Canada "Europe humilizes itself": Press Reviews to the Balloon d'Or

18:20  30 november  2021
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World View: Balloon ride in the stratosphere

 World View: Balloon ride in the stratosphere a capsule worn by a futuristic balloon is to lift people in the stratosphere from 2024. © Provided by cover Media The company World View from Arizona wants to offer its customers the opportunity to consider the beautiful sides of our planet from above, and even older people or those with disabilities should have the opportunity. At a height of 30 kilometers, the contrast becomes visible: passengers see the earth curvature, while they are surrounded by the darkness of the universe.

The international press landscape often exerts significant criticism of Lionel Messis Balloon-d'Or leisure and suffers with Robert Lewandowski. But there are also completely different opinions.

Erster und Zweiter beim Ballon d'Or 2021: Lionel Messi (li.) und Robert Lewandowski. © Getty Images (2) First and Second at the Ballon d'Or 2021: Lionel Messi (Li.) And Robert Lewandowski.

"poor" arguments for Lewandowski?


"Telegraph": "Robert Lewandowski was cheated. The Bayern striker has met 70 times since the beginning of the last season in 63 games 70 times, but his PR is not as good as his penalty area poaching."

"Guardian": "Messi did not deserve the balloon d'Or in the Champions League, and he certainly did not deserve him in Ligue 1 or even La League - but in Brazil at the Copa America. (... ) Messi has dominated the tournament in a way that no single player has done in at least a few decades. (...) Robert Lewandowski, for whom it looked, the new category 'scorer of the year' was invented as consolation If the title would probably have won the last year if the event would not be canceled in advance due to the pandemic. But to achieve goals while Bayern Munich wins another championship, seems to be a poor argument. "

COVID-19. The curve of the epidemic is now reversed in Europe between West and East

 COVID-19. The curve of the epidemic is now reversed in Europe between West and East © Sergei Supinsky / AFP The Patient Public To be vaccinated against CVIV-19 in a mall in Kiev, Ukraine, the October 31, 2021. While the new wave of the epidemic is looming in France, as in its neighboring countries in Germany or the Netherlands, contaminations are clearly declined in Eastern Europe, which is facing a Strong epidemic wave in recent months. The curves are now spilled.

"Sky Sports": "Messi was outstanding in Brazil. (...) But also his shape during the first half of the year in Barcelona should not be forgotten. In 29 games he achieved 28 goals, including two in a game of the game 'Presentation in the profit of the Copa del Rey in April. The team did not work at the highest level, but he was still exceptional. (...) It's normal to make with Robert Lewandowski, a victim of the curious decision, the award 2020 not to be awarded. But the greatest reason to have pity with those who strive for individual awards is their bad luck to do in the Messi era. (...) No one was better (as Messi, Anm. d. Red.). "


"Polityka": "Lewandowski has not won the largest trophy, but the second place is a historical performance of Poland. (...) We agreed that only our Robert has earned the award. Unfortunately, This opinion is not enforced with those who have decided. "

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"Since yesterday we know that the COPA America is worth more than the European Championship or the Champions League." ("Marca")


"Gazzetta dello Sport": "It ends as expected and without surprises. Leo Messi wins On the seventh time, his rivals Cristiano Ronaldo, who is only sixth, is now about two titles. "


"Marca": "What do Adriano 2004, Robinho 2007 (...) or Dani Alves 2019 together? They all won the Copa America and were chosen the best player. But they did not win the balloon d'Or. But since yesterday we know that the COPA America is now worth more than the European Championship or the Champions League. Messis titles were less important than Jorginho, he shot less doors as Lewandowski and did not have so much influence as Benzema. Europe humilizes self."


"La Nacion": "'France Football' was wrong. Again. What else could Robert Lewandowski could do to win the balloon d'Or? The pandemic has pushed away the last because there was no gala But, far away from being disappointed, he put another fabulous season. He has not won with Poland? That was never an obstacle to Lionel Messis rich harvesting on golden balls. "

"El Clarin": "Among the many stars, there is one that radiates more than anyone else. One who leaves the others boring. A star is above all and has demonstrated this evening in Paris again. Lionel Messi has won his seventh balloon d'Or (...), although some critical voices have emerged from ex-pros in the last few days. "

The golden ball finally attributed to Lewandowski? .
© Provided by Sports.co.uk The Polish is 2nd of the Golden Ball (and winner of the Best Goal Trophy). A little less than a week after the end of the suspense, the attribution of the Golden Ball 2021 to Lionel Messi continues to be debated. The Argentine was rewarded for his title of Best Liga scorer and the victory of his national team at COPA America.

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