Canada Afghanistan: the UN needs $ 5 billion to avoid disaster

21:57  11 january  2022
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Afghanistan: The United Nations requires help never seen to save the country of a humanitarian disaster

 Afghanistan: The United Nations requires help never seen to save the country of a humanitarian disaster © Mohd Rasfan an Afghan woman and her child in Kabul, January 6, 2022. An exceptional amount for an exceptional situation. The United Nations call for $ 5 billion to finance aid to Afghanistan this year and ensure a future in a country threatened by a humanitarian disaster . It's simply the biggest sum ever claimed for a single country, emphasizes the organization in a statement published in the night from Monday to Tuesday. In detail, the UN explains urgently need $ 4.4 billion in donor countr

  Afghanistan: l'ONU a besoin de cinq milliards de dollars pour éviter la catastrophe © AFP

The UN AA asked Tuesday $ 5 billion - a record amount-- to attempt to prevent the Afghanistan to sink into one of the most serious humanitarian disasters in its history.

This humanitarian aid plan is only an emergency solution, but "the fact is that without (this aid plan), there will be no future" for Afghanistan, asserted Martin Griffiths, The UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, during a newspaper in Geneva on Monday.

The United Nations needs $ 4.4 billion in donor countries to finance humanitarian needs this year, the largest amount ever claimed for one country, underlines a statement of the Organization.

Resignation of Afghanistan Ambassador to China After six months without money from Kabul

 Resignation of Afghanistan Ambassador to China After six months without money from Kabul © - Mark Schiefelbein The Afghanistan Embassy in Beijing on August 20, 2021. Ambassador of Afghanistan in China resigned . Javid Ahmad Qaem makes him know in a long letter that he has restated on his Twitter account Monday, January 10th. For six months, Afghan representation in the Chinese capital has received, he says, no bottom of Kabul allowing to pay the salaries of diplomats.

This amount would be devoted to expanding food delivery and support for agriculture, finance health services, treatments against malnutrition, emergency shelters, access to water and sanitation but also Education.

Some 22 million people, more than half of the country's population, have an urgent need for help.

The United Nations also requested $ 623 million to help 5.7 million Afghan refugees, sometimes for many years, in five neighboring countries, mainly the Iran and the Pakistan .

Filippo Grandi, the High Commissioner for Refugees warned without detour: "If the country collapses, implies (...) So we will see a much larger exodus of people. And this population movement will be difficult to Manage in the area but also beyond, because it will not stop in the region ".

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 Private households rich as never: monetary assets on record high - rise weakens from The people in Germany have been rewarded their assets in the second pandemea year and are in the sum as rich as never. However, growth flattened in the third quarter of 2021, as the Deutsche Bundesbank announced on Friday in Frankfurt. The cash assets of private households from cash, securities, bank deposits and claims against insurance rose to the record value of around 7399 billion euros. © dpa The people in Germany are so rich in the sum. (Symbol image) These are 73 billion euros or 1.0 per

In Kabul, the Taliban greeted the UN call.

"We need food and other types of humanitarian aid for the Afghan people, more than 90% of people live below the poverty line," said AFP , a Taliban senior , Suhail Shaheen.

The United States - accelerated withdrawal of military assistance precipitated the arrival of the Taliban to power - announced in the wake of a first donation of $ 308 million.

This money should prioritize food, health and protection of winter rigors, highlighted the US International Aid Agency (USAID), in a statement.

no money for the Taliban

Afghanistan has been led since mid-August by the Taliban who have taken over the power, chasing the government supported by the international community and the US military power after 20 years of guerrilla .

The sanctions regime put in place to try to make concessions to the Islamist fundamentalists, on the rights of women in particular, precipitated the country -while very dependent on international aid - in a deep economic crisis. It is further aggravated by drought.

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To reassure donors, Mr. Griffiths pointed out that the funds - who represent a quarter of the official GDP of the country - will go directly by some 160 NGOs and UN agencies on the ground. A distribution facilitated by improving the security situation.

In order for this help to be the most effective, "all humanitarian workers, especially women, must be allowed to operate independently, safely and have the opportunity to reach women and girls without hindrance," insisted the USAID.

The decision of the Security Council in December to facilitate for one year the humanitarian aid and the actions of goodwill of Washington have helped to reassure the financial actors, paralyzed by the fear of contravening the sanctions and thus depriving the country of the liquidity indispensable to its operation.

officials, teachers, caregivers have sometimes not been paid for months.

According to the Taliban representative, the dollar arrival would also help fight inflation in the country.

De facto

dialog while the international community always seeks an effective way to put pressure on the Taliban to change in particular their way of treating women, very quickly deprived of most of the acquired rights of high struggle since 20 Years, Mr. Grandi explained that this help "also created a space for dialogue with the Taliban that is very valuable". A lever.

"It is this space that we must preserve because for the moment the political sphere is lagging," he added, recognizing however that it will take time to "go to stability and who knows can Be even a form of normalization ".

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