Canada total blam with "Bauer seeks woman": so embarrassing! This really happens on the farm of Bauer Dirk!

21:50  23 november  2021
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"Farmer Wants a Wife": Hottie Mathias giving away his first kiss - the Zicken-Zoff threatens to escalate

 There's something powerful going on on the farm of organic farmer Mathias in the RTL-dome show "Farmer Wants a Wife". Hofdame Melina sounds the charge, to curry favor with the farmers mightily. This is their rival Sabrina course an eyesore. It comes to the cat fight. And if that was not all bad enough, Mathias scatters still salt in the wound, giving away his first kiss. And wins ...

That you step into a fat susk can happen. But Bauer Dirk at "Bauer seeks woman" now pulls a violent oil trail behind him. From a blam he stumbles into the next. A stupid saying follows the other and an irregular action is more violent than that before. There is always steady third-party dashes.

  Totale Blamage bei „Bauer sucht Frau“: So peinlich! DAS passiert auf dem Hof von Bauer Dirk wirklich! © Provided by Berliner Kurier

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remember? Bauer Dirk is the one with "Bauer seeks woman", who had already taken care of the lunar festival for the in the evening. "600 sheep - and there you have time for love?" Inca Bause Schäfer Dirk asked in the barn festival. "That must be there with it. Useless! Otherwise this is in the end with the family business, "answered in the most beautiful North German. Wow, what a pragmatic answer.

RUMS! Hamerstrafe for Union Europa-opponent Feyenoord Rotterdam

 RUMS! Hamerstrafe for Union Europa-opponent Feyenoord Rotterdam RUMS, that sat sat. UEFA Emergent Unions Conference League Opponent Feyenoord Rotterdam to a really ruffled fine. A total of 153,750 euros, the Dutchmen must press the two duels with the Iron towards Nyon. © Provided by Berliner Kurier for the return match in the Olympic Stadium (1: 3) , the club from Europe's largest port city was occupied because of burning fireworks with a fine of 36,500 euros and because of the throw of objects with 26,250 euros.

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"You are really very romantic, as I just realize!", Inca Bause could hardly resist the laughter. "So, so you can get out of the fat bowl in peace, I first get the three wonderful women to us on the red carpet."

underneath was Saskia. For her, the farmer decided on the evening, she took on his yard. Only to enlarge them again in no time. Although he had initially given himself a lot of effort. But then the 25-year-old came up a saying of the farmer so bitterly, which she turns on the discontinuation and read it alone.

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What had happened? "I'm not feeling so well, because yesterday, a sentence fell that I did not like. That has hurt me human and I am disappointed. You said yesterday: If it does not work with you, I can also get the numbers from the others and call the stops, "Saskia explained in a debate. They feel interchangeable.

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 DDR star Helga Hahnemann: That's how she was really! Here are reminiscence companions - and this sad story tells She was a legend of the GDR television - and her performances still have cult status today! Helga Hahnemann was one of the big stars in the entertainment industry of the GDR. Are you still reminiscent of your famous appearance with acting colleague Alfred Müller, when the judge hammer broke in the court sketch? The bizarre scene entered the comedy story.

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It would have been "only a stupid saying", justified Dirk. But Saskia's decision stood: she went.

and - because of stupid saying - was a little later the next lady on Dirks Hof. He made his threat was took home as Saskia replacement prompt Sophie home. Runs in the "Bauer seeks woman" candidates. But as a spectator one is already irritated by the behavior.

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Even with Sophie, the spark does not jump over now. She should help in the yard. Lesson: water pumps with gasoline pump. Dirk explains how to go, but Sophie fails. Stupid only that he too does not get his device into walking. Why? He had forgotten to take it. What a blaming in front of the woman, whose heart he wants to conquer. And before tens of thousand spectators from the TV.

A happy knob really does not have the farmer with his actions and act.

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The current season "Bauer seeks Woman" has been running since November 1st and on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8:15 pm on RTL.

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