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Tops / Flops Barça-Real: Sergio Ramos the savior, Ansu Fati shone

Saturday  20:45,   24 october 2020

© Panoramic Sergio Ramos Tops Sergio Ramos the savior Absent against Shakhtar in the Champions League this Wednesday, Sergio Ramos was probably not totally delivered this Saturday afternoon. The Real Madrid captain is one of the culprits in FC... >>>

The Castles of the Middle Ages (Arte) How were the castles designed?

Saturday  20:35,   24 october 2020

Symbols of medieval times, these buildings convey certain clichés that this documentary sweeps away. © Sabine Bier Symbols of medieval times, these buildings convey certain clichés that this documentary sweeps away. FROM WOOD TO STONE Fortified... >>>

Nunavut's young people 'should be expecting more' from government services: advocate

Saturday  20:16,   24 october 2020

IQALUIT, Nunavut — Basic information about young people who have used government services in Nunavut isn't being tracked because of "complacency and a lack of accountability," says the annual report from the territory's representative for... >>>

Fredericton Police say writer RM Vaughan found dead days after going missing

Saturday  20:16,   24 october 2020

FREDERICTON — Police in New Brunswick say missing writer Richard Vaughan has been found dead. He was 55. The author and video artist, who wrote under the name RM Vaughan, was a revered figure in Canada's LGBTQ arts scene. Fredericton Police say... >>>

"Greenland": This scene doesn't make sense in the German dubbing

Saturday  19:25,   24 october 2020

In a scene in the disaster actioner "Greenland", one or the other viewer might wonder what this is about. Because at first the moment doesn't make sense. This is due to a missing Scottish accent in the German synchro. © Tobis Film "Greenland": This >>>

COMMENTARY: Liberals reveal their indifference to Canadians’ access to information rights

Saturday  19:20,   24 october 2020

If Canadians don’t care about this issue, Rob Breakenridge asks, then why did the Liberals make it a priority in their 2015 campaign? If the Liberals feel that this is less of a priority because of the pandemic, then that tells us a lot about how... >>>

Singing prohibited: hitting the pot with Union fans

Saturday  19:20,   24 october 2020

4,500 spectators are allowed in the stadium for Union versus Freiburg. Chants are forbidden, but support is also possible in other ways. © Provided by sport1.de Singing forbidden: hitting the pot with Union fans 4,500 people were allowed to go to... >>>

Preetz believes in the quality of the Hertha squad despite the upheaval

Saturday  19:20,   24 october 2020

Managing Director Michael Preetz believes in the quality of the team of the Bundesliga soccer team Hertha BSC Berlin despite the upheaval in the summer. "We have experienced ups and downs this season, certainly more poor performances than positive... >>>

historical! Lewandowski cracks the magic mark

Saturday  19:20,   24 october 2020

Robert Lewandowski manages a three-pack against Frankfurt and sets a new record. After five games, the Pole has ten goals of the season that were previously unattainable. © Provided by sport1.de Historically! Lewandowski cracks the magic mark... >>>

‘Follow-Up’ Podcast: How Could The U.S. Election Affect Canada? (Podcast)

Saturday  19:15,   24 october 2020

OTTAWA — The U.S. election cycle feels like it has its own gravitational pull, especially in a country with a bilateral relationship famously compared to a mouse sleeping next to an elephant. As the two presidential candidates clash in the last... >>>

Covid-19 in Burkina: the harmattan period could increase the number of cases

Saturday  17:50,   24 october 2020

© OLYMPIA DE MAISMONT / AFP Burkinabe children wear their masks when they start school on October 5, 2020 (illustrative image). In Burkina Faso, the number of active cases is 399 in eleven regions of the country. A number increasing in view of the... >>>

Why are we changing the time?

Saturday  17:45,   24 october 2020

© Sipa L'ANTISECHE - Every day, the JDD's cheat sheet explains a simple concept to understand current events. Today, but why are we changing the time? The curfew will last an hour longer in the night from Saturday to Sunday: at three o'clock, it... >>>

Curfew: "People are becoming aware of the violent nature" of the epidemic

Saturday  17:40,   24 october 2020

© AFP While the curfew now concerns 54 departments and 46 million people, the French met by Europe 1 welcome the measure with resignation , understanding the urgency of the situation faced with the evolution of the epidemic. But fear a containment. >>>

Analysis: Old hostilities take new forms in 2020 Sask. election

Saturday  17:21,   24 october 2020

However nasty we may think this 2020 Saskatchewan election campaign has been, it’s likely worth recalling that politics here has never been considered a pleasant stroll in the park. Political lore includes tales of old members of the Co-operative... >>>

Mandryk: Short campaign leaves far too many questions unanswered

Saturday  17:21,   24 october 2020

Every campaign goes out of its way to prove right former prime minister Kim Campbell’s half-fictitious notion that “an election is no time to discuss serious issues”. But it seems Saskatchewan’s 2020 election campaign tried especially hard to duck... >>>