Canada OECD: In France, teachers' salaries to be rethought, but not that

10:40  04 october  2022
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Indigenous student sent home with 'offensive' worksheet, prompting audit at Niagara school

  Indigenous student sent home with 'offensive' worksheet, prompting audit at Niagara school A Niagara-area school is auditing the materials of a teacher who's facing "disciplinary action" after a student was sent home with a worksheet showing two cartoon characters in stereotypical Indigenous clothing, including feathered headbands. Tracee Smith, who lives in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont., was shocked when her four-year-old son Ekkian Christmas came home from junior kindergarten with the worksheet entitled "Two little Indians are eating ice cream." It asked students to "colour the scoops that have an 'I' or 'i' on it." "I couldn't believe that I was reading it.

L’OCDE pointe dans son dernier rapport le retard de la France en matière de rémunération des professeurs : environ 20% de moins au primaire, et 15% de moins dans le secondaire, par rapport à la moyenne des pays développés. Mais, pour s’inspirer de ce qui marche ailleurs afin de doper l’attractivité du métier, revaloriser les salaires n’est pas la seule mesure sur laquelle prendre exemple. © Jean-François Fort / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP The OECD points in its latest report the delay of France in terms of remuneration of Professors: approximately 20% less in primary, and 15% less in secondary, compared to the average of developed countries. But, to be inspired by what works elsewhere in order to boost the attractiveness of the profession, to revalue wages is not the only measure on which to take example.

The 2022 education report on the organization of cooperation and economic development - OECD - was published on Monday . And, as in previous years, he notes a French delay in the remuneration of teachers, even though the trade union organizations began their government negotiations on the same day on the wage revaluation of teachers. These discussions will take several months, and the report falls tipped to support the claims of teachers . Thus, in France, masters and mistresses benefiting from fifteen years of experience earn 20% less, around, than the average of developed countries: or 33,000 euros gross per year. In secondary school, it is almost 15% less.

IFO business climate deteriorates significantly

 IFO business climate deteriorates significantly The mood in the German economy has deteriorated significantly in view of the Ukraine secretary and the aftermath of pandemic. The IFO business climate fell to 84.3 points in September for the previous month, as the Munich Economic Research Institute announced on Monday. This is the lowest level since May 2020. Experts had expected clouding, but only 87 points. The mood had mostly clouded in the months before.

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German teachers win twice as

in Germany, teachers gain twice as much. Or nearly 65,000 euros in primary, for the same level of experience. However, this German example shows that the increase in wages is not the only solution to boost the attractiveness of the profession. "In Germany, we have the greatest crisis of attractiveness of the profession never seen in the country," explains Éric Charbonnier, OECD education analyst.

"We realized that the teachers complained of having more administrative tasks to do, to have a pressure from the increasingly strong parents, and the public service there attracts less and less students, "he explains. "This is a lesson to remember for all OECD countries, it is necessary not only that wages increase but also that the profession evolves, so that it becomes exciting and stimulating."

The ready-to-wear brand Camaïeu placed in compulsory liquidation, 2,600 jobs removed

 The ready-to-wear brand Camaïeu placed in compulsory liquidation, 2,600 jobs removed © Jean-Michel Delage Skate Camaïeu in Angers, September 14, 2022. The Kerderet fell this Wednesday. The ready-to-wear brand Camaïeu was placed in compulsory liquidation by the Lille Commercial Court. This decision will result in the abolition of the 2,600 jobs from the northern company, two years after its resumption by its shareholder. "The court converts recovery into compulsory liquidation" , said its president, arousing the tears of employees who came to listen to the deliberation .

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In France, fewer hours against students and more working time outside the

courses in France, the low remuneration of teachers is also linked to another work organization. The time spent by a teacher in front of his students is less less than in the United Kingdom, in Portugal or in Finland, although the working time of a French teacher is greater than the average of the OECD because It performs more tasks for preparing and assessing prices.

elsewhere, homework assistance is greater, which increases the number of hours spent by a teacher in the establishment, and therefore the associated remuneration. Finally, another problem that clearly distinguishes France from other countries: the stagnation of wages, in the middle of the career. It takes 35 years of experience to teachers to go from starting salary to the highest salary ... against 26 years on average within the OECD.

Canadian officials have met with Taliban more than a dozen times since Kabul fell: documents .
Canadian government officials have met with representatives of the Taliban on at least thirteen occasions in Qatar since it swept to power in Afghanistan in August 2021, documents obtained by CBC News reveal. The documents, obtained through access to information law, show David Sproule, Canada's senior official for Afghanistan, has been — along with various Global Affairs Canada (GAC) officials and representatives of allied countries — pressing the Taliban for commitments on extending the right to an education to women, fighting terrorism and granting safe passage to Afghans who want to leave the country.

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