Canada Canada committed to helping resolve Central American migration crisis: Fraser

03:26  01 december  2021
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The Central America Migration Crisis . Background. The Central American countries of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador are among the world’s most dangerous countries. At 90 for every 100,000 people, the homicide rate is nearly five times what the World Health Organization considers an “epidemic.” Our primary approach to the migration crisis in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador is to address the root causes of violence, poverty and drought that are pushing people to leave their homes and countries in the first place. Our experts are working with local, national, and international

Following Canada 's confederation in 1867, immigration played an integral role in helping develop vast tracts of land.[5] During this era, the Canadian Government would sponsor information campaigns and recruiters to encourage settlement in rural areas; however, this would primarily be only Ambitious targets of an annual 1% per capita immigration rate were hampered by financial constraints. The Liberals committed to raising actual immigration levels further in 2005. As Canadian political parties have been cautious about criticizing high levels of immigration, immigration levels to Canada (approx.

OTTAWA — Canada's new immigration minister says the federal government is committed to finding long-term solutions to the Central American migration crisis that has forced millions from their homes.

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser delivered that message to the regional meeting in Guatemala that brought him face-to-face with the migration problems plaguing Canada's Western Hemisphere neigbourhood.

Fraser joined the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, and representatives from Central American countries and the United States for the talks.

"Addressing migration and the forced displacement of human beings is one of the seminal issues of our time. And COVID-19 has only compounded the challenges that we face," Fraser told the annual meeting of a special UN regional committee where Canada has assumed the rotating chair this year.

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What is the Central American migration crisis ? Every year, hundreds of thousands of people from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras flee extreme violence and poverty and head north through Mexico to find safety. The high levels of violence in the region, known as the Northern Triangle of Central America (NTCA), are comparable to that in war zones where MSF has worked for decades. The countries of the NTCA have long been burdened by deep social inequality, political instability, and conflict—and in some cases have been further destabilized by US interventions in the region over the

Yet there are few connections being drawn between the weakening of Central American rural agricultural economies at the hands of CAFTA and the rise in migration from the region in the years since. U.S. empire thrives on amnesia. The Trump administration cannot remember what it said last week, let alone the actions of presidential administrations long gone that sowed the seeds of today’s immigration crisis . There can be no common-sense immigration “debate” that conveniently ignores the history of U.S. intervention in Central America .

"Tackling root causes like violence, crime, poverty and climate change are going to be crucial in solving Central America's migration challenges."

Fraser said Canada's approach to finding long-term solutions to the crisis would be focused on leveraging its feminist foreign policy which targets help towards women and girls as a way of elevating the economic circumstances of those around them.

The participants were meeting to address the migration crisis plaguing the hemisphere that has seen many flee their homes across Central America, amid the ripples of Venezuela's refugee crisis that is expected to displace six million people by year's end.

Fraser made it clear in an address to the meeting that Canada understands it must play a role in finding solutions to a problem in its own geopolitical backyard.

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PDF | Migration to the European Union has for long time been a contentious though subordinate issue on the political and public agenda. a crisis ensued, which spurred furious debate among EU member states. (and the EU seems to be split into two halves on this) about the appropri-. ate methods to be adopted by the EU to handle and resolve this crisis and. about the degree of involvement of the nation states.

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"I continue to see an attitude creep into the public discourse, not just in this region (but) in my own country as well, that at times we may not need one another to get along, that we may be better off on our own. And I can tell you in the strongest possible way that I disagree with that approach," Fraser said.

"Left unchecked, the most vulnerable people in the world will be placed at risk, the capacity of our national systems will be overwhelmed. And unhealthy attitudes that discriminate against newcomers will proliferate."

Recently, the North American Leaders Summit – the so-called Three Amigos – addressed the issue during talks in Washington between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, U.S. President Joe Biden and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

They discussed the need to redouble efforts to tackle the migration crisis. The crisis has transformed Mexico into the third most popular country for refugees seeking asylum, which dictated why the issue was at the top of Lopez Obrador's agenda during the recent summit in Washington with Biden and Trudeau.

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The Central American crisis began in the late 1970s, when major civil wars and communist revolutions erupted in various countries in Central America

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"We are talking about hundreds of thousands of migrants trying to enter or entering the southern border of Mexico, most of them trying to reach the U.S.-Mexico border. And the challenges in Mexico are enormous," Juan Jose Gomez Camacho, the Mexican ambassador to Canada, told The Canadian Press in a recent interview.

Gomez Camacho said Canada has not only financial resources but capacity to play a major role in finding long-term solutions to the migration crisis.

"We would like to see a very strong presence of Canada, helping to address these challenges in Central America. They need employment. They need a lot of work and social cohesion," Gomez Camacho said.

"These are things that Canada does pretty well," he said, stressing that over  the long term "we need a North American approach."

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Nov. 30, 2021.

Mike Blanchfield, The Canadian Press

Pope Francis naughty inactivity in refugee policy at .
Pope Francis had been on Lesbos five years ago. At that time he visited the camp Moria. Again, he warned that migration and escape causes would have to be better fought. © Guglielmo Mangiapane / Reuters Pope Francis shortly after his arrival in the refugee camp When visiting a migrant camp on the Greek island of Lesbos, Pope Francis has complained a globally fatal use of migration.

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