Canada Epidemia of Ebola in Uganda: with the death of a health worker, the balance sheet rises to 10 dead

15:10  05 october  2022
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Des membres de la Croix-Rouge sensibilisent la population au virus Ebola, à Beni, dans l'Est de la RD Congo, proche de l'Ouganda, le 31 août 2022 © Alexis Huguet members of the Red Cross sensitize the population in the Ebola virus, in Beni, in the Is from the DR Congo, close to Uganda, on August 31, 2022

a health worker died of Ebola on Wednesday in Uganda bringing the number of people who died due to the virus for two weeks and the announcement by the Authorities of the presence of an "epidemic" in the center of the country, said the Ugandan Health Minister.

Ebola virus disease is often fatal, but vaccines and treatments now exist against this hemorrhagic fever, which is transmitted to humans by infected animals.

Jane Ruth Aceng Ocero, Minister of Health, announced on Twitter the death, early Wednesday, of a 58 -year -old anesthesiologist.

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This death carries "to four the number of health workers that we have lost since the start of the Ebola epidemic," continued the minister.

According to the latest figures from health authorities published on Monday, 43 cases were identified in the country.

The first cases were identified in the district of Mubende, in the center of the country, before expanding in the neighboring districts of Kassanda, Kyegegwa and Kagadi.

President Yoweri Museveni excluded any confinement last week, saying that the country had the capacity to contain the epidemic.

Uganda has already experienced Ebola epidemics, a disease that has killed thousands of deaths across Africa since its discovery in 1976 in the Democratic Republic of neighboring Congo.

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The health authorities of this African country in the Great Lakes region had announced on September 23 the death of a 24 -year -old man because of Ebola in the central region of Mubende, a first since 2019.

The case From the deceased came from a "relatively rare" strain called Sudanese, which had not been reported in Uganda since 2012, announced the World Health Organization (WHO).

Human transmission is made by bodily liquids, with the main symptoms of fevers, vomiting, bleeding and diarrhea. Infected people only become contagious after the appearance of symptoms, after an incubation period ranging from 2 to 21 days.

The disease presents six different strains, including three (Bundibugyo, Sudan, Zaire) have already caused large epidemics.


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