Entertainment Attack in Paris: "The threat level remains high", estimates Jean-Charles Brisard

13:25  27 september  2020
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Jean - Charles Brisard , director of the Paris -based Center for the Analysis of Terrorism, said that threats against Charlie Hebdo — which moved to highly secure offices elsewhere after the 2015 attack — had increased in recent months. The interior minister, Mr. Darmanin, said that the nature of

Le président du Centre d’analyse du terrorisme (CAT), Jean-Charles Brisard, revient sur l'attentat perpétré vendredi devant les anciens locaux de Charlie Hebdo. © Sipa

The president of the Terrorism Analysis Center (CAT), Jean-Charles Brisard, looks back on the attack perpetrated on Friday in front of the former Charlie Hebdo premises.

Jean-Charles Brisard, president of the Terrorism Analysis Center (CAT) looks at the profile of the former Charlie Hebdo local assailant and considers the threat as acute as ever. Even though group terrorism remains territorially weakened since the collapse of the Islamic State, attacks by self-radicalized individuals persist.

The main suspect in Friday's attack is believed to have taken responsibility for his actions, qu 'he would blame the republishing of the Muhammad cartoons in Charlie Hebdo. Since 2015, has nothing changed?

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Jean - Charles Brisard . The Paris attacks of November 13 provide all the patterns of a complex plot involving a high level of planning and preparation, which contrasts with all other plots and attacks in the West that have been linked to the Syrian and Iraqi context since 2013.

Read CNN's Fast Facts about the Paris terror attacks in 2015 that killed at least 130 people and People pray during a candlelight vigil for victims of the Paris attacks at a church in Islamabad Britain's Prince Charles expresses solidarity with France at a birthday barbecue in his honor near

This means above all that we are in a context marked by the multiplication of threats. The trial of the 2015 attacks and the republication of these cartoons led to renewed activity on the part of terrorist organizations, and especially in the endogenous radical Islamist sphere. The recent threats from Aqpa [Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, which claimed responsibility for the attacks against Charlie Hebdo in 2015] have thus been relayed in France by this movement. They circulate and inspire people to take action in our territory.

What does the profile of the person suspected of having given the blows of the chopper say?

It corresponds in every way to that of the perpetrators of attacks committed over the past two years in France. They are unknown to the intelligence services and have only a virtual link with terrorist organizations. They therefore represent a diffuse and unpredictable threat. Previously, we were dealing more with channels that could be dismantled.

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Terrorism expert Jean - Charles Brisard , president of the Center for Analysis of Terrorism, noted the attack occurred in the 18th arrondissement, which could have a symbolic connection to the ISIS-claimed November attacks . Read more: Paris attacks -- directives came from operatives in Brussels.

a higher level of scrutiny was needed, and criticised the position of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, while Jean -Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, rejected calls to rethink the They remain in our thoughts and prayers at this difficult time". Timor-Leste joins the global community


During confinement, plans for an attack were foiled in Spain, Poland or Germany


Have these channels disappeared?

Group terrorism still exists, even though the organizations they claim to claim, such as the Islamic State group, are territorially weakened. But their propaganda continues to spread, through social networks, encrypted messaging.

Are they still capable of carrying out a major attack on French soil?

This should not be ruled out, although it is increasingly unlikely, as these organizations have seen their operational capacity weakened. But they are also very resilient. In addition, they can rely on their affiliates around the world. During the lockdown, plans for an attack were thwarted in Spain, Poland or Germany, each time with highly structured groups that had links with senior ISIS leaders in Syria or Afghanistan.

What is the threat level today?

Extremely high due to the news. Moreover, we cannot rule out the hypothesis of new attacks directed against particular people or places.

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A knife attack near the former offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris has left several injured. The Paris prosecutor said that two suspects, the presumed attacker among them, have been arrested. It was reported earlier that the first one was caught near the Place de la Bastille

Terror struck central Paris on Friday after a man wielding a meat cleaver seriously injured two people outside the former offices of Charlie Hebdo three weeks into the trial over the 2015 massacre at the magazine.


Between 250 and 300 French people who left for the Levant are still in the wild and a hundred are held by the Kurds


Are new targets concerned?

Yes, the spectrum has been broadened. Charlie Hebdo officials, cartoonists, former members of the newspaper, but also, and this is new, their lawyers are still being targeted.

What about those convicted of terrorism who get out of prison?

They represent about 200 individuals, who have left or will be released from prison in 2021. Some have not given up on their ideological struggle. Once released, they show uninhibited activism. Their follow-up is important because, over time, some may reoffend. In addition, between 250 and 300 French people who left for the Levant are still in the wild and a hundred are detained by the Kurds. One day, they will come back and can become structuring actors of terrorist networks in France.

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