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Johnny Depp is working as a director for the first time in 25 years - Al Pacino is also the

Tuesday  15:23,   16 august 2022

for "Modigliani", a biographical drama about the Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani, Johnny Depp - briefly - will be put on his role - briefly - And this time stand behind the camera as a director. He is supported by none other than Hollywood legend... >>>

Welcome to Westeros. Here's How to Read Your Way Through 'Game of Thrones.'

Tuesday  15:01,   16 august 2022

Don't worry, George R.R. Martin probably won't finish the series until 2040—so you've got plenty of time. Has anything ever dominated pop culture the way George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire owned the 2010s? While HBO's Game... >>>

The best movies set in New York

Tuesday  15:01,   16 august 2022

New York City might be the most iconic destination in the world—at least when it comes to Hollywood films. From mobster movies and romantic comedies to superhero flicks and musicals, many old and new stories are told among the Big Apple’s... >>>

In photos: Steve Carell turns 60: a look back

Tuesday  15:01,   16 august 2022

Actor Steve Carell, known for "The Office," "The 40-Year-old Virgin," "Despicable Me" and "Vice," turns 60 on Tuesday. Here's a look back at his career through the... >>>

Jeremy Paxman To Step Down From BBC Quiz ‘University Challenge’ After Nearly Three Decades

Tuesday  15:01,   16 august 2022

Jeremy Paxman is to step down from stalwart BBC quiz show University Challenge after almost three decades. The former Newsnight presenter will film his last episode this Autumn and his final series will air from August to next Summer. He said he’d... >>>

"5 cm more ...": M Pokora reveals what he would like to change on his body!

Tuesday  15:00,   16 august 2022

In a video that resurfaces on Tiktok, M Pokora reveals what he would like to change on his body. And this is only a question of centimeters. © Abaca "5 cm more ...": M Pokora reveals what he would like to change on his body! on Tiktok, a video of M >>>

Tourism Association advertises for vacation in Saxon Switzerland

Tuesday  14:30,   16 august 2022

The Saxon Switzerland Tourism Association hopes for the forest fire in the back of the national park for spending migratory guests. "Nature lovers who arrive in the next few weeks will even support the reconstruction of the affected area via a... >>>

Microsoft Dev Box: Virtual developer workstations in the cloud go to the Start

Tuesday  14:30,   16 august 2022

© provided by Dr. Windows Microsoft Dev Box For the developer Conference Build, Microsoft announced a new service for developers: DEV Box should be set up in the cloud in minutes. Now the new offer is available as a preview. From a purely technical >>>

Johnny Depp: After his trial, he embarked on an unexpected project

Tuesday  14:10,   16 august 2022

25 years after The Brave, Johnny Depp will return to the realization to make a biopic by a famous artist. The shooting should take place next year, in Europe. © Bestimage Johnny Depp: After his trial, he embarked on an unexpected project 25 years... >>>

Cindy Sander wants to take revenge in Mask Singer: "It would be a beautiful snub to a lot of people"

Tuesday  14:10,   16 august 2022

after "New Star", "The Angels of reality TV" or "Fort Boyard", Cindy Sander Explain why she would like to participate in "Mask Singer" on TF1. © TF1 Production After "New Star", "The Angels of reality TV" or "Fort Boyard", Cindy Sander explains why >>>

Katie Holmes wears the perfect late summer outfit for everyone who no longer feels like dresses

Tuesday  13:50,   16 august 2022

This incredibly casual look from Katie Holmes is the perfect late summer outfit © getty images . At the warm season, airy dresses simply belong to it, Because there is hardly a better piece that is so practical and suitable for everyday use. But as >>>

Aggression of Salman Rushdie: Riss calls for not leaving self -censorship "to restrict the scope of freedom"

Tuesday  13:40,   16 august 2022

"one cannot live in prisoner of the fanaticism of others either", launches Riss, the director of "Charlie Hebdo", Who pays tribute to the author of "Satanic Verses" for 33 years under the threat of a Fatwa and who was stabbed in the United States... >>>

"In all friendship" says goodbye!

Tuesday  13:20,   16 august 2022

it's over! But the all -clear: only temporary! The ARD series "in all friendship" (Tuesdays, 9 p.m., ARD) now said goodbye to its series fans on the official Instagram profile -into a break from several weeks. Because after the 25th season has just >>>

The most memorable John Belushi characters

Tuesday  13:11,   16 august 2022

A drug overdose took John Belushi's life in 1982, at age 33. However, his comedy legacy, from the early days of Saturday Night Live to two of the most iconic film roles of all time, continues to resonate today. Here's our list of... >>>

20 facts you might not know about 'The Rock'

Tuesday  13:11,   16 august 2022

Alcatraz. It’s the most infamous prison in the United States and a setting for many movies. That includes The Rock. As the saying goes, winners go home and read 20 facts about The Rock they may not... >>>