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09:25  16 april  2022
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  Trois Chinois de retour d'un séjour record dans l'espace space © AFP / Archives

C ' is the longest stay ever made by the China in space: the three astronauts of the Mission Shenzhou-13 returned on earth Saturday after six months spent in the Chinese space station.

This is a successful new step for Beijing in its ambitious space program to catch up with the United States , the Europe and the Russia .

After triggering his red and white parachute, the return capsule where the crew had taken place - composed of a woman and two men-- landed shortly before 10:00 (02:00 GMT) in the desert of Mongolia Inner (North of China).

"The return capsule of Shenzhou-13 has landed successfully," said CCTV state television.

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The live images of CCTV showed the landing of the capsule in a cloud of dust. The ground teams, which had held away from the landing site, rushed to helicopter to reach the capsule.

The ground team applauded the astronauts who stated in turn that they felt "good".

with 183 days in space, the crew sprays the previous national record for a space stay, which was 92 days and had been established in 2021 at the previous Major Major, Shenzhou-12.

The crew consisted of three army pilots: Commander Zhai Zhigang (55), his colleague Wang Yaping (42) and Benjamin Ye Guangfu (41), of which was the first spatial flight.

"The six-month stays are common, whether for (the former Russian-Soviet station) Mir or for the International Space Station (ISS)," said Jonathan McDowell, Astronomer at Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics , in the USA.

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"The goal (with Shenzhou-13) was not in itself to establish a record but to develop the skills needed for a permanent occupation of the station", the final objective of China, he explained at AFP .

named in Tiangong Chinese ("Celestial Palace") but also known by its English Acronym CSS (for "Chinese Space Station" in French), it should be completed by the end of 2022.

Similar in size, its duration of life must be about fifteen years.

Course via the Internet

An analysis of the health status of Shenzhou-13 astronauts will allow China to learn more about the impact of a prolonged absence of gravity on organizations.

In six months, the crew also continued the construction of the station, animated two internet courses for Chinese schoolchildren, realized experiences and refined its mastery of long-term stays.

"They have for example improved their maintenance skills, via outputs in space and manipulations of the station's robotic arm, detailed in AFP Chen LAN, site analyst GOTAIKONAUTS.COM, specialized in The Chinese Space Program.

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Shenzhou-13 was "not a significant breakthrough" but "the completion of the CSS in the course of the year will be a very important event," he said. NEXT STEPS OF CONSTRUCTION: The sending of a ship ship in May then from another inhabited mission, Shenzhou-14, which should be launched in June.

The last two modules of the spatial station must be sent from July.

They will take the direction of space from the Wenchang launch center, located on the tropical island of Hainan (South) and whose Chinese president Xi Jinping said Thursday to make it a "world-class" site.

From Shenzhou-14, the CSS should be permanently occupied.


Poor formerly, China has been investing for a few decades billions of euros in its spatial program.

The Asian giant sent his first astronaut into space in 2003. Since then, he has made some remarkable prowess, especially in recent years.

China posed at the beginning of 2019 a gear on the hidden face of the moon (a world first). In 2020, it reported moon samples and finalized Beidou, its satellite navigation system (American GPS competitor).

in 2021, she made a small robot on Mars and plans to send men on the moon on the horizon 2030.

The ambition of China to build its own station was nourished by the American refusal of Accepting Chinese in the ISS - a program led by NASA.

It did not prevent Shenzhou-13 crew from discussing last week with 150 young people, parents and American teachers gathered at the initiative of the Chinese Embassy in Washington.

A meeting in which a video message of the American company spacex, Elon Musk was broadcast, who called "humanity to work together" to the spatial conquest.

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