Canada The extraterrestrial hunters want to use a magnet at the bottom of the ocean to find UFO wrecks

16:30  09 august  2022
16:30  09 august  2022 Source:   bangpremier.com

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  Les chasseurs d'extraterrestres veulent utiliser un aimant au fond de l'océan pour trouver des épaves d’OVNI © provided by Bang Showbiz

The extraterrestrial hunters hope to flirt with the bottom of the ocean with a magnet to try to Find a UFO wreck.

Scientists think that a meteor who crashed in the southwest Pacific off the Coat of Papua New Guinea in 2014 could be part of a machine from another stellar system.

Satellite data of declassified American espionage confirmed that the crash took place and the astronomer AVI LOEB is convinced that the recovery of the wreck in the ocean could provide extraterrestrial life proofs.

The astrophysicist Amir Siraj, who works with Loeb, says that the meteor was traveling so quickly that he should come from a neighboring stellar system.

He said, "It's not just meteors of this size are unusual. We actually receive a few dozen each year. But what was unusual in this meteor is that this object had a very high speed of impact and the unusual direction in which he met our planet. "

He added:" If we manage to recover fragments, it will be the first time that humanity will affect an object from another solar system. »

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