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06:50  28 november  2021
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Zidane, big thunder shot announced!

 Zidane, big thunder shot announced! © Provided by Sports.co.uk It is the same with Manchester United. Without Club Since the end of his adventure at Real Madrid last spring, Zinedine Zidane gets a resource with Aix-en-Provence, where he has launched a Padel center. But the former playmaker could not stay long far away from the land. This is in any case the wish of several clubs. And if Newcastle, who dreamed of attracting the world champion 98, was a reason, it is not the case for Manchester United .

As seen in the new trailer for “ The Traitor ,” the film follows the incredible true story of one man’s attempt to rid himself of the mafia lifestyle and leave the infamous Cosa Nostra in Italy.

I always thought Kaminari was the traitor but by accident, he's basically a walking cellphone that can be monitored as they noted he has a GPS like ability. Also tbh I'm tired of the "i was never your friend" trope and I'd prefer accidental villainy that creates an arc of a character feeling terrible about their role and having to overcome it. Me too omggg the kaminari traitor theory sounds interesting and has some good evidence (not much tho tbh) but I just can't see him being the traitor intentionally.

Zinedine Zidane has not arrived at PSG yet, but Marion Bartoli already overwhelmed with treachery.

Zidane à Paris ? Les 5 raisons © supplied by Football 365 Zidane in Paris? The 5 reasons "for", according to Dominique Grimault

she says aloud what everyone thinks all. Passing on the waves of the show the great mouths of sport on RMC, this Saturday, the star of Tennis Marion Bartoli considered that a signature of Zinedine Zidane at PSG would be a "betrayal" for Marseille, the city of "his roots ". The old tennis player and winner of Wimbledon, a big fan of OM, hopes that the scenario that would see Zizou in Paris will not take place .

Marion Bartoli does not want to see Zidane in Paris

"The problem is that Zinedine is a child of Marseille, has tested this Saturday. He grew up in Marseille, his parents are still in Marseille. Necessarily This city is completely connected to Him. It would be a feeling of total betrayal. Marseille is his city of heart. He always talked about it, he always said. " For the former tennis player, if Zizou hesitates, it's because of his origins.

"In a career project for him, as a coach, I think it's of course to try to take up a challenge by bringing the PSG to win the Champions League. But it must be in the process of being To doubt, wondering if he does not betray his city of origin. (...) This feeling of betrayal of the city of Marseille, for Zinedine it must be a problem that is not obvious to settle ".

The Graët: "I will not wait for Zidane" .
© supplied by Sofoot Paris, Manchester United, the team of France ... Zizou is desired. less than a year from the beginning of the world 2022, the rumors are going well on the estate of Didier Deschamps at the head of the France team. In an interview with AFP this Tuesday, Christmas The Graët confirmed that the current breusk coach will not be extended before the start of the competition.

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