Canada "The Masked Singer" completely revealed! Caution, spoiler: These celebrities stuck under the masks - here is the list of all names

02:40  07 april  2022
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Fieser Side Hob at "The Masked Singer": He's in costume - and therefore, Ruth Moschner and Matthias OPENHIVEL against Dieter Bohlen!

 Fieser Side Hob at On Saturday, the second episode of the sixth season of "The Masked Singer" - and this time, was diligent, which Stars probably hide under the bright-colored costumes. Great riddle rates prevails among other things at the Dornsteufel: the desert dweller with the flaky dress sang on stage "Uprising" of Muse.

On Saturday, fans of "The Masked Singer" can look back on their TV highlight of the week! In the evening at 20.15 clock runs the second episode of the sixth season of the mask show, nine stars are still in the race around the trophy. After the figure "Brilli" defined in the past episode - including presenter Jeannine Michaelsen - is the riddle rates big: Which stars are stuck under the other masks? In the network, a list allegedly reveals all names ...

  „The Masked Singer“ komplett enthüllt! Vorsicht, Spoiler: DIESE Promis stecken unter den Masken – hier ist die Liste mit allen Namen © Provided by Berliner Kurier

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This will also discuss this time in the network - among other things in the largest category group on "The Masked Singer" on Facebook. Nearly 35,000 people puzzled around the bet, discuss their theories to the celebrities in the costumes. And the administrators who direct the group puzzles. "During and after the live shows, each of us lists the possible evils that you see in the appropriate videos or snap on the rate team," one of the bosses explained to the courier.

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and: They analyze all comments that cycle and acclaim the shows. This creates every "Masked Singer" -Staffel lists with name - and the hit rate is amazingly high every time! Who is a member of the group, can hardly be surprised, because in most cases the assumptions of the rate professionals are correct.

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Since Thursday there is now the new list. "This time we have gone through your comments to Show 1," writing the administrators of the council group. "We have mixed her with our first impressions to present you the first guesses. Of course, we are not sure at all. There were some good ideas, but we had to choose one person each. "Only at the Gorilla the first impressions have been so unclear that nobody could be clearly assigned so far.

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and that's the list: In Zebra, singer Ella is finally stuck, the role of the mandrel is allegedly played by actor Mark Keller. Comedian Helge Schneider lends allegedly to Koala the voice - and ex-handball Pascal Hens is in the costume of the seagull. Singer Angelika Milster is allegedly hidden in the starfish - and comedian Carolin Kebekus is the ORK.

mostly seems to be the situation at disco ball and alien plant Galaxsis: In the ball loud fans very clear singer Jeannette Biedermann, the plant is played by the blind singer Joana room.

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Whether the fans are right with their theories? This will now gradually show. On Saturday, the new episode "The Masked Singer" runs at 8:15 pm - then there are new appearances, new hints ... and the next mask will fall.

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