Canada Afghanistan: The United Nations requires help never seen to save the country of a humanitarian disaster

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Afghanistan: the UN needs $ 5 billion to avoid disaster

 Afghanistan: the UN needs $ 5 billion to avoid disaster © AFP The UN AA asked Tuesday $ 5 billion - a record amount-- to attempt to prevent the Afghanistan to sink into one of the most serious humanitarian disasters in its history. This humanitarian aid plan is only an emergency solution, but "the fact is that without (this aid plan), there will be no future" for Afghanistan, asserted Martin Griffiths, The UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, during a newspaper in Geneva on Monday. The United Nations needs $ 4.4 billion in donor coun

For the reason that Taliban seized management of Afghanistan , the nation has plunged into monetary chaos (File). Geneva, Switzerland: The United Nations stated Tuesday it wanted billion in assist for Afghanistan in 2022 to avert a humanitarian disaster and supply the ravaged nation a future after 40 years of struggling. In its biggest-ever single- country attraction, the UN stated .4 billion (3.9 billion euros) was wanted inside Afghanistan , whereas an extra 3 million was required to assist the tens of millions of Afghans sheltering past its borders.

" Afghanistan is probably facing the worst humanitarian disaster we've ever seen ," Al Dardari told CNBC's "Squawk Box Asia." "We have never seen an economic shock of that magnitude and we have never seen a humanitarian crisis of that magnitude," he said. Pakistan hosted a meeting in Islamabad on Thursday, with representatives from China, Russia and the United States, to discuss the situation in Afghanistan . Officials from the four countries also met with senior Taliban representatives on the sidelines, according to the U.S. State Department.

Une femme afghane et son enfant à Kaboul, le 6 janvier 2022. © Mohd Rasfan an Afghan woman and her child in Kabul, January 6, 2022.

An exceptional amount for an exceptional situation. The United Nations call for $ 5 billion to finance aid to Afghanistan this year and ensure a future in a country threatened by a humanitarian disaster . It's simply the biggest sum ever claimed for a single country, emphasizes the organization in a statement published in the night from Monday to Tuesday.

In detail, the UN explains urgently need $ 4.4 billion in donor countries to finance humanitarian needs this year. This amount would be devoted to expanding food delivery and support for agriculture, to finance health services, treatment against malnutrition, emergency shelters, access to water and sanitation but also Education. Officials, teachers, caregivers have not been paid for months.

Resignation of Afghanistan Ambassador to China After six months without money from Kabul

 Resignation of Afghanistan Ambassador to China After six months without money from Kabul © - Mark Schiefelbein The Afghanistan Embassy in Beijing on August 20, 2021. Ambassador of Afghanistan in China resigned . Javid Ahmad Qaem makes him know in a long letter that he has restated on his Twitter account Monday, January 10th. For six months, Afghan representation in the Chinese capital has received, he says, no bottom of Kabul allowing to pay the salaries of diplomats.

The United Nations refugee agency on Friday called on Afghanistan ’s neighbors to keep their borders open to avert a humanitarian disaster as the Taliban continue the offensive to retake the country . UNHCR stands ready to help national authorities scale up humanitarian responses as needed,” a spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees told a briefing in Geneva. A spokesperson for the World Food Programme, the world’s largest humanitarian organization, said food shortages in the war-torn country are “quite dire” and worsening, adding that the situation had all the hallmarks of

United Nations . Afghanistan . Find UN Data, Resources, News and more The resulting political, social and economic shocks have reverberated across the country with a massive deterioration of the humanitarian and protection situation in the 4th quarter of 2021 and the outlook for 2022 remaining profoundly uncertain. Afghanistan ’s population is estimated to be 41.7m in 2021, of whom 51 per cent are men and 49 per cent are women.

According to several international organizations, more than half of Afghan 38 million will be affected by the lack of food very soon. 3.2 million children will also suffer from severe malnutrition this winter according to UNICEF , and one million of them may die. Last week, the number two of the Government and co-founder of the Taliban already had called the international community to support "without any political party" Afghans , thus recognizing the humanitarian crisis that affects the country.

Global Threat

Video: In Islamabad, Muslim countries promise humanitarian aid for Afghanistan (France 24)

in more than 4.4 billion, the UN also claims $ 623 million In addition to helping 5.7 million Afghan refugees, sometimes for many years, in five neighboring countries, mainly Iran and Pakistan. Filippo Grandi, the High Commissioner for Refugees warned without detour: the catastrophe currently affecting Afghanistan risk of threatening many countries if nothing is done. "If the country collapses, then implies [...] then we will see a much larger exodus of people ," he explained. and this population movement will be difficult to manage in the region but also beyond, because it will not stop in the region. "

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  Opinion: Canada and India must forge deeper partnerships to counter shared threats Anita Anand and Mélanie Joly’s appointments as ministers of national defence and foreign affairs presents Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with an opportunity to define Canadian interests in the Indo-Pacific. Now is the time for Canada to enhance its strategic partnership with India. The world has fractured along fault lines of strategic competition. On one side is an authoritarian model backed by China’s Communist party; and on the other is the shared values and interests of great democracies like India and Canada. From two ends of the Pacific, our nations have a shared interest in contributing to the rise and prosperity of the Indo-Pacific region.

The United Nations said Tuesday it needed billion in aid for Afghanistan in 2022 to avert a humanitarian catastrophe and offer the ravaged country a future after 40 years of suffering. In its biggest-ever single- country appeal, the UN said .4 billion (3.9 billion euros) was needed within Afghanistan , while a further 3 million was required to support the millions of Afghans sheltering beyond its borders. However, if international donors come forward, “we will see the opportunity for an Afghanistan which may finally see the fruits of some kind of security.” Fear of implosion.

Humanitarian Aid. The UN and partners launched a more than billion funding appeal for Afghanistan on Tuesday, in the hope of shoring up collapsing basic services there, which have left 22 million in need of assistance inside the country , and 5.7 million people requiring help beyond its borders. “ Humanitarian agencies inside Afghanistan can only operate if there’s cash in the economy which can be used to pay officials, salaries, costs, fuel and so-forth,” he said. “So, liquidity in its first phase is a humanitarian issue, it’s not just a bigger economic issue.” Stave off disease, hunger.

It is only an emergency solution, but "the fact is that without (this aid plan), there will be no future" for Afghanistan, asserted Martin Griffiths, the sub -CREATIVE UNECE OF UN HUMANITARIAN AFFAIRS, During a newspaper in Geneva on Monday. To reassure donors, he assured that the funds - who represent a quarter of the country's official GDP - would not go through the Taliban but would be used directly by some 160 NGOs and UN agencies on the ground. A distribution facilitated by the safe situation that has been the best for years, "said Martin Griffiths.

Since the month of August and the fall of Kabul , the capital of the country, Afghanistan is led by the Taliban who resumed power and chased the government underlying by the international community and military power American after 20 years of guerrilla. The Sanctions Plan set up to try to make concessions to Islamist fundamentalists on women's rights in particular, precipitated the country - already very dependent on international aid - in a deep economic crisis. It is further aggravated by a drought that has been rampant for several years.

Create a "dialogue" with the Taliban

in December, however, the Security Council decided to facilitate for one year the humanitarian aid, and Washington's goodwill actions have helped to reassure financial actors, paralyzed by The fear of contravening sanctions and depriving the country of liquidity essential to its operation.

While the international community always seeks an effective way to put pressure on the Taliban Filippo Grandi explains that this help "also created a space for dialogue with the Taliban which is very valuable" . "It's this space we need to preserve because for the moment the political sphere is lagging out" , he added, recognizing, however, that it will take time for "go to stability and who Maybe know even a form of normalization ".

Northern Korea draws an unidentified projectile at sea, the United States calls for dialogue .
© Valery Ax Seoul (South Korea), Wednesday. A television channel broadcasts images of a missile shot by North Korea. AFP / JUNG YEON-I North Korea has launched an unidentified projectile in the sea, announce this Wednesday South Korea and Japan. This is the first test of this type from Pyongyang, the North Korean capital, in 2022. A shot condemned by Washington.

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