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23:50  22 november  2022
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Trump will make his "big announcement" on Tuesday, after the landslide in the mid-term elections and with an eye on Desantis.

 Trump will make his © supplied by News 360 Donald Trump. - Jintak Han / Zuma Press / Contactophoto Unless last minute surprise, Donald Trump should announce his candidacy for the presidential election of 2024 Tuesday, November 15, even if it is not in the best of scenarios after an election of mid- Mandate where most of his candidates failed and where the Republicans did not obtain the results they had predicted during the campaign.

  Es ist nie zu spät für die Sommerfigur © provided by Zeitjung 9

"Finally summer!", Many have thought in the past few days and will have jumped into the short shorts and airy dresses - just to determine that that These have strangely exceeded the border of "crispy tight" to "unfavorably pressing" over the winter months. The brief surprise followed the affected examination of the eating habits of the past few months and the bitter insight that the mind is not at the same time the body is ready for summer. But everything whining, regret and pulling in is of no use - now something has to be done actively.

at short notice can of course be put on a diet that brings the desired success relatively quickly if only the famous two or three kilos have sneaked too much. In the long run, however, a regular sports program is much more effective and also allows one or the other ice cream maker without a guilty conscience, especially in summer.

When actors reject for the bizarre reasons

 When actors reject for the bizarre reasons The summer house curse has struck! Patrick & Antonia's love has not survived the trash hardness test ... © RTL Patrick Romer & Antonia: Everything! This is the real reason for separation The "Bauer sucht Frau" romance by Patrick Romer (26) and Antonia Hemmer (22) has come to an end. Just a few weeks after her summer house victory , her love happiness is in broken pieces .

Which type of sport are you?

The most important trick for success is initially to find a sport for which you can get enthusiastic. There is nothing at all to always jump on the latest trend sports with that investing thousands of euros in the equipment, only to then determine that you are the most in your element in swimming pool and swimming trunks. For the first orientation, it helps to become clear about which of the following sports types you actually are, because this makes a significant decision with which sport and in which circles you feel comfortable. And once you are clear about goals and your own preferences, can be found on a portal like Fitness.de from the necessary basic knowledge to training plans and expert advice everything that can make sport a new favorite pastime.

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competition type: If you motivate you the most to compare your own achievements as lone fighters with others, then competitive sports such as athletics, swimming or martial arts are exactly right for you. You can easily find your own starting when running or swimming, but in the long term, membership in a sports club is recommended because this is how training is professionalized and regular participation in competitions is ensured.

Funsport type: There are some leisure activities in which the focus is clearly on fun and the training is done by itself, so to speak. Surfing, kiting, longboarding, etc. is primarily about enjoying summer weather and spending a good time with friends. But you shouldn't underestimate the effort, because these are demanding sports that train the whole body.

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FITNESTAST: For you, is less the way, but simply the goal is important? Do you want to proudly look at your body in the mirror and harvest other jealous looks? Then could become the right fitness studio for your second home. With a treadmill, cross trainer, dumbbell bench and the equipment during circuit training, everything you need is available to achieve this goal. And the audience, which notices and commented on every change in your body, is even free of charge in most studios.

Joe Biden's 7 Grandchildren: Everything to Know

  Joe Biden's 7 Grandchildren: Everything to Know President Joe Biden and first lady Dr. Jill Biden are proud grandparents to seven grandchildrenJoe Biden might be president of the United States, but to his grandchildren, he's just "Pop.

relaxation type: But who actually says that sport always has to automatically be connected to competition, comparisons and tits? With yoga or the somewhat more gymnastics -oriented Pilates, you can reconcile body and mind and still become fit, because the exercises are to build muscle strength, but still keep the muscles smooth and flexible. A wonderful balance for everyone who no longer have enough energy after work to measure themselves against others, but still want to stay fit and healthy.

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PM arrives late for Emergencies Act testimony that proves just as divisive as Freedom Convoy .
As a witness at the public inquiry into the federal government’s use of the Emergencies Act to end convoy protest occupations last winter, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was the climax, the conclusion, the headliner. Like any act at the top of the marquee, he had strong warm-up acts: seven cabinet ministers, senior staff, leading bureaucrats and top police officials, more than 70 witnesses in all over six weeks. And like many a headliner, he was late. The inquiry’s hearings room at the National Library of Canada in downtown Ottawa was buzzing before it started. It was packed for the first time in the six weeks of hearings. Security was also higher.

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