Canada chocolate fruits like the Christmas market simply make it yourself - much cheaper, but just as delicious

13:30  04 december  2022
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After the attack and the covid, the Strasbourg Christmas market wants to share "Magic"

 After the attack and the covid, the Strasbourg Christmas market wants to share © AFP/Archives "p Artageons magic": shaken by an Islamist attack then the health crisis, the Christmas market From Strasbourg launches its 452nd edition on Friday, borrows sobriety and in search of processing. Until December 24, 2.5 million visitors are expected to wander in the aisles and in the places of the Alsatian capital. "More than 1,000 people" will be mobilized to ensure the safety of "Christmas capital", the official name of the event, announced the prefecture.

chocolate fruits do just make yourself from the Christmas market - much cheaper, but also delicious homemade chocolate fruits taste much better than at the Christmas market because you can design them individually. They are also made cheaper and quick.

have you already strolled through the Christmas market this year, have inhaled the fragrance of gingerbread, warmed up from the inside with a cozy cup of mulled wine-or also glow diaper and admired the offers in the Christmas market stalls? If you have the taste of chocolate fruits, but don't want to spend as much money on it, you can easily make the fruity chocolate skewers yourself. This is not difficult at all, is quick and may taste even better - because your personal preferences adapted - than at the Christmas market.

Why Christmas trees are scarce and more expensive this year

  Why Christmas trees are scarce and more expensive this year The average cost of a Christmas tree is up — like everything else this year — thanks to higher fuel, fertilizer and labour costs, climate change, higher insurance rates and, according to several growers, a continent-wide shortage of trees. "On average across Canada, you're going to see about a 10 per cent increase, and that is solely because of the expenses that it's costing the farm," said Shirley Brennan, executive director of the Canadian Christmas Trees Association. She says the cost of fertilizer alone went up about 25 per cent in the past year. In some regions, farmers say it's up as much as 50 per cent.

should it be cookies from the Christmas bakery in the Advent season? Then you bake juicy hild rolls, heavenly butter clouds, delicate snowballs and 10-minute bedmans. In the run -up to Christmas, you can also try a fried quince instead of a baked apple.

You need the following ingredients for your homemade chocolate fruits as from Merkur

Photo © Müller-Stauffenberg/Imago   Schokofrüchte wie vom Weihnachtsmarkt einfach selber machen – viel günstiger, aber genauso lecker Fruits (strawberries, grapes, bananas, apples, pears) 500 g chocolate You also need for the homemade chocolate fruits like 15 wooden skewers and a back brush from the Christmas market. Preparation: Make chocolate fruits yourself simply make yourself from the Christmas market wash the fruit that you want to use for your homemade chocolate fruits like from the Christmas market. For example, while strawberries and grapes only have to be washed, you should cut bananas, apples and pears into bite -size pieces. Take the skewers and put about five pieces of fruit per spit. Unlike at the Christmas market, you can also vary here: It does not have to be a complete banana chocolate skewer, if you love strawberries as well, you can alternate strawberry, banana pieces, strawberry, banana pieces, etc. Then you have to melt the chocolate. Either you do this with the help of a water bath by chopping the chocolate and putting in a small saucepan that is placed in a larger pot with water and heated. You can also melt chocolate in the microwave. Boil the fruit skewers with the melted chocolate and put the skewers on a plate or a large plate for cooling, for example. You can also put the homemade chocolate fruits like at the Christmas market but also to cool down on a baking sheet. If you want, you can also decorate the homemade chocolate fruits with sprinkles.

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