Canada How much organic is in the Austrian gingerbread?

11:40  25 november  2021
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The Environmental Protection Organization Greenpeace calls for legal specifications on the origin labeling of main enabled.

  Wie viel Bio steckt im österreichischen Lebkuchen? © APA / DPA / Daniel Karmann

Only six percent of gingerbread sold in the Austrian supermarkets are organic, is the sobering result of a "Greenpeace market check" in the pre-Christmas time. Also vegan gingerbreads and those with Fairtrade Qualities are in the minority. A quarter of the main enabled comes from Austria - but consumers would not be heard due to weak marking.

The largest selection of fairly produced organic gingerbread can be obtained from Hofer.

Thus, the supermarket chain received the first place in the ranking and as well as six other markets - including Billa and Spar - the rating "Good". Significant reviews only received Penny Market with "satisfactory" and Lidl with "sufficient".

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"Bio gingerbread are in the supermarkets in short supply," said Greenpeace Agricultural Expert Sebastian Theissing Matei in a broadcast, "most of the Christmas biscuits are made with conventional ingredients, such as grain sprayed with chemical-synthetic pesticides. For the environment Is that a catastrophe. " The organic cultivation, on the other hand, say by the waiver of such pesticides the floors, protectors insects and animals; Quality seal such as Fairtrade Prevent child labor and guarantee a minimum price for farmers in manufacturing countries.

up to more than 80 gingerbread products, Vegane offers were available in all supermarkets, but are not all clearly marked as vegan. The origin of the ingredients of processed products does not need to be specified on the packaging, which is why Greenpeace also raised, where main accesses such as flour, sugar and honey come. Around a quarter comes from Austria, a third of non-EU countries.

That would not know consumers, information such as "EU / non-EU countries" would disguise that, for example, only a very small part of honey has to come from the EU. "The Austrian government must finally ensure stricter legal requirements for the labeling of the origin of the main enabled," called Theissing Matei.

It's about the sausage - but only theoretically .
it enriches breakfast buffets, fits third in a roll and was already mentioned by Goethe: the Nuremberg Bratwurst is Germany's smallest bratwurst, but it is well known for the borders. © Daniel Karmann / DPA Nothing for Vegetarians: Nuremberg Bratwürsten. Even in America and Asia, she is eaten. In addition to Christkindlesmarkt, gingerbread and Albrecht Dürer, the sausage is the tourist figurehead Nuremberg. High time so that you get your own museum. But a real bratwurst is awarded in vain.

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