Canada Massacre of Boutcha in Ukraine: Satellite images and field observations point the responsibility of Russian soldiers

23:15  06 april  2022
23:15  06 april  2022 Source:   francetvinfo.fr

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An image of the company Maxar Technologies shows lifeless bodies juncting a street from the city, March 19th. France Télévisions analyzed images and realized field findings to locate these victims.

  Massacre de Boutcha en Ukraine : des images satellites et des observations sur le terrain pointent la responsabilité des soldats russes © Provided by FranceInfo

A massacre was committed in Boutcha (Ukraine), a city ravaged by a month of war. The New York Times has published satellite images (article in English) of Maxar Technologies, Monday, April 4, which undermine the Russian affirmations that the corpses of people in civilian clothes have been placed after the troops Russians have evacuated places. Now ten bodies litter Yablonska street on this cliché dated March 19, while the Russian army was in town for at least two weeks.

Ukraine: Russia denies having killed civilians to Boutcha

 Ukraine: Russia denies having killed civilians to Boutcha © Sergei Supinsky / AFP Boutcha, Ukraine, Russia, denial L e Russian Ministry of Defense assured Sunday that his forces had not killed civilians Boutcha, a city near kyiv recently taken over by the Ukrainian forces. "During the period during which this locality was under the control of the Russian armed forces, not a single local resident has suffered violent actions," said the department in a statement.

previously, the Russian Ministry of Defense stated that these bodies had been tabled after the departure of his troops on March 30. Which is therefore a lie. In addition, another satellite image shows that there was no body on February 28, the start of the war: their presence is due to the Russian occupation. These "high resolution images (...) corroborate recent videos and photos on social networks revealing the presence of extended bodies in the streets [of Budcha] and abandoned for several weeks", estimates maxar technologies in a statement.

It was still necessary to document this massacre. France Télévisions therefore checked the presence of these bodies in two ways. Thanks to the revealing team, first of all, who analyzed several documents posted on April 1 and 2 in particular. Thanks to the work done on the field by a team of France 2, which has been able to provide location data and images since Bantcha. At the end of this work, France Télévisions is able to confirm the location of the ten bodies spotted on the satellite image as well as four additional. This count is not exhaustive, and our journalist has unfortunately noted the presence of other victims.

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NB: The circumstances of the death of these civilians are unknown for the moment. Among the victims, only one had his hands attached - (2nd photo).

An impact (yellow arrow) observed by @Anaudcomte on the right side sidewalk could correspond to a mortar shot. pic.twitter.com/babb7L4GMY

- The developers of FranceTV (@REVelattersFTV) April 5, 2022

At least three of them were older men and one carried a bag containing a chocolate tablet and medicines , according to our observations on the spot. Among the victims of Satellite Yablonska Street, only one had his hands attached. The circumstances of the death of these people are still unknown. In addition, France Télévisions has seen an impact on a sidewalk, which seems to correspond to a mortar shot. Another video, tour in early March, also shows a Russian armor open fire on a cyclist, at the intersection of Yablonska Street and Street Street. These images do little doubt about the violence against civilians.

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At least 320 civilians were killed during the occupation of this city which had 30000 inhabitants before the beginning of the conflict, depending on the mayor, Anatolyi Fedorouk, interviewed by the BBC. They have sometimes been buried in gardens, sometimes in a common pit dug by the Ukrainians themselves near the Saint-André church, as evidenced by the satellite images of Maxar dated March 10th.

In spite of the evidence, the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, called Wednesday of "gross provocation and cynical" of the Ukrainian authorities the discovery of corpses of civilians in the city of Bantcha after the withdrawal of the forces of Moscow. The German government, in particular, in particular, satellite images, declares that this position is not "not very good".

Video: Nocomment: Macabre discoveries continue to Boutcha (Dailymotion)

Ukraine: the difficult investigation of the Boutcha massacre continues .
© AP - Rodrigo ABD French gendarmes observe bodies in exhumation in Bantcha, April 12, 2022. in Boutcha, more than 400 bodies would have been found Since the liberation of the city, depending on the mayor. Only 160 could have so far been identified but the survey continues. With our special envoy to Boutcha, Cléa Broadhurst A fifteen French gendarmes of the Criminal Research Institute arrived on site Tuesday, it is the first team of international investigators who goes to Bantha.

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