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In top 10 election issues, Ontario voters don’t trust the Liberals: Ipsos poll

  In top 10 election issues, Ontario voters don’t trust the Liberals: Ipsos poll The top election issue on the minds of the Ontario people is healthcare, and 35 per cent of respondents said they’d trust Andrea Horwath and the NDP to best deal with that.When it comes to which political party they think would best deal with the many issues facing Ontario during the 2018 election, voters at least know who they don’t trust: the Liberals.

Unlike Doug Ford’s Conservatives, who would cut 40,000 jobs, including thousands of nurses and teachers, and the NDP , who would raise taxes and hurt the economy, the Ontario Liberals have a balanced, fully costed plan that invests in care and creates growth, good jobs and opportunity.

Ontario ’s governing Liberals claimed Monday to have found a costing error in the NDP election platform , marking yet another attack on the third party that has been gaining momentum

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TORONTO - Ontario's governing Liberals claimed Monday to have found a costing error in the NDP election platform, marking yet another attack on the third party that has been gaining momentum, as the New Democratic leader stood by her plan and ruled out any possibility of a coalition to keep the Tories from seizing power.

The province's election campaign has increasingly seen the Liberals take aim at the NDP after months of focusing their attacks on the Progressive Conservatives led by Doug Ford.

Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne said just because her party and the NDP have similar values, doesn't mean she won't ask questions about their platform.

NDP, Liberals say it's too early to decide on coalition to block a PC government

  NDP, Liberals say it's too early to decide on coalition to block a PC government The idea has been floated, but neither leader will commit to it publicly.Premier Kathleen Wynne told supporters in Toronto's north end that in spite of "a lot of overlap" between the two parties, she would hesitate to join forces with the New Democrats because their business taxes would make the province less competitive for trade, she said.

Let's get it done. Andrea Horwath Leader, Ontario 's NDP . More Affordability so everyone can build their best life here in Ontario . 20 years of Liberals and Conservatives has only made it harder to make ends As you look through the platform , you can 'star' items to save them in your list of changes.

Ontario NDP admits to .4-billion costing error : Ontario Liberals slam NDP platform costing TORONTO - Ontario 's governing Liberals c — Ontario ’s New Democrats, often accused of fiscal incompetence, made a $ 1 . 4 - billion annual costing mistake in their election platform , the party ’s

"We have to have the same degree of scrutiny applied to all of our plans. That's what this is about," Wynne said at a campaign stop in Toronto where candidates who were the province's finance minister and treasury board president outlined what the Liberals called the New Democrats' "miscalculation."

The Liberals claimed the NDP platform defunds hundreds of millions in apprenticeship programs, women's shelters and efforts for the implementation of legalized cannabis, among other things.

"I think this is about the NDP making a mistake," Wynne said. "I think the NDP believes that the things they've left out are important. But the fact is they're not included in their plan. There's no way when you look at their plan to be able to discern how they would pay for them."

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath promises boost to health care services in Brampton

  NDP Leader Andrea Horwath promises boost to health care services in Brampton The NDP is promising a new hospital in Brampton and an expansion of Peel Memorial so it offers a full range of health services.Saying health care has not kept up with the booming population in the area, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said “the long waits in Brampton have gotten worse and worse, while the number of patients left on gurneys in hallways has grown I will work closely with the City of Brampton to make it happen.”Speaking in Brampton, flanked by local NDP candidates, Horwath said a site is already under consideration and that funding and timelines for the city’s third hospital will be determined in the days to come.Read more:NDP platform crafted on a ‘major mistake’ that means at least $3B in cuts, Libe

Decision Ontario : Liberals slam NDP over finances. April 26: Doug Ford promised he’d provide a costed election platform that would outline how he’d fund all of his campaign pledges. (As of May 8, no such document has been released).

Platform Home. Andrea Horwath and the NDP will roll back Liberal corporate-income-tax giveaways, returning the tax rate on corporate profits to 13%, up from 11.5%. This is still lower than when the Liberals took power, and will put Ontario ’s combined rate in line with the national average.

The NDP countered that the figures in their platform were accurate, with leader Andrea Horwath saying the Liberals were being "pretty dishonest" with their criticism.

"This is a party which has consistently challenged the independent officers of the legislature, not agreeing with the auditor general, not agreeing with the financial accountability officer," she said.

"I want to assure people that the NDP numbers are in fact correct."

Several polls have suggested the Progressive Conservatives have the most support ahead of the June 7 vote and the Liberals, who've been in power for 15 years, are lagging behind the New Democrats.

While neither Wynne nor Horwath want to see a Ford government form next month, the possibility of a coalition between the two left-leaning leaders if the Tories win a minority was ruled out Monday.

Horwath said there is no way she would join forces with the Liberals — appearing to go further than when she was asked Sunday about the possibility.

Ontario police sound alarm over pot legalization

  Ontario police sound alarm over pot legalization Ontario's chiefs of police are saying federal funding for police operations may not go far enough to cover increased costs once recreational cannabis is legalized.At a press conference in Toronto on Tuesday, Ontario Provincial Police Chief Supt. Chuck Cox says it's not yet clear how legalization will affect day-to-day operations for police services.

Kathleen was at the Humber River to highlight how vital Ontario ’s Greenbelt is, and to announce that the forthcoming Ontario Liberal Party platform will commit to expanding the Greenbelt.

READ MORE: 2018 Ontario election promise tracker: Here’s what the Liberals , PCs, NDP and Greens have pledged so far. Need to see Ontario ’s financial books before platform costs revealed: MacLeod. 23:45.

"I am unequivocally saying I have no interest in partnering up with that party," Horwath said. "They have consistently made decisions that were in their own political best interest, decisions that were in the best interest of the well-connected Liberals and high-income earners that tend to be their friends."

Ford, meanwhile, said Ontarians don't want a "backroom deal" that would keep Liberals in power.

"They don't want the NDP making a backroom deal to prop up the Liberals," he said at a stop in Niagara Falls. "They're the same. When you look at the NDP who destroyed this province, then you look at the Liberals and how they destroyed this province, people want change."

Wilfrid Laurier University political science professor Barry Kay said the Liberals' focused attack on the NDP on Monday is a bad sign for the governing party.

"The NDP is moving up in the polls so the NDP is the party the Liberals are losing their votes towards," he said.

"They have to start fighting back. At the beginning of the campaign they hoped that it was basically a two-horse race ... between the Liberals and Conservatives, but that is not the way the most recent polls have gone."

Ontario NDP admits to $1.4-billion costing error

  Ontario NDP admits to $1.4-billion costing error Ontario NDP admits to $1.4-billion costing errorThe miscounting of a $700-million annual reserve fund as revenue rather than as an expense will affect deficit projections for several years, Leader Andrea Horwath conceded.

TORONTO – Ontario ’s governing Liberals claimed to have found a costing error Monday in the NDP election platform , marking yet another attack on the third party that’s been gaining momentum, while the New Democratic leader ruled out the possibility of a coalition. Story continues below.

They will scrap the rebate programs that are helping thousands of Ontario families and businesses reduce their energy costs . The NDP pharmacare plan covers only 125 medications, while our plan covers more than 4,400. Platform . The Ontario Liberal Plan for Care and Opportunity.

In their scrutiny of the NDP platform, the Liberals said the New Democrats didn't factor in government spending announced between last year's budget and this year's fiscal plan, creating a hole of at least $3 billion in their platform.

Horwath said the NDP plan was based on new spending programs the Liberals promised in their 2018 budget — substituted with the party's campaign pledges. She added that her numbers have been verified by a former parliamentary budget officer.

The Liberals' own deficit projections have been called into question by the financial accountability officer and the auditor general, though the Liberals chalk that up to a difference in accounting methods.

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NDP, Tories tied at 37 per cent: new poll .
NDP, Tories tied at 37 per cent: new pollAccording to the Leger poll being released Thursday, the struggling Liberals trail with 21 per cent support.

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