Canada Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine: The reason for his absence in C to you unveiled

13:40  07 april  2022
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Video "The time has come to forgive himself": Anthony Delon reaches his father Alain DELON

 Video © Screenshot France 5 Video "The time has come to forgive himself": Anthony Delon reaches his hand to his Father Alain Delon Anthony Delon was the guest of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine March 29 in C to you. The actor promoted his book between dog and wolf and evoked his relationship with his father, Alain Delon. After a conflicting childhood, Anthony Delon now calls for forgiveness. between dog and wolf. That's how is the new book of Anthony Delon .

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine : la raison de son absence dans C à vous dévoilée © Screenshots Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine: The reason for his absence in C to you unveiled Wednesday, April 6, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine was absent at the presentation of C to you. Instead, it is Ali Baddy who held the reins of the show. But for what reason did the animator had to deviate from the antenna?

The viewers of C to you had a sacred surprise by lighting their television, this Wednesday, April 6th. As they expected, as every night, to find Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine at the orders of the show, is the journalist Ali Baddou who came to them. , who animates it the weekly on France 5, agreed to play the extensions to troubleshoot his collaborator. "I'm very happy to be with you tonight, we kiss Babeth ...", "he said when taking the antenna.

Benoît Hamon amused by the difficulties of Anne Hidalgo? "To say that everyone faded from my mouth"

 Benoît Hamon amused by the difficulties of Anne Hidalgo? according to the Obs, Benoît Hamon would have expressed himself with a certain self-reluctant on the Berne campaign of Anne Hidalgo. The opportunity for the former presidential candidate to evoke his own debacle in 2017. The campaign of Anne Hidalgo to the presidential election never took off. Credited around 2% of the voting intentions, the socialist candidate is moving away behind his left rivals in the race at the Elysee. An debacle that would not have escaped Benoît Hamon.

, on the other hand, not a word about the reason for the absence of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. This, however, bothered Internet users, who were very numerous to ask for news from Philippe Coelho on social networks. "Why is Ali Baddy who presents?", " but where is Babeth ??" , "She's sick?", I could read on the canvas. Yet, the 51-year-old animator had already dissipated the mystery the day before the tray of C to you.

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine had given the explanation

the most observers remember: Tuesday night, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine had started his show with a small mine. She had entrusted not to be at the best of her shape when Wendy Suzuki, Author of Book Your anxiety is a great power , had taken place on the tray. The latter had made a little round of the table asking each of the columnists of C to you how he was going. "Wonderfully", "said Matthew Belliard, when Pierre Lescure, him, had recognized being" a little tired ".

"I miss it a lot": Jean-Marc Germain, the man who shares the life of Anne Hidalgo

 © Abaca Anne Hidalgo and Jean-Marc Germain during the municipal elections of 2014 in Paris (France, March 23rd 2014.) "I have two loves: Jean-Marc and Paris", entrusted Anne Hidalgo in November facing Karine the merchant, in the show an ambition intimate . A few days before the first round of the presidential election 2022, on the 10th of April, the candidate's husband also lent the game of confidences to evoke the one he shares his life.

Once your turn arrived, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine had entrusted to a victim of a beginning of illness. " Me, I fight there because I'm a little sick ," she had confessed to her comrades, before specifying that she had not reached COVID-19 . "I think I have a small influenza state that looks forward. And that I have all wrappaged you!" She concluded while Ironizing. It remains to be seen how long Ali Baddy will have to replace it on the antenna ...

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