Canada The Baltic countries have to import Russian gas

09:25  04 april  2022
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  After seeing how gas stoves pollute homes, these researchers are ditching theirs Gas stoves produce more indoor air pollutants than even some scientists expected. After taking measurements, many of those researchers are installing electric stoves — and warning the public about the health risks of cooking with gas. When Tara Kahan took pollution readings inside homes after cooking with a gas stove in 2017 and 2018, the University of Saskatchewan chemist and her colleagues were surprised by both how high the levels of nitrogen oxides were and how long they lasted.

  Les pays baltes arrêtent d'importer du gaz russe © supplied by the

gallery while the European Union is struggling to overcome the Russian gas that represents 40% of its imports, the Baltic countries (Latvia, the Estonia and Lithuania) ended April 1st imports from natural gas from Russia. A size challenge. According to Eurostat, in 2020, Russia accounted for 93% of Estonian natural gas imports, 100% of Latvian imports and 41.8% of Lithuanian imports.

"Years ago, my country made decisions that today allow us to easily break the energy ties with the abuser," said Sattone Uldis Bariss on Saturday, CEO of the storage business Latvian Consexus Baltic Grid.

The Baltic States are now gas powered by gas reserves stored under land in Latvia. "If we can do it, the rest of Europe can do it too!", Added Uldis Bariss.

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on Twitter, Lithuanian President Gitanas Naseda also called for the rest of the European Union to follow the example of the Baltic countries: "From this month, more Russian gas in Lithuania," he has declared.

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The German Minister of Defense wants a debate on a prohibition of Russian gas imports

Unlike the United States, less dependent on Russian gas, the EU n 'Did not declared an embargo on Russian hydrocarbons. But the pressure goes as a result of the announcement Thursday by Moscow to force the buyers of "inamical" countries to pay the Russian gas in rubles from accounts in Russia but also the will of Brussels and the United Kingdom to impose New sanctions in Russia after the massacres of civilians in Bantcha.

EU Commission proposes import ban on Russian coal before

 EU Commission proposes import ban on Russian coal before The EU Commission has presented a proposal for a comprehensive package with new Russia sanctions. © Bernd Wüstneck / DPO Central Image / DPA The EU Commission prepares for Russian carbon imports because of the war in Ukraine. According to EU Commission President Ursula, it includes a import ban for coal from Russia, a port lock for Russian ships, and other trading restrictions. Whether the sanctions are imposed as suggested, the 27 EU states must now decide.

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according to the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Western Allies will agree in the coming days on new sanctions. Russian President Vladimir "Putin and his support must experience the consequences" of their actions has declared a statement to the pressellie.

"and we will continue to provide weapons to Ukraine so that the country can defend itself

the German Minister of Defense, Christine Lambrecht, said Sunday that the European Union was to debate a prohibition of the 'Import of Russian gas.

"There must be an answer. Such crimes can not remain unanswered, "said Christine Lambrecht on the German TV channel Ard.

Berlin had so far rejected calls for a total embargo on gas, oil and coal from Russia by explaining that its economy, like that of other European countries, was too dependent on this source of energy.

Russia's war with Ukraine made it a global pariah — but it still has friends in Mexico

  Russia's war with Ukraine made it a global pariah — but it still has friends in Mexico Mexico's ruling party has taken an ambivalent attitude towards the invasion of Ukraine — and some members of the ruling party have shown strong pro-Putin leanings.According to the official Canadian readout, "the Prime Minister invited the President to participate in the 'Stand Up for Ukraine' campaign pledging event on April 9, which he is co-convening with the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, to raise funds for Ukrainian refugees and internally displaced people.

But Sunday, Christine Lambrecht said that the EU Member States had to discuss Such a prohibition, according to a message published by his ministry on Twitter.

His Foreign Affairs colleague, Annalya Baerbock, had previously called Sunday to tighten the sanctions aimed at Moscow, without, however, to evoke the energy sector. "Leaders. These war crimes must be accountable. We will harden the sanctions against Russia and we will further help Ukraine to defend itself, "said Analyna Baerbock on Twitter.

The EU has been working on new sanctions for some time now but Saturday, the Commissioner To the economy, Paolo Gentiloni, said new measures would not concern the energy sector.

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Government tells arts bodies to suspend cultural events funded by Russian state .
OTTAWA — Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez has asked arts bodies that get federal funding to suspend all cultural activities involving Russians linked to Vladimir Putin's regime in protest of his invasion of Ukraine. Canadian Heritage has written to organizations receiving the department's funding, asking them to cancel tours and co-productions bankrolled by Russian or Belarusian state organizations. The demand, issued last month, could lead to cancellation of exhibitions of art loaned from Russian galleries, as well as concerts, festivals, and theatre and ballet productions featuring Russian artists.

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