Germany for about 2,000 others.

Berlin immediately denied this information.

speaking in Warsaw, the German Minister of the Interior, Horst Seehofer, said they "immediately contacted the Chancellor Angela Merkel" when he heard the announcement and have received the "clear information he has acted with a false news ".

in Minsk, the migrants prisoners of Belarusian blackmail

 in Minsk, the migrants prisoners of Belarusian blackmail © Leonid Scheglov, EPA, Maxppp among blocked migrants, many families. attracted to Minsk, capital of Belarus, to better serve the diplomatic blackmail of President Alexander Loukachenko, thousands of Iraqis and Syrian find themselves blocked. And the tone rises between Minsk and the Europeans. In the hall of a modest Minsk State Hôtel, Thirty migrants , families with young children, wait for their keys. Not speaking neither Russian nor English, they struggle to be understood.

Thursday evening, 431 migrants were repatriated in Iraq, most in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan from where the majority is native, the others in Baghdad.

- 'more aggressive attempts'-

despite repatriations, Poland believes that border pressure continues.

"There are always attempts to migrants to illegally cross the border," said Marek Pietrzak, spokesperson for Polish Territorial Defense Forces.

"We can see how they are inspired and supervised by Bélaursse border guard officers and other uniformed Belarusian services," he told TV Republika.

According to the Polish border crossing spokesperson, four soldiers were slightly injured during border crossing attempts and if there are fewer attempts that last month, they "became more aggressive".

The EU and the United States announced this week new sanctions against the Belarusian regime, which crushed opposition and independent media since a presidential election contested last year.

The body of a young Syrian migrant found dead near the border between Poland and Belarus

 The body of a young Syrian migrant found dead near the border between Poland and Belarus Polish police announced on Saturday that the body of a young Syrian had been discovered near the border between Belarus and Poland, Where are the thousands of migrants , most of which have been from Africa and the Middle East, for several months. This death would bring to 11 the number of fatal victims of the migratory crisis at this border between the EU and Belarus, according to the estimates of the media.

Thursday, the G7 major powers have "condemned orchestration by the Belarusian regime" of this migratory crisis, summing Minsk to put an end "immediately" and to authorize access to humanitarian aid.

- 'Pions'-

"This attempt to militarize migration must cease," said US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, denouncing "a terrible injustice" for the migrants transformed into "pawns".

, on the other hand, after an interview Friday between MM. Putin and Lukashenko, the Kremlin expressed his "serious concern about the unacceptable, brutal action of the Polish border guard".

The two allies "emphasized the importance of setting up cooperation between Minsk and the EU to address the problem", according to a statement.

For its part, the Commissioner for the Human Rights of the Council of Europe, Dunja Mijatovic, denounced a "highly politicized situation", hence the "fundamental rights of the persons concerned were dismissed and forgotten".

While pointing Minsk fingered, she also reminded Warsaw to her "human rights obligations", after a visit to Poland.

according to it, the ban on access to the border zone itself has been a victim "has adverse consequences" by preventing "international organizations and civil society to provide vital humanitarian aid".

and the Commissioner to add that preventing media access "infringement of freedom of expression and information".

According to the Polish media, at least eleven migrants have died since the beginning of the crisis this summer and a humanitarian organization said Thursday to have intervened with a Syrian couple saying to have lost one's one year in an unsuccessful passage .

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Lead 1-Poland believes that the migratory crisis with Belarus could worsen .
Europe-migrants / Belarus-Poland (Lead 1, Photo, TV): Lead 1-Poland believes that the migration crisis with Belarus could worsening (updated with details, declarations) Warsaw / Vilnius, November 21 (Reuters) - Prime Minister Polish, Mateusz Morawiecki, warned Sunday that the migratory crisis at the Belarusian border could be the prelude to "something Early worse "and accuses Minsk to continue to send migrants to his territory with the complicity of the security forces.

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