Canada Germany: perpetuity required against a former Syrian regime of the ASSAD

22:30  02 december  2021
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  Allemagne: perpétuité requise contre un ex-colonel syrien du régime Assad © Pool / AFP

The German Federal Parquet required Thursday the perpetuity imprisonment against a former Colonel Syrian intelligence services judged in Germany as part of the First trial in the world of abuses attributed to the ASSAD plan.

Anwar Raslan, refugee in Germany, has been guilty of crimes against humanity, estimated the prosecutor before the Koblemente Court (West) who has judged him since April 23, 2020 for torturing detainees in a detention center Secret of the regime in Damascus.

This former colonel of the 58-year-old State of State responds in particular to the death of 58 people, the rape of several others and the torture of 4,000 detainees in a jail of Damascus, called Al-Khatib or "Branch 251" .

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Ten years after the outbreak of the popular uprising in Syria, this is the first time in the world that the abuses imputed to the power in Damascus are judged.

The verdict in this historical trial, very followed by the Syrians in exile in Europe, is expected for 13 January.

This trial, divided into two at the beginning of the year, has already concluded by the conviction on February 24 of a former member of the intelligence services of a subordinate grade for "complicity of crimes against humanity".

Judges had a sentence of four and a half years in prison against Eyad Al-Gharib for the arrest in 2011 of protesters and their transfer to the Al-Khatib Intelligence Service Detention Center.

To judge these Syrians, Germany applies the legal principle of universal jurisdiction that allows a state to pursue the perpetrators of the most serious crimes, regardless of their nationality and where they were committed.

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Anwar Raslan who had deserted in 2012, remained silent during all the hearings. But at the beginning of the trial, his lawyer had read a long statement on his name in which he had used torture in the Al-Khatib Center, which he directed the investigation service.

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Your Browser does not support this video Anwar Raslan has never done mysteries from his past when he found refuge in Germany. It is also he who, soliciting police protection in Berlin, told his career to police in February 2015.

Recognized in

Street It had been recognized in a street from the German capital by another refugee, Anwar Al-Bunni, lawyer and Syrian opponent who today tracks former collaborators of the exiled plan in Europe.

arrested in February 2019, Anwar Raslan has since detention.

Since the opening of the trial, more than a dozen Syrians and Syrian, refugees in Europe, parade to the bar to testify to the abuse they have endured in Al-Khatib.

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Some witnesses, however, refused to go to Koblenz, others were heard anonymously, the face concealed or capped with a wig for fear of reprisals on their loved ones in Syria.

For the first time, photos of the "César File" were also presented in a court.

This former photographer of the military police exfilled at the risk of his life 50,000 clichés showing 6,786 Syrian detainees frozen by a brutal, hungry and supplicated death. Clichés whose president of the Court has recognized that they would pursue her for a long time.

Affiders of the Syrian regime are the subject of several complaints in Europe, often initiated by Syrians activists hunted from their country and turned to French, German, Swedish or Austrian parquet.

Appeals have also been deposited against chemical attacks attributed to Bachar al-Assad.

Another trial of the Syrian regime must open in January in Frankfurt. A doctor of a Military Homes prison will respond from crimes against humanity for torturing detainees.

refugee in Germany where he worked as a doctor, he was formally recognized by victims and relatives of victims.

In France, on the other hand, the Court of Cassation found in a recent judgment that justice was "incompetent" to pursue for complicity of crimes against humanity a former Syrian soldier, arrested on the same day asanwar Raslan and Eyad Al-Gharib.

02/12/2021 18:08:07 - Koblenz (Germany) - © 2021 AFP

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