Canada teak: so the wood remains long nicely

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garden furniture made of teak wood look not only great. They are also waterproof and robust. But over time, the wood assumes a gray patina. This can be prevented with regular care and some oil.

Damit die Gartenmöbel aus Teakholz möglichst lange schön bleiben, sollte das Holz ausreichend gepflegt werden. Hier erfahren Sie, wie das geht. © Provided by the house so that the garden furniture made of teak stay as long as possible, the wood should be sufficiently maintained. Here you find out how this works.

Teak is particularly useful for garden furniture because the material is waterproof and insensitive. Thanks to these properties, it can easily stay outside in winter. For outdoor use, teak is ideal and is also used for tables or patio goals. In addition, the teak barely curves through the outer influences such as moisture and cold and mushrooms and pests can not affect him. Nevertheless, teak furniture, like everything else, need some care. We tell you how to clean the wood when stains are visible and keep it beautiful for a long time.

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on teak furniture forms a gray patina

even though teak is very weather-resistant, with time a gray-silver patina appears on the surface of the wood . As a result, the garden furniture lose its warm color, because teak furniture originally have a honey yellow to reddish hue. Discover the gray patina on your teak you do not have to worry. The wood does not damage it and if you like the look, you can leave it. On the other hand, long for the original tone of teak furniture back, you should clean the wood each - or at least every other year - and cultivate with teak oil.

Cleaning of teak

Especially with garden furniture, gross dirtes such as green linings, bird dropping or pollen can collect on the teak over time. In any case, a cleaning is therefore necessary before the care. With a little water and a brush you can remove the dirt from the teak. In particular green linings, however, are often persistent. To get rid of them, they dissolve some soda powder in water and give it on the greening. The home remedy can be used for about 15 minutes and then scrub it away. If you do not think of home resources, you can use some neutral soap for cleaning the style of wood.

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Alternatively, you can clean the teak with an high-pressure cleaner . However, go very carefully and use the device only at a low level and with a minimum distance of 30 centimeters. If the water hits the teak when cleaning, it can be damaged.

Teak furniture with teak oil Maintain

Basically, Teak is naturally very oil-containing wood. That's why it does not have to be oiled mandatory in contrast to other woods. Nevertheless, teak garden furniture is good if you get some extra care once a year with teak oil - and thus save your original color.

has not yet formed a gray patina, oil the wood after being cleaned, just with teak oil and maintain her furniture. If you apply the oil, you can take a brush to help. Then let it work for about 20 minutes and remove the residues of the oil with a rag. Located under the garden furniture from teak a sensitive surface, you can lay a tarp view under the furniture or put it on the lawn prior to treatment.

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Ergrautes Teak Durls

has already placed a silver-gray patina on the wood, it must be removed before applying the teak oil. For this purpose, complete the wood with a grinding machine with a grain of 100 to 240 in the direction of the grain. Alternatively, you can also use sandpaper for smaller surfaces. So the original nuance of the teak comes quickly again. Then remove the resulting dust thoroughly with water, let the teak furniture dry and then carry the teak oil.

If you do not have a grinding machine or this work simply wants to save you can buy a debare for teak in retailers. This product will apply to the furniture with a sponge and let it act depending on the manufacturer's specification. In most cases, the exposure time is about 30 minutes. Then they grab to a soft brush, scrub the teak towards the grain and then rinse it with water. After the garden furniture is dried, you can apply the teak oil and maintain the teak.

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