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After seeing how gas stoves pollute homes, these researchers are ditching theirs

  After seeing how gas stoves pollute homes, these researchers are ditching theirs Gas stoves produce more indoor air pollutants than even some scientists expected. After taking measurements, many of those researchers are installing electric stoves — and warning the public about the health risks of cooking with gas. When Tara Kahan took pollution readings inside homes after cooking with a gas stove in 2017 and 2018, the University of Saskatchewan chemist and her colleagues were surprised by both how high the levels of nitrogen oxides were and how long they lasted.

Riad Sattouf (à droite) venu présenter, à Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine), son premier livre autoédité, avec Vincent Lacoste. © Vincent Michel, West-France Riad Sattouf (right) come to present, in Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine), his first self-educated book, With Vincent Lacoste.

Several big book sellers, like Joel Dicker and Riad Sattouf, have recently decided to edit their own books. The trend worries small and medium publishers. The big groups, they can benefit from it.

Stupor and cold sweats in the Landerneau of the edition. After leaving his historic publisher, Fallois, Joel Dicker publishes his new thriller, the Alaska Sanders case, within his own home, Rosie & Wolfe.

In November, the prolific Cartoon Author Riad Sattouf had made infidelities to Allary editions, in order to release a new series, the young actor , within his books of the future. The Kylian football player mbed carton with his autobiographical BD published within km editions, while Eric Zemmour, thanked by Albin Michel, makes a tobacco with France did not say his last word, concocted within rubezy.

Look back at the best and worst fashion from 2022 awards season

  Look back at the best and worst fashion from 2022 awards season Kris Jenner is still "friends" with ex Caitlyn Jenner and reveals the pair still see each other.


Will the authors of Best-Sellers emancipate themselves by mass, making the publishers of substantial revenues lose? "This is the risk, but it takes a certain profile, Advance Olivier Bessard-Banquy, a specialist professor of the book at the University of Bordeaux (splendors and misery of literature, Armand Colin). Amelie Nothomb , Cocoonée by Albin Michel, will not turn into start-up CEO. Michel Houellebecq barely knows how to eat, he will not create his house! But for those who have resourcefulness and entrepreneurship, it's possible.

novelists like Guillaume Musso, Marc Lévy, Gregory Delacourt could be tempted. "They come from the economic world, are very concerned by the exploitation of their work. The authors who are in a general public writing logic also see, in addition to the creative appearance, the commercial aspect.

New Airline Willa Air to Serve Social Influencers and Content Creators — First Stop, Coachella

  New Airline Willa Air to Serve Social Influencers and Content Creators — First Stop, Coachella "In order to fly, it's not simply about having the most followers, but creating a well-rounded experience fueled by great influencers," said a company spokespersonA new airline is catering to the needs of content creators, influencers and freelancers.

If it uses the term "CEO authors" , Olivier Bessard-Banquy Tempere. "This does not prejudge the quality of a work. You can be artist and have a sharp sense of business! Balzac, Hugo, Zola were very good people.

and today the tools exist for those who want to take their autonomy. You have to know how to oversee the editorial work - "Attention to courtiers! - and ensure the services of a large group for dissemination and distribution. Joël Dicker, Riad Sattouf, Éric Zemmour entrusted this task at Interforum, a subsidiary of Editis . What these groups lose side editing, they recover it on the diffusion, where the most comfortable margins ...

"See the work drying"

If the big houses fall back on their feet, worry is palpable at Small and medium publishers. "80% of books make money loss, 20% save. If all the great authors self-educate, the model of the switches, warned in October, at the Media Symposium in Seine, Guillaume Allary, the publisher of Riad Sattouf, who continues to publish the Arab of the future and the Esther's notebooks. It takes a lot of time and exchange for an author to arrive in full control of his talent, his audience. What will happen if all this capital enabled by the authors does not allow the houses to form others? The founder of his house, the tripod, Frédéric Martin recalls that "Jérôme Lindon cultivated Beckett for ten years, during which he lost money before he became a gold mine!

But according to him, the most important danger is the one who is watching the quality.

"By fireing the publisher, you can do spectacular. No sustainable literature. Already, impossible to fragment your brain by doing 1,000 things at a time. And the writer can not wait for his entourage that he tells him that his text is not going, it's the boss! If it is explained from the system that made it grow, it will no longer go into risk areas. A publisher is someone who helps him give birth. The real risk would not be a financial risk, but "to see his work dry. »

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