Canada puzzle rates around Greta Thunberg: Where is the climate activist?

11:10  26 september  2022
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she used to be omnipresent, Greta Thunberg currently seems to have disappeared from the scene - but is that really true?

Greta Thunberg © Maja Hitij /Getty Images Greta Thunberg

The Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has been a face of the climate movement, contact for large media houses, her interviews and tweets, talk on demonstrations and protests.

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but the focus now seems to have shifted. As the journalist Josephine Andreoli asks on the news portal "Watson.de" : "Greta Thunberg, where are you?"

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these are the parents of Greta Thunberg

Where is Greta Thunberg?

In her article she comes to the conclusion that it is not Thunberg who is less active for her demands for a more climate -friendly world to politics and power in the world.

It is only the focus that has shifted. Corona, war in Europe and rising energy prices have an higher news value than the latest tweet from the Swedish climate activist.

It has not become silent, but the reporting around you. A look at their profiles on social media seems to confirm this. Thunberg does not hold back . It is still standing in front of the Swedish parliament in Stockholm, shared current studies, pictures of the global protests, gives interviews.

But it doesn't just seem to be the classic displacement that can be observed here. Because while it took the face of a young, brave child at the beginning, who appealed to the world with emotional speeches and pointed out the urgency of the seriousness of the climate catastrophe, the movement has now developed.

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Perhaps our perception of "breastfeeding" around Thunberg is also due to the fact that it no longer needs an occasion to report on water lack and drought as the consequences of climate change that is urgency and problem. Perhaps it no longer needs the words of a single person to mobilize (young) people on the street. Perhaps the movement above your once so important face has simply grown out.

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