Canada fires in Hérault: what is known about the pyromaniac firefighter in search of "adrenaline", which admitted to being at the origin of several

13:30  29 july  2022
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fires a 37 -year -old man, volunteer and forest firefighter, recognized Before the police are responsible for several fire starts over the past three years.

  Incendies dans l'Hérault : ce que l'on sait du pompier pyromane en quête d' © supplied by Franceinfo

The Pyromanian firefighter of Hérault spent his first night in prison, indicted Thursday July 28 for destruction of forests. Arrested during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, he risks 15 years in prison and a fine of 150,000 euros. We take stock of what we know.

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Several fire departures in the past three years

The 37 -year -old man, married, father of 2 children, was arrested on Wednesday July 27 in Hérault. According to the press release from the Public Prosecutor of Montpellier, he admitted before the investigators that he provoked several fire starts in recent days, or even in the past three years.

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His vehicle had been spotted at the scene of several fire starts on July 21 and 26. The voluntary firefighter explained "wanting to provoke interventions of firefighters in order to get out of an oppressive family framework" , to benefit from "social recognition" , but also because of "L 'Adrenaline " caused by these lights.

Video: Ardèche: Resumption of fire, a suspect recognized the facts (AFP)

Volunteer, Forest, Elected and Pyromaniac

There were many suspicions in Saint-Jean-de-La -Blaquière around the action of a pyromaniac firefighter with these fire starts, always well calculated, in high wind, on vulnerable sectors. But no one imagined the action of a child in the country. Besides, the 37 -year -old man implicated was fully invested in the life of his town. Living in Saint-Jean-de-la-Blaquière, he has been a volunteer firefighter for 20 years. Former president of the Firefighters Association, he exercised the profession of Forestier Sapper and is also a municipal councilor of his commune, in charge of the festivities. He was suspended by way of conservatory by the firefighters of Hérault.

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In an interview given last year to the site "Le Journal Toulousain" , the man told how he spent his clearing days, pruning the roadside to limit the starts of fires, pointing to the global warming. To the question "What advice do you give to firefighters?", He replied: "It is a job of passion. We are guided by adrenaline and the desire to save our nature."

"We are all addicted. There are even sometimes who say that we are crazy."

The pyromaniac firefighter of Hérault

in an interview with the Toulouse newspaper

on the spot, the shock, the "anger" and "suspicions"

in the barracks of Saint-Jean where he works, the firefighters interviewed by France Bleu Hérault say they are in shock and explain to feel a feeling of "betrayal". A psychological cell has been set up there.

"There were suspicions, there were reports" about this man, according to Lieutenant-Colonel Jérôme Bonnafoux , spokesperson for Hérault firefighters. "We are trying to detect profiles that would be suspect at best," he said, in particular by asking the criminal record of those who want to become firefighter, but "it is not necessarily sufficient. (...) We must that we effectively improve these systems ". But the spokesperson for the Hérault firefighters believes that "what to remember is that it is a minority."

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"Everyone condemns him because when you become a firefighter, you first become a firefighter to help others."

Lieutenant-Colonel Jérôme Bonnafoux, spokesperson for firefighters from Hérault

to Franceinfo

The mayor of Saint-Jean-de-la-Blaquière, Bernard Jannich, himself a former professional firefighter of the SDIS, is "very angry And dismayed, "he said at the microphone of France Bleu Hérault. "We did not suspect this boy at all. A pyromaniac, he is an isolated boy who has impulses and who is sick." He also warns against possible amalgams: "I want us to classify him with a firefighter, forest, elected, it's normal. But there are 3,500 firefighters in Hérault and there is a case . " Note that this man is not implicated in the important fire which has spread in the Gignac sector on July 26 and which was "set" the next day.

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