Canada "A historical choice has been made": the referendums of annexation in Ukraine seen by the Russian media

03:20  29 september  2022
03:20  29 september  2022 Source:   francetvinfo.fr

Russia readies to annex parts of Ukraine after ‘sham’ referendums. What happens next?

  Russia readies to annex parts of Ukraine after ‘sham’ referendums. What happens next? "Sham" referendums being held in four areas of Ukraine could provide Russia a pretext to escalate the war in Ukraine. Here's what could happen next.Held in Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia, where the war in Ukraine has been focused for months, the referendums took place between Sept. 23 and Sept. 27.

in Louhansk, Donetsk, Zaporijia and Kherson, territories occupied by Russia, the yes won over 90% according to local to local. Results widely celebrated by Russian television pro-Kremlin.

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on the television news of the Russian channel Channel One, Tuesday September 27, a reporter describes the atmosphere after the announcement of the results of the annexation referendums organized in the occupied Ukrainian territories : "A festive atmosphere is felt not only in polling stations, but also in the streets of Louhansk. The city is decorated with Russian flags. Some inhabitants have hung the flags on their balconies themselves. "

Canadian defence minister ‘disgusted’ by Russia’s plan to annex parts of Ukraine

  Canadian defence minister ‘disgusted’ by Russia’s plan to annex parts of Ukraine Russian officials have insinuated that the annexation of the areas of Ukraine could legitimize an escalation in the war, which has ground on since Moscow's Feb. 24 invasion. Canada’s national defence minister is “disgusted” at the news Russian President Vladimir Putin intends to formally annex four regions of Ukraine on Friday.

in Louhansk, Donetsk, Zaporijjia and Kherson, not surprisingly, the local authorities report a very wide victory of the "yes". Scores above 90%, for a vote that started last Friday and that The international community judges illegitimate .

On Channel One, a resident of Louhansk testifies: "The expectations are high. Life will change for the best when we finally have a Russian passport, when we return to Russia and we will feel like real Russians, as we were before. "

"The United States is preparing for nuclear Armageddon"

same pro-Kremlin line on the Rossia public channel 1. The presenter of the famous Talk Show 60 minutes even has trouble hiding her enthusiasm: "A historical choice has been fact. We can say with certainty that the ancient regions of Ukraine have been given to Kyiv. A last farewell and at the same time, the West tries to prove that the referendums mean nothing. They fear that after the Announcement of the results of the referendums, all the Russian laws, including nuclear doctrine, are extended to all these territories. The West, on the brink of the nervous crisis. And the United States is preparing for nuclear Armageddon. "

According to the Russian media, Vladimir Putin should speak on Friday. Some evoke a speech before parliamentarians gathered at the Kremlin as in 2014 when the Crimea annexed.

Map. War in Ukraine: North Stream, Finnish borders, annexations ... The point on the 218th day .
© Juan Barto / AFP A bicycle resident passes in front of a Russian t-72 t-72 abandoned in Kramatorsk, in eastern Ukraine, September 29, 2022. Finland announced to close its borders to the Russians only having tourist visas, while Russia is preparing to annex four Ukrainian regions. A fourth leak has been identified in the Baltic Sea on the Nord Stream pipelines, targeted by an alleged sabotage. Here is what to remember this Thursday, September 29, 2022, on the 218th day of war.

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