Canada Martinique: Tensile situation on the island is multiplying on the third day of general strike

12:10  25 november  2021
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Sébastien Lecornu goes to the West Indies after a "noticeable" return to the calm

 Sébastien Lecornu goes to the West Indies after a © Copyright 2021, the Obs the Minister of Overseas, Sébastien Lecornu, goes this Sunday in the West Indies , first in Guadeloupe Then Martinique, after greeted "a notable return to calm" on the night from Saturday to Sunday in these two territories.

The island of Martinique is shaken, like its neighbor Guadeloupe, by a dispute of the non-covid vaccine, which turns to Violence in some neighborhoods

Illustration d'un barrage routier à en Martinique, le 24 novembre 2021. © Loic Venance / AFP Illustration of a roadblock in Martinique, November 24, 2021. Social - The island of Martinique is shaken, like its neighbor Guadeloupe, by a dispute of the vaccine Mandatory anti-covid, which turns to violence in some

neighborhoods the situation walked this Wednesday night in Martinique . On the evening of the third day of general strike , the dams multiplied on the main roads of the island

in Robert, a supermarket was burned, indicated the AFP the firefighters, which specify only intervene. In the presence of the police, after having wiped several shots of projectiles during their mission.

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According to our confreres of Martinique 1st, "The abuses are even more important than the two preceding nights, with" images everywhere impressive ": all the crossroads are on fire to Sainte-Marie, sometimes in an atmosphere Where "protesters" give the impression of having a good time "..

#martinic The occupation of the road is rather festive in Sainte-Marie (video RS). pic.twitter.com/17zz6osthp

- Martinicela1ère (@ martiniquela1e) November 25, 2021

According to the local television channel, it is in Fort-de-France that the situation is always the most tense, "especially in The popular neighborhoods of Vilaine ravine, Sainte Thérèse, Dillon, Kerlys or Chateauboeuf.


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live Covid-19: The Omicron variant continues to spread throughout the world

 live Covid-19: The Omicron variant continues to spread throughout the world © Phill Magakoe A woman was tested at the South African airport of Johannesburg this Saturday. In summary - WHO ranked Friday night a new variant as "worrying": Omicron. detected for the first time South Africa Wednesday, it arouses a lot of concern because it could be more contagious and escape the immunity provided by vaccines. Analyzes are in progress to determine the real danger it represents. Without waiting, many countries across the globe suspended their air routes with southern Africa.

The authorities of Martinique opened this Wednesday the door to the dialogue with the Intersyndical who launched the blockages on the island and plans to harden the tone.

"We received an invitation to a meeting Thursday morning at 10am [15h in Paris] with the Prefect and the Chairman of the Executive Board (from the Territorial Community of Martinique Serge Letchimy) to the Prefecture," announced at the press Eric Bellemare , Secretary General of Force Ouvrière Martinique Wednesday afternoon at a press point.

An invitation arrival while the members of the Intersyndical threatened "to take other provisions" against the "contempt posted by the prefecture" had launched the union representative.

The leaders of the 17 trade union organizations, who have appealed to mobilize Martinique since Monday, had to turn to their respective bases to decide to come up.

violence in Guadeloupe: "I can not sleep, I watch over my car"

 violence in Guadeloupe: © Ricardo Arduengo, Reuters stores looting multiply in Guadeloupe. No truce this weekend. Overflows continued Saturday 20th and Sunday, November 21, 2021 in Pointe-à-Pitre and elsewhere in the archipelago. Paris has sent reinforcements 250 members of the security forces. Their mission "to restore republican order" . The 200 reinforcements of police and gendarmerie, and the fifty officers of the Raid and the GIGN landed in Guadeloupe Saturday, November 20, 2021 evening.

Report of Force

The unions still defended that they did not count down the custody. "If so far the state has made small steps, it is thanks to the balance of power," observed Gabriel Jean-Marie, Secretary General of the CGTM. Dams could therefore persist.

The Préfecture of Martinique had already reported "very violent events (...) in the agglomeration of Fort-de-France" in the night of Tuesday to Wednesday. "Seven policemen and five gendarmes were slightly injured but they were not hospitalized," according to the same source.

"Five people have been arrested and are still in custody for attempts of homicide and aggravated violence on persons depositories of the public authority , fire damage, weapon harbor and possession, participation in armed crowds . They have all been convicted, "she added.

Sociétémartinique: The Intersyndical calls for the lifting of dams companyMartinique: opening of an investigation after shots on the police forces

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CHICAGO (AP) — While insisting Major League Baseball is focused on reaching a labor deal, Commissioner Rob Manfred signaled Thursday that owners likely will lock out players if the current contract expires Dec. 1 without a new agreement. Baseball had eight work stoppages from 1972-95, but there has been labor peace since a 7 1/2-month strike began in August 1994 and forced the cancellation of the World Series for the first time in 90 years. “We’ve been down this path. We locked out in ’89-’90," Manfred said. “I don’t think ’94 worked out too great for anybody.

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