Canada Presidential in Brazil: official start of the electoral campaign for the Lula and Jair Bolsonaro

14:20  16 august  2022
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Elections General in Kenya: the electoral commission under pressure

 Elections General in Kenya: the electoral commission under pressure © AP - Ben Curtis Elections General in Kenya, August 9, 2022: in an Oltepesi primary school polling station in Nairobi. It's voting day in Kenya. The 22.1 million Kenyan voters are called to the ballot box to elect the successor of Uhuru Kenyatta. The ballot promises to be tight between the two main candidates, William Ruto and Raila Odonga. And the pressure is great on the Kenyan electoral commission, the IEBC.

Le président sortant d'extrême droite, Jair Bolsonaro, et le héros de la gauche brésilienne, Lula, sont les deux favoris de la présidentielle au Brésil. © Fotomontagem RFI/Adriana of Freitas/AP Photos President of the far right, Jair Bolsonaro, and the hero of the Brazilian left, Lula, are the two favorites of the presidential election in Brazil.

This is the official start of the electoral campaign in Brazil. In the center, there will be two big favorites: Lula against Jair Bolsonaro. A dozen other candidates seem to be on figuration next to these two candidates.

With our correspondent for São Paulo, Martin Bernard

The two favorites have already been crisscrossing the country for several weeks to go into contact with voters, but the official campaign, with meetings and distribution of leaflets, is only authorized from This Tuesday, August 16. The television spots will not be broadcast until August 26.

Brazil: Election campaign in the rainforest

 Brazil: Election campaign in the rainforest The government wants to asphalt a gravel road, which alerts conservationists. They hope that Lula will be elected president in October - and that the Amazon gets a chance. © Mauro Pimentel/AFP in the Amazon area, despite all protests, the deforestation is progressing. Conservationists fear that the planned expansion of another street could only serve to fell even more rainforest.

Jair Bolsonaro has chosen to return to the small town of Jeui de Fora to launch its official campaign. The outgoing far -right president, candidate for his re -election, wanted to push the symbolism even in the smallest detail: he will give his speech on a platform installed on the same crossroads where he had been stabbed by an unbalanced during a Bath of crowds, September 6, 2018.

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Presidential in Brazil: Bolsonaro launches his campaign by a call to young this former Captain of the army

nostalgic for the military dictatorship , now aged 67 years old, has multiplied the bravades against institutions, notably the Supreme Court. Desputing the traditional media, he shunned the usual communication channels, preferring to speak directly to his million subscribers on social networks, of which he is an eager user. Sonk -style and muscular style pleases his hard core of supporters, But his numerous slippages have inspired a strong rejection over the months on the part of the more moderate electorate. Lula returns from afar as for

In Brazil, a high -risk presidential election

 In Brazil, a high -risk presidential election © Andre Penner in Sao Paulo, Thursday, a man brandishes a sign where one can read "outside Bolsonaro". Since the election of Donald Trump and his assault on the Capitol four years later, we know that our democracies, which we thought was educated of the errors of the past, are not immune to a coup or madness.

Lula Da Silva , he must go to the Syndicat des Métallos, where he began his political career in the suburbs of São Paulo. The hero of the Brazilian left and founder of the PT returns from afar. Sentenced for corruption in 2017 , imprisoned a year and a half, banished from the presidential election in 2018, he saw the horizon emerge in March 2021 after the cancellation of his convictions by the Supreme Court. At the end of April 2022, the UN Human Rights Committee concluded that the investigation and the proceedings against Lula had violated his right to be tried by a impartial court. covering its political rights, this leader - which were very finished - will try to be elected to the supreme function, twelve years after leaving power.

Lula remains perceived as "near the people" and is always very loved, especially in the poor northeast regions. But he is just as fiercely hated by part of the Brazilians.

In Brazil, a petition to preserve democracy collects a million signatures

 In Brazil, a petition to preserve democracy collects a million signatures © Reuters - Amanda Perobelli The petition for the rule of democratic law is read within the enclosure of the law of São Paulo, August 11 2022. This text occurs less than two months from the elections, while President Bolsonaro is precisely threatening not to respect the verdict of the ballot boxes. The text was proclaimed in public by lawyers in several cities in the country. With our correspondent for São Paulo, Martin Bernard "State of democratic law".

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Lula formalizes his presidential candidacy to "rebuild" Brazil If all opposes these two candidates, Jair Bolsonaro and Lula should meet at the end of the day to attend the taking of the new president of the Electoral Superior Court: Alexandre de Moraes, who is often targeted by Jair Bolsonaro who asked without success his dismissal

last year. He will come back to him to ensure the smooth running of the elections. A task that promises to be difficult, in a boosted atmosphere. Monday evening, a survey of the IPEC Institute gave a comfortable advantage to the ex-president on the left, with 44% of the voting intentions in the first round, against 32% for the current head of state. (and with AFP)

“I was quite uncomfortable”: Caroline Roux marked by the last presidential campaign .
© Olivier Borde / Bestimage “I was quite uncomfortable”: Caroline Roux marked by the last campaign Presidential in an interview published this Monday, August 15 in Télé Magazine, Caroline Roux returned to the last presidential campaign and explained the reasons why she had felt uncomfortable. This Monday, August 15, The journalist Caroline Roux spoke during an interview published in Télé Magazine.

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