Canada The serial killer nicknamed "I-65 killer" in the United States, finally identified 30 years after

15:45  07 april  2022
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more than 30 years after the killings of three women in Kentucky and Indiana, their killer has been identified.

  Le tueur en série surnommé «I-65 killer» aux Etats-Unis, enfin identifié 30 ans après © / AP / SIPA

It was nicknamed the "I-65 killer". More than 30 years after the rapes and murders of three women, their killer was finally identified, announced the American police Tuesday. At the press conference, Indiana State authorities said that the sought for crimes dating back to the late 1980s was called Harry Edward Greenwell. The latter died of cancer in 2013 to 68 years. Once again, it is the progress of genetic and genealogical analyzes that have made it possible to go back to it.

The Sergeant of the Glen Fifield Police indicated that his teams seek to know whether the man who had long criminal history beginner in 1963 killed other people during his life, "says" People "magazine. "We will look anywhere the evidence will lead us," he said. The murderer is on "I-65 killer" nickname of the Interstate 65 road, which crosses several states including Kentucky and Indiana, where crimes occurred. "The I-65 goes from Gary, Indiana, the Gulf of Mexico, we are talking about hundreds of kilometers," Glen Fifield explained, keeping the opportunity for other crimes committed on this road. He had also been called the killer of "Days Inn" because the murders had been committed in motels. The three victims were used in three establishments along the interstate 65.

Mass shooting inquiry: New details about second day of killing rampage revealed

  Mass shooting inquiry: New details about second day of killing rampage revealed HALIFAX — The morning after a gunman murdered 13 people in northern Nova Scotia, the RCMP were unaware he had resumed his killing until frantic 911 calls started coming in from two locations shortly after 9:30 a.m. By that time, four more people had been shot to death, and the killer — driving a replica RCMP cruiser — was still at large. Two documents released Wednesday by the inquiry investigating the rampage make it clear that as day broke on April 19, 2020, most Nova Scotians were unaware of the mayhem that had begun the night before.

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"I do not know if We will know one day the motif "

the first of her, Vicki Heath, was killed by bullet on February 21, 1987 as she worked at night in the Super 8 Motel d'Elizabettown, in Kentucky. Two years later, March 3, 1989, Margaret "Peggy" Gill, 24-year-old, who was also in service at night, was killed at the DAYS Inn of Merrillville from Indiana. Then Jeanne Gilbert, 35, lost his life on the same day, at the Days Inn of Remington, there too in Indiana. They both have been killed by bullets. On January 2, 1990, a fourth victim was violated in Columbus Days Inn, like other young women. But she had managed to escape. At the time, the ballistic analyzes confirmed that Margaret "Peggy" Gill and Jeanne Gilbert had been victims of a serial killer. Then, years later, the business of Vicki Heath and the survivor had also been linked, this time thanks to the DNA evidence.

RCMP officer hesitated after speeding by N.S. mass shooter on second day of killings

  RCMP officer hesitated after speeding by N.S. mass shooter on second day of killings HALIFAX — In the seconds after a Mountie sped past a gunman wanted for a murderous rampage in Nova Scotia two years ago, the officer hesitated about whether to give chase, and by the time he did the suspect was gone. Public inquiry documents released Thursday describe in detail for the first time an encounter between Cpl. Rodney Peterson and the killer on April 19, 2020. The two men — one a real Mountie and the other an impostor in a police uniform driving a replica RCMP vehicle — passed in opposite directions just before 9:48 a.m. on Highway 4 in the community of Glenholme.

The daughter of Jeanne Gilbert, Kim Wright, said with " USA Today " that families may never know why their loved ones suffered this horrible fate. But she added that the identification of the murderer offered the possibility of closing a chapter. The police indicated that DNA correspondence to identify the killer had been established through a close family member and showed a probability of 99.99%. The investigators emphasized the primary importance of the progress of science and genetic genealogy, which made it possible to advance the file. "I do not know if we will know one day the motif," however, regretted the Fifield Agent. "The common denominator was the location close to I-65. For some reason, he stopped in these hotels. Maybe he found them practical, but with him now dead, we will never know. These are answers that will haunt us. "

Mountie recalls killer looked at him as he aimed pistol to end N.S. rampage .
HALIFAX — A Nova Scotia Mountie has testified that a single glance from the bloodied driver of a Mazda hatchback was the final confirmation that he had a mass killer lined up in his pistol sights. Const. Craig Hubley, an RCMP dog handler, joined Const. Ben MacLeod, an emergency response officer, today to tell a public inquiry how they ended the 13-hour rampage by a gunman who killed 22 people on April 18-19, 2020. Hubley testified that when he joined the hunt for the killer on the morning of April 19, he carefully studied the photographs of the wanted denturist Gabriel Wortman at a command post and attempted to "burn them into my mind's eye.

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