Canada Far-right and anti-racist groups prepare to face off at Lacolle border crossing

01:06  20 may  2018
01:06  20 may  2018 Source:   montrealgazette.com

'We can't tolerate it.' Anti-racists protest against neo-Nazi in Rosemont

  'We can't tolerate it.' Anti-racists protest against neo-Nazi in Rosemont Residents express concern over a recent spate of hate-related incidents in Montreal. “Last week, we saw graffiti that glorified Richard Spencer, on May 1st, we saw someone go on his roof with a Nazi flag in Parc-Extension,” one resident, who refused to give his name, told the crowd while it gathered outside Beaubien métro station. “What we’re seeing is the far-right taking up more and more space, spreading heinous ideologies that incite violence,” he said. “We can’t tolerate it.

A protest organized by the far - right group Storm Alliance to denounce the Canadian government’s tolerance of what that group A slightly smaller counter-protest organized by the migrant justice group Solidarity Across Borders managed to delay the Storm Alliance They take off into the wilderness.”

Quebec border crossing protests: Anti - racist and ultranationalist groups faced off near the Saint-Bernard-de- Lacolle , Que., border , prompting heavy police

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Members of the far-right group Storm Alliance hit the road Saturday morning, en route from Quebec City to the Lacolle border crossing to attend a rally against what they call illegal immigration.

“We are preparing for the big rally today,” said Eric Trudel of Storm Alliance (province of Quebec) told his followers on a Facebook video early Saturday morning before getting into his car to lead a convoy from Quebec City. “I hope to see you in great numbers…It seemed to be going well up to yesterday so I hope people won’t cancel at the last minute because they see some clouds in the (forecast).”

Meanwhile, counter-protesters from the pro-refugee group Solidarity Across Borders boarded three buses in Montreal and headed for the border for a rally of their own. They are planning a counter protest at the Lacolle border, as well as a kind of welcome party for asylum seekers crossing the boarder irregularly at Roxham Road, about eight kilometers west of the official border crossing, where increasing numbers of asylum seekers have been entering Canada. They will be joined by members of a group called Bridges not Borders, based in Hemmingford.

How the violent Charlottesville rally unmasked key players in Montreal’s alt-right

  How the violent Charlottesville rally unmasked key players in Montreal’s alt-right On August 11, the Montrealers joined a torch march through Charlottesville, blending into a crowd that chanted 'Blood and soil and 'Jews will not replace us'The Unite the Right march in Virginia would be the largest white supremacist gathering in a generation and the small, militant crew of Quebecers were eager to make an impression.

Anti - racist and far - right protesters faced off near a temporary camp set up to house asylum seekers near the Saint-Bernard-de- Lacolle , Que., border crossing They blame Trudeau for the surge of asylum seekers crossing at Lacolle over the past six months. According to Radio-Canada, police

A standoff between far - right groups and anti -fascist protesters along the Canadian side of the U.S. border forced police to temporarily shut down the crossing near Over the course of the day, some 300 members of the Storm Alliance arrived at the border crossing near Lacolle .

Aaron Lakoff, a member of Solidarity Across Borders, said spirits were high on the buses on Saturday morning.

“It’s a challenge to get people to get up early on a Saturday morning and come down to the border to confront the far right,” Lakoff said in an interview with the Montreal Gazette from the bus. “But spirits are high. People feel this is a really important thing to do.”

The Storm Alliance rally, dubbed “United to Protect our Borders” was originally planned to take place at Roxham Rd., but organizers decided to change the location to the official border crossing at Lacolle late this week.

Solidarity Across Borders responded by claiming a victory, and vowing to be present at both spots Saturday to stand up for the rights of asylum seekers to claim refugee status in Canada.

Number of asylum seekers jumped 30 per cent in April

  Number of asylum seekers jumped 30 per cent in April MONTREAL—Last month saw a sizeable increase in the number of asylum seekers crossing the border illegally into Canada from the United States, according to federal statistics released Monday.The federal government said the number of people intercepted by the RCMP while crossing the border in April jumped 30 per cent to 2,560. A month earlier, in March, 1,970 asylum seekers entered Canada in between official border crossings.In previous months, the number of people crossing illegally into Canada from the United States has been steady at around 1,500 each month.

Solidarity Across Borders made their way to the Lacolle border crossing in Quebec to face off with right-wing Far - right and anti - racism groups clash in Quebec City - Продолжительность: 3:01 The National 13 Quebec border crossing protests: Anti - racist and ultranationalist groups face off

The city said the province facilitated the availability of the college dormitories and has committed up to million in Red Cross staffing costs as part of an At the current rate of arrivals, the city projects that refugee claimants will represent nearly 54 per cent of Toronto's shelter. Far - right and anti - racist

Storm Alliance leader Eric Trudel has said his group is not anti-immigration, but rejects the Trudeau government’s tolerance of what he deemed “illegal immigration” into Quebec at the Roxham Rd. site.

Lakoff said asylum seekers are crossing at Roxham Rd. because of the Safe Third Country agreement, which requires them to claim refugee status in the first safe country they arrive in. If they cross at a regular border, they will be sent back to the U.S., whereas if they manage to get into Canada some other way, they will get a hearing. He said that agreement should be cancelled, since the U.S. is not a safe country for many refugee claimants.

“People don’t cross at Roxham Road because they want to. It’s because they have no choice,” he said. “That’s why one of our key demands is that the Safe Third Country agreement be cancelled. With the Trump administration cancelling the protected status of hundreds of thousands of people, they have no choice but to come up here irregularly at the Roxham Road crossing. We think these people should be welcomed. We have the resources. They exist or they can be found. It’s about political will.“

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