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10:35  10 december  2021
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Eric Zemmour officially announced his candidacy for the presidential election

 Eric Zemmour officially announced his candidacy for the presidential election © Ouest-France Éric Zemmour at a public meeting in Pleurtuit in Ille-et-Vilaine. one who became known as a polemicist television confirmed what everyone sensed for weeks: he is a candidate for president in 2022, he announced on Tuesday, November 30, 2021 in a video published on social networks. "I decided to run for president." Eric Zemmour is candidate presidential election.

Compatibilité de l'Islam avec la République, affrontement sur la rafle du Vel' d'Hiv : le candidat à l'élection présidentielle Éric Zemmour et le ministre de l'Economie Bruno Le Maire se sont livrés, jeudi soir sur France 2, à un débat agité sur l'état du pays et sur son histoire, et leur conception de la nation. © Christophe Archambault / AFP Compatibility of Islam with the Republic, confrontation on the Raw of Vel 'of HIV: the candidate for the election Presidential Eric Zemmour and the Minister of Economy Bruno The Mayor have delivered, Thursday night on France 2, to a stirred debate on the state of the country and its history, and their conception of the nation.

The evening was animated Thursday night on France 2 between Éric Zemmour and Bruno the Mayor . The now candidate in the presidential election participated at the political issue Elysee 2022 , where he debated with the Minister of the Economy. If the exchanges remained globally courteous on the economy part, the exchanges on the state of the country, on its history and conception of the nation were more muscular.

To declare a candidate, Zemmour chooses an antifrançaise music of Beethoven

 To declare a candidate, Zemmour chooses an antifrançaise music of Beethoven © Copyright 2021, the obs each his tastes. In 2020, to proclaim his next coup, the neonazi Rémy Dailer, today imprisoned in Strasbourg, had chosen "Stabat Mater" by François Poulenc, French composer of the twentieth century, to which the music of the adventures of Babar. To announce his candidacy for the presidential election, Eric Zemmour Lorches to Germany and the Danube, with Beethoven's "Symphony No. 7". Strange choice and, to tell all, stranger.

The European question at the center of exchanges

in minutes, the tone is given. "You push the doors open," Lance Bruno the mayor. "I make open doors because it displeases you. I give numbers that you do not give," responds the polemicist. Two visions of France compete, between the optimistic minister and the candidate declined. And very quickly, the European question comes to the exchange center. "The Mayor is the employee of the Brussels Commission, he must at all times negotiate," Eric Zemmour insists. "I let Mr. Zemmour sink quietly," said the Minister of Economy.

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The presidential candidate then insists on his will to lower the CSG on the low wages. A measure judged "unconstitutional" by Bruno the mayor. Eric Zemmour approves and then explains to question the power of the Constitutional Council. "Never would the General de Gaulle allowed only the Constitutional Council to extend his powers at this point," he pleads. "General de Gaulle himself said that at age 70, he did not have the age of becoming a dictator. But I think that at 63 years, you have all the predispositions to become", slice bruno the mayor.

Assessment, the Minister of Economy has managed to convince anti-Zemmour. As for the polemicist, he galvanized his supporters and took the opportunity to hamme his ideas, insisting on one thing. If he has been a candidate, it's for France to stay France.

"If you vote Zemmour, you will have Macron again": the CIOTTI call to vote Pécresse .
© provided by Europe 1 Guest of the great appointment Europe1 / CNEWS / Les Echos, the deputy Eric Ciotti, invited The French who hesitate to slip a newsletter into the ballot box in the name of Eric Zemmour not to do it, and to prefer that of Valérie Pécresse. "Eric Zemmour can not win, it can not be at the heart of a gathering of all those who do not want more Emmanuel Macron." No concession, the deputy and finalist of the Congress LR , Eric Ciotti, estimated at the microphone of the great ap

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