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13:20  28 july  2022
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AlphaTauri von Yuki Tsunoda in Le Castellet © Giorgio Piola Alphatauri from Yuki Tsunoda in Le Castellet

The Formula 1 season 2022 by Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda so far has a roller coaster ride so far. Depending on the race track, the performance of her Alphatauri was very fluctuating. The car worked well on courses with slow curves like Monaco or Baku, the AT03 was much more difficult in fast sections.

The team was aware of this problem, and the big update, which was used for the first time at the Grand Prix of France last weekend, aimed to have the car worked better under all conditions and in all curves - and not only in some special.

Guillaume DiscoTeux, Head of the Vehicle performance department at Alphatauri, says: "This update mainly dealt with the underbody, and the entire underbody. Starting at the admission, the geometry of the wind deflector, the floor edge geometry and the geometry of the diffuser and the body around."

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structure of the underbody completely different

"The structure of the underbody is completely different, and the goal is to create downforce in most positions that the car occupies on the round. In this regard, this update fulfills the expectations that we win Under most conditions, additional downforce: low speed, medium -fast curves, high tendency to wear, low tendency tendency, "continued DIFOTOTEUX.

Due to the new parts, the design DNA of the AT03 did not change drastically. Also, they did not bring any mechanical changes with them, since the team preferred to optimize what was already there.

The largest of these changes, at least from aesthetic point of view, came in the shape of the upper side box and the shoulder of the engine cover in the Red Bull style, with a revised geometry being used to create a larger gutter for the air flow.

Haas hammer! No update for Schumacher

 Haas hammer! No update for Schumacher in Hungary only gets the new updates - and that's not Mick Schumacher. According to team boss Günther Steiner, the German also threatens a punishment. © provided by Sport1.de Haas-hammer! No update for Schumacher at the France-GP experiences Mick Schumacher with the 15th and last place to forget a weekend. worse: The next two races should also be difficult for the German.

This not only leads to a local improvement, but also helps the air flow, which makes its way through the side boxes towards the Colaflocken region, since it is further protected by the increased sides of the body above.

The team has also changed the bottom of the tunnel. The geometry and the position of the wind deflector at the entrance of the tunnel have been changed, while the outer air conductor was significantly shortened.

In this way, both can interlock seamlessly and create a swivel current that helps to control the vertebrae generated by the front tire, which can affect the aerodynamic performance.

So that the edge wing can benefit from the performance improvements before it, the team has also revised its design. A vertical Gurney flap was added to the rear part that stands out from the floor (red arrow, old specification).

The team points out that this should help to improve the formation of the soil edge vertebra and, as a result, derive more load from the rear part of the soil and the diffuser.

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With this vertebrae, which is sent in the direction of the diffuser, the team has also decided to change the design of the side wall of the diffuser and to remove the mouse -hole -shaped neckline (see red arrow) and use a continuous lower edge.

This can keep the diffuser more load as described by the team and take advantage of the improved current in front of the diffuser.

While the car seemed to be "sharper" due to the changes in Friday training, the pace declined on Saturday, and both drivers had to fight in qualifying and in the race.

The tricky characteristics of Le Castellet with high temperatures on a route, which primarily demands the front axle, could explain why the shape of a series of teams was fluctuating during the weekend.

A much better picture of what the Alphatauri upgrade has brought, should be seen on the medium -fast stretch in Hungary this weekend.

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