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02:05  26 september  2020
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Use of predictive policing tools in Canada highlight need for federal action, report says

  Use of predictive policing tools in Canada highlight need for federal action, report says Police forces across Canada have already begun using technology to predict who may become involved in illegal activity or where crimes might take place, an expert group warned Tuesday as it called on the federal government to protect residents from the potential perils of such tactics. A report developed by the University of Toronto's Citizen Lab and International Human Rights Program said Canadian law enforcement agencies have generally been much more cautious than their international counterparts when it comes to deploying algorithmic tools in their crime-fighting efforts.

Snap - on is the king of the hill on the automotive tool industry, and anyone who's worked on cars over the years knows that you can burn countless hours skimming the pages of their catalogs . Why trust us? 10 Must - Have Tools From the Snap - On Catalog . Shop the best of Snap - On here!

Snap - on EPIQ Tool Box Tour | Fullest Box on Youtube - Продолжительность: 1:14:18 Christian Beyer 448 840 просмотров. Snap - on Wednesday - My Top 5 Tools I Couldn't Go Without - Продолжительность: 10 :02 The Snap - On Tool Review 28 001 просмотр.

a car parked on the side of a road: Porsche Cayman GT4 RS Spy Photos © Motor1.com Copyright Porsche Cayman GT4 RS Spy Photos

That flat-six loves to sing, and we love to listen.

Just shy of a month ago, our spy photography pros snapped some outstanding images of the hardcore Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS at the Nürburgring. From what we could see in those static shots, the mid-engined monster was getting quite a workout. Now, we have video footage from that testing session and we can say it wasn't merely a workout. It was enduring a thrash session of epic proportions.

Inside Amazon’s Big Push in Latin Music: Exclusive

  Inside Amazon’s Big Push in Latin Music: Exclusive Amazon Music is placing a new big focus on Latin music with the launch of “Amazon Music LAT!N,” a Latin music brand with a broad umbrella.Using the tagline “La Musica que nos conecta” (The music that connects us) — a reference to the fact that Latins come from many countries and cultures but are connected by music and language — the LAT!N hub, which includes music in Spanish and Portuguese, will live within Amazon at amazon.com/latinmusic. It seeks to establish Amazon as a major player in Latin music streaming and content, as well as retail.

Snap - on makes work easier for professionals performing critical tasks. Rooted in the dignity of work, guided with insight shaped from experience. He’s had to dismantle and re-assemble entire rides to get to certain parts. Here he is working on a KMG Afterburner from the Netherlands

Snap - on tools kits simply t better – your aircraft, your service program, your personnel, your mission. It’s all about saving time, eliminating mistakes, making sure you’ve got the tools you need right when you need them. And no one has done it better, for more government agencies and contractors, for

Click play on the video above and you'll see what we mean. Actually, you'll hear what we mean first, as the unmistakable sound of the GT4's 4.0-liter flat-six reverberates through the German countryside. In the standard GT4, the naturally-aspirated mill offers 414 glorious, high-revving horsepower, but this isn't a standard model.

The RS gains a significantly larger rear wing, and though Porsche tries to conceal it, we can see extra ducts in the front fascia that likely help cool the brakes. There are also a pair of NACA ducts added to the hood which Porsche doesn't try to hide, and sketchy rivets on the front fenders point to the GT4 having a slightly wider track. But this time around, it's the air scoops on the side window that are of particular interest to us.

The incredible story of Las Vegas

  The incredible story of Las Vegas From the glamor of the 1950s to the slump of the 1980s and freshly found vigor in the new millennium, we trace Las Vegas' history and journey through events that made the Sin City.

Here is a list of Snap On Tools that I think SUCK really bad. I am a fan of Snap On but I think they truly missed the mark on these! If you like my content be sure to hit that “Bell” and it will notify you when I have a new video come out. Here are some of my favorite links to get some super cool items off

Learn about the 10 must - have workshop tools at HowStuffWorks. On the flip side, retractable utility knives with snap -off blade segments are ideal. Because the thin blades dull quickly, you can simply snap off worn sections as needed (as long as you've availed yourself of pliers and safety goggles)

The 718 Cayman To Rule Them All:

  • Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS Spied Testing Hard Among Other Hot Cars
  • Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS Rumored To Pack 500 Horsepower

That's because we're watching and listening to this prototype hammer through various sections of the 12.9-mile Norsdchleife, and we're drooling over the powerplant just behind the driver's head. Rumors have said the 4.0-liter mill will endure in the GT4 RS, and that seems logical to us. The sound matches, but those rumors also suggest the small coupe will deliver no less than 500 hp. We know Porsche engineers can do it without turbochargers – the 911 GT3 RS pulls 520 ponies from its 4.0-liter mill – and our ears detect no telltale whooshing of forced induction. That kind of thurst in the deft-handling Cayman could be epic.

Again, the video tells the tale. This car looks blisteringly fast through the corners, and it doesn't take long to cover the distance between them either. There's no question this will be the Cayman to rule all Caymans, but with additional suspension tuning, aero upgrades, massive power, and a weight reduction, it could also be one of the greatest Porsches of all time.

The car should debut sometime next year, and frankly, it can't arrive soon enough.

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Opinion: Officially, it's clear the NFL 'fix' is working with fewer flags and more points .
The rate of penalties across the NFL has nosedived to their lowest levels in at least five years, according to the league. And scoring is up.Through five weeks of this most unusual, pandemic-wrapped season, the points (3,958) and touchdowns (453) in the NFL have piled up like never before. During the same stretch the rate of penalties across the league has nosedived to their lowest levels in at least five years, according to the league.

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